CBC Survey Results on Employee Workplace Preferences

An interview with Fred Schmidt, Chief Operating Officer of Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates on  their recent survey about employee workplace preferences. Intro: On this call today we have Fred Schmidt, Chief Operating Officer of Coldwell Banker Commercial. We also have James Osgood the founder of OfficeFinder. They will be discussing the CBC Survey Results on […]

Not a Big Fan of the Open Office Space Design? Collaboration is Still Possible!

There is a clear move toward the open office space design. Facebook has done it; so have other heavy hitters in the high-tech environment. Although the idea of collaboration has been the driving force behind this movement, some business owners have a difficult time giving up privacy to achieve teamwork. Now, they can have their […]

Does Remote Working Satisfy Employees or Alienate Them?

There has been a lot of debate over the years related to remote working by employees. Much of it has been centered around productivity form the business’ point of view. A recent survey by Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates on remote working comes at it from the employee point of view. It shows some interesting concerns. […]

The Importance of Flexible Workplaces

Flexible workplaces are important to the success of a business. Employees devote an average of 9 hours a day to their jobs and some many more than that. Why? To enhance their standard of living and fulfill their goals for life (www.bls.gov/tus/charts). Employers want an office environment to maximize employee engagement, productivity and morale. Employers need […]

Office Space Buzz Words for 2017? “Flexible Workplaces”

According to a recent blog post written by Cindy Krischer Goodman, and published by the Miami Herald, one of the biggest movements of 2017 is likely to be the continued rise of flexible workplaces. Fueled by the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 and powered by a workplace now heavily inhabited by millennials — a group […]

Agile Office Space For Generation Z

Move over, Millennials, Generation Z is here, and its needs an agile office space. Termed Post-Millennials, Plurals or simply Gen Z, these workers were born in the late 1990s. What makes this generation tick and how can you customize a workplace to suit its future needs? An Extension of the Millennial Mindset (with economic improvements) […]

Millennial Office Space Design Priorities

The look and feel of your office space has the power to encourage worker retention or lead to the unwitting creation of a revolving door. When it comes to Millennials Office Space Design priorities, they have different ones than other generations, especially when it comes to their workplace. Understanding the Millennial Worker The Pew Research […]

5 Office Space Leasing Tips for Small Business Tenants

Whether you have 10 or 100 employees, as a small business owner you know that finding the right space for your company is crucial for its continued success. There are many things to consider. That is where a good tenant rep comes in. Making sure you don’t miss anything crucial. Among those considerations there are […]

Top 5 Office Space Leasing Tips to Maximize Work-Life Integration

In the past, the only notion of a home life that the employee would bring to work was a houseplant and a photo of the spouse. Back in those days, office space leasing tips were dominated with cost per square foot calculations and private office allocation. Yet today’s Millennials want nothing to do with this […]