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OfficeFinder’s 360° Interactive Office Space Virtual Tours Are Live

360 office space virtual toursOver the summer we had a project to see how we could improve listing information for office space. We wanted to help those in need of office space have an easier job of deciding which would be best for their needs. We think we have done it with our 360° Interactive office space virtual tours!

When you go to almost any listing website now, you will see pretty much the same information on available office space. They include the same basic data and  photographs on almost every site. We thought we might improve on the visual aspect of listings by producing 360° interactive panoramic office space virtual tours. Since our HQ is here, we started in the Seattle office space market. We included both Seattle, the Bellevue Eastside office market, Bothell and Mountlake Terrace with executive suite and cowork spaces. In all, we have created 32 office space virtual tours which includes a significant percentage of the executive suite and cowork space option in the area.

What’s in a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is an online media presentation that represents a real location in the most realistic form possible. There are many forms of online media that represents a location. We see photo slideshows and videos being deemed “virtual tours” but those types of media are not close to being able to represent a realistic location as well as an interactive 360° panoramic based tour. A 360° panoramic office space virtual tour gives the viewer a choice in what to look at in the given location in crystal clear high definition. It is almost like you are there touring the space. The freedom to interact makes the tour a realistic and engaging site selection tool.

Virtual tours consist of three basic processes:

  1. Photographing the area or areas to be included in the virtual tour.
  2. Stitching me photographs of specific areas together to create a 360° panorama photograph.
  3. Creating a virtual tour by specifying hot-spots within the panoramas. These will lead to other panoramas or multimedia providing the viewer with the ability to move around the property

What we did was to visit 32 locations in the Seattle and Bellevue office markets. We took a series of photographs as if we were there to tour the space. What we ended up with was the ability for visitors to interactively visit these locations, as if they were there, from the comfort of their computers or mobile devices. Each of the virtual tours include between 6 and 12 scenes within each of the offices. What we wanted to accomplish was to allow visitors to get the “flavor” of the office space they may be interested in; allowing them to save the time and effort involved in visiting alternatives that may not be suitable. This way visitors can shortlist their options much easier and save a significant amount of time touring alternatives.

Here is one of the ones we completed. The Holyoke Building is a 5 story historic office building in Downtown Seattle occupied by a cowork office space provider.

Click Here to view in full screen (recommended)

 Over the coming weeks, we will be blogging about the office space virtual tours we have completed, providing more details about the space and how we went about the process of creating the tours.

You can find the office space virtual tours on our local web pages. They are identified with the  360° badge shown below:360 office space virtual tours

Where to find OfficeFinder’s 360° Interactive Office Space Virtual Tours

You can find our office space virtual tours on the following Local pages. They will be located near the top of the listing for office space on the page.

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360° Pano Virtual Tour of Regus’ Office Space at 201 Mission Street in San Francisco

When I was in San Francisco in January, I had the opportunity to visit and photograph two of Regus’ premier south financial district locations. This is the first of those two; office space at 201 Mission Street.

Click here to view in full screen (recommended)

Other than being beautiful space with great views the Office Space at 201 Mission also offers:

  • Flexible term office space as short as a few hours or as long as a few years.
  • Flexibility to grow or contract as needed.
  • A beautiful business lounge for touchdown space.
  • Virtual office space plans to fit your needs.
  • Conference room rentals as needed.
  • Easy access BART.
  • Short walk to the waterfront.
  • Prestigious location with a big WOW factor to your clients.
201 Mission Elevator Lobby

201 Mission Elevator Lobby

The 18,000 square foot building lobby underwent a significant redesign. The image above is the upstairs elevator lobby portion. The redesign included “relocating the main entrance to a prominent corner and then incorporating a striking water feature to greet users, the team layered clarified signage, bold lighting upgrades and other arresting elements. The program also included a new security desk, consolidating reception to the ground level to clearly define the point of entry, and a layout that optimizes retail opportunities. Combining these elements with a timeless palette of finishes and optimized natural daylighting created a signature space that assists in attracting and retaining tenants.” I have seen many office building lobbies in my time as a commercial real estate broker and this is one of the most beautiful I have seen.

If you need office space in San Francisco, whether it is a small on person shop or large company, we can help you find the space that is the best fit for you. San Francisco is one of the tightest office space markets in the US. Going it alone or thinking you can find a space on a listing site is the hard way to go about it. Our local reps know what opportunities exist, many times before they are publicly announced.

San Francisco has over 76 million square feet of office space, so one would think that there would be a lot of office space in San Francisco available to lease or rent. Not so. The tech industry has taken a liking to the area and seems to gobble up everything that becomes available, Unfortunately, if you are looking for San Francisco office space, what you will find is a very tight market, especially in many of the more popular areas of the city like South of Market (SOMA), the Financial District and Union Square. Not only that, but the office space that is available comes with a very high price tag in the $60+ per square foot (per year) price range. With the scarcity and cost, finding the appropriate space becomes very problematic, so don’t try DIY when you can get the services of a top professional for FREE. No cost to you. It is a no lose proposition.

OfficeFinder_105x25If you need office space in San Francisco, contact us so we can help you save both time and money in your search.

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