Office Relocation Planning Guide: 10 Tips for a Successful Office Move

An office relocation is no fun, but at times in a necessary evil in order to move your business forward. Following these 10 tips will make the outcome much better. 1)  Select a mover with office relocation experience; do not use firms with only residential or household moving experience.  Don’t use a broker, rather contract […]

Office Relocation Planning Guide: Relocating High Tech Equipment

An office relocation is an extremely complex task, and no component of this process is more challenging than moving your high tech equipment. You can hire a specialty technology mover, but they can be expensive. For those companies that wish to manage this task in-house, we offer a checklist with some sound advice for the […]

Office Relocation Planning Guide: Selecting a Moving Company

Businesses usually relocate because of growth. Often, businesses will move to another location in order to cater to new target audience or welcome more employees. A mom or pop shop that has grown in the previous years will also move to another location to create a more significant brand or image in the market. Remember, […]

Office Relocation Planner Guide: Part 1 Overview

Every year, hundreds of thousands of businesses across the country relocate their offices to new space.  Many have grown too large for their current space, while some companies are down-sizing to smaller, more cost efficient offices.  Still other businesses may be relocating to a new geographic area offering lower operations costs.  Whatever your particular reason […]

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring An Office Cleaning Service

It is essential to provide your employees with a conducive working environment. This can be helpful in improving their quality of work and productivity. While many tenants with full service leases may not have the responsiblity for office cleaning, those that do need to know what to look for. Finding the right office cleaning services […]

Hidden Costs of an DIY Office Lease Renewal

So, you are getting near the end of your office lease and considering your options. One of those is to move to a new office location, but that is a lot of work and your current space fits you well. The other option is doing an office lease renewal at your current office lease. Many […]

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