Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Coworking Office Space

Office space is changing. While many companies still lease a traditional office with cubicles and a corner office for the boss, more and more businesses are choosing coworking office space instead. What is coworking office space? Most simply put, it is an office environment shared by several companies.  Here are four reasons why you should […]

3 Tips To Maintain Your Company Culture in a Coworking Office Space

One of the best parts of coworking office space for small businesses is the ability to interact with, and get inspired by, other entrepreneurs working with them side by side. Seeing other businesses work hard is motivating and energizing. However, being in a coworking office space also makes it harder to create and maintain a unique company […]

6 Ways Providers Tweak Coworking Office Space

Coworking office space has been on the rise in recent years. Why? Because they are extremely effective in promoting greater work efficiency, company morale and networking opportunities. If you are looking for ways to improve employee satisfaction and work performance even more, check out these six ways coworking office space providers tweak their spaces. Athletic […]

Keeping Your Business Safe in a Coworking Office Space

Coworking office space is the wave of the future, and an excellent solution for new businesses looking for a great place to work at a fraction of the cost of private office space. Like all great things, coworking can have some challenges for businesses too. Here are three common issues that can arise when coworking, […]

Coworking Office Space Not Just For Small Businesses

According to a recent article from the San Francisco Chronicle, the notion of coworking office space isn’t just a consideration for small to medium sized businesses. The idea is catching on with large tech companies, as well. IBM and Microsoft using outside Coworking Office Space Companies such as IBM and Microsoft, which already have open […]

Coworking Office Space: A Great Office Space Rental Alternative

If your company needs office space but isn’t big enough to justify getting its own long term space yet, coworking office space offers you a viable alternative. They are particularly popular with entrepreneurs and smaller, newer businesses. Companies in a coworking space work together in communal spaces, sometimes having dedicated, assigned areas, and other times […]

How Smart Working Helps Your Business Achieve Greater Success

The workscape today varies vastly from 10 or 20 years ago, with around eight million people working from home part of the week — a fact that is indicative of the big changes that ubiquitous connectivity have brought to all sectors. The Internet, new software and new hardware have made it easier for companies to work in a […]

The Essential Guide For Renting A Good Office Space For Your Team

Like most real estate sectors, the rental market for commercial office space has increased in cost significantly since 2018. Based on data gathered during the second quarter of the year, the asking rents rose to 3.4 percent per year to $25.71 per square foot. Yet despite the increase, small businesses still opt to rent office […]