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With all the commercial real estate companies out there, you obviously have a choice in who you choose to help you find office space.  We could tell you ourselves that we are the best office space search company out there, but we feel that is best left to the people that can really attest to the OfficeFinder advantage -- our satisfied clients. We are proud to share a few of them in the following testimonials written by our clients. Here's what they have to say:

I have never rated anyone at this high of a level but Jeff, our OfficeFinder Rep is exceptional.  I don't know how he could exceed the level of service he has provided for us.  I will not only recommend him to others, I will look for opportunities to recommend him.
Michael Shovlain - New Life Outpatient Center - Davenport, Ia

Thanks for your follow up.  Our OfficeFinder rep has been extremely helpful in assisting us to find the proper offices over the last several months.  We are now in our new location and I frankly don't know how we would have done it without him.
Jenny Makakoa - Xinify Technologies, Inc - San Ramon, Ca

I wanted to drop a note to thank you, formally, for your assistance with our recent search for new office space. We are so pleased with our new location, and we are optimistic that the new environs will keep us energized for years to come. When we began our search, we were confident that it was something we could undertake on our own for a couple of reasons. First, we knew what we wanted in our new space, and really didn't think anyone else would "get" our vision. Second, we were trying to do the impossible: find a nicer space for less monthly costs, so we were not interested in "hiring" someone who would only cost us more. As you know, mainly because of your persistence, we finally came around and realized that we needed professional help. While we knew what we wanted, we had no idea where to look or how to evaluate similar properties. And, more importantly, you helped us understand the amazing number of negotiation variables in commercial real estate that affect all aspects of budgeting. I would be happy to recommend your services to friends and colleagues in need of commercial or retail office space options.
Tom K - Olive and Company - Minneapolis, MN

Our OfficeFinder rep is by far the best person I have worked with in the last 5-6 years.  He showed a genuine interest in our company, our needs, and the best way to fill those needs.  I thought that due to us looking for a small space [~2000 sf] we wouldn't be treated like the big guys.  How wrong I was.  He far exceeded our expectations, and built a relationship full of honesty, trust, and value.  I would recommend him to anyone seriously looking for office space.  He is an asset to have on your side when you are looking for office space.
Mark Konkel - Enginuity Engineering - Houston, Tx

Our OfficeFinder rep did an fantastic job she was extremely knowledgeable in her field and was a tremendous asset in finding a great space. I don't know if we could have done it without her.
David - Basik Funding - Miami, Fl

It is not often that we find a person of the high caliber of our OfficeFinder rep.  She consistently met every commitment  made and responded to our every need on-time.  Even though the answers to some of our questions were not always what we wanted, we felt confident that she understood our needs and was conscientious about meeting those needs in any way possible.  We commend her for her knowledge, experience, and professionalism.  Based upon our excellent experience, we would not hesitate to recommend her to others.
Shel Mosk - LDK Management - Los Angeles, Ca

Our OfficeFinder rep was very attentive to my needs.  We negotiated an excellent lease.
Michael McCord - MD Financial Network - Dallas, Tx

Our OfficeFinder rep was great and we enjoyed working with him. He was very knowledgeable about the area and found us several potential sites to look at. In addition, he was very effective in taking care of communications with the other brokers and proactive in looking for other space when one of our choices fell through. I would highly recommend him to other companies looking for office space.
Molly Gimmel - Design To Delivery Inc - Bethesda, Md

Our OfficeFinder rep was an excellent agent for us.  He truly understood our needs and worked on our behalf.  As a small organization with little experience in this area it was critical that we had an agent we could trust and rely upon.  He was perfect for us.  I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Deborah Johnson - Minnesota Adoption Resource Network - Minneapolis, Mn

Our OfficeFinder rep did more than I ever thought that this free service would. I hope that this man gets a Raise. He really went above and beyond the call of duty. I thank him very much.
Elizabeth M. Palmisano - Phoenix, Az

The amount of information I received and the professionalism of our OfficeFinder rep was astounding.  His knowledge and understanding of what I needed was overwhelming. He will always have my business, and I have no need to recommend anyone else.
Chris Van - Level 7 Productions - Los Angeles, Ca

Great follow through!
Anonymous - Seattle, Wa

Our OfficeFinder rep was an excellent asset to helping us find our future business home at The Crecent.
Jason Wiltshire - J-squared Technologies - Duluth, Ga

I would recommend our OfficeFinder rep to everyone!  He was great and a pleasure to work with, keeping our best interest and business needs in mind at all times.
Patti - First MCO - Philadelphia, Pa

Our OfficeFinder rep did an excellent job.  He was third agent we dealt with during our search.  Unlike his predecessors, he took the time to listen to our needs and showed us space that clearly was in line with our needs, as opposed to trying to sell us on a lease for more space than we need or deluxe space contrary to our business plan.
Anonymous - Sacramento, Ca

Our OfficeFinder rep is the best.  She is professional, knows her business.
Trudy Gressley - IDEMA - San Jose, Ca

Using Office Finder was extremely easy and turned out to be very beneficial for our firm.  We were well represented.
Stephen Barry - Waterford Development - Reston, Va

Our OfficeFinder rep made our office leasing experience hassle-free.
Sandy Webster - Blake Hunter - Tampa Fl

Our OfficeFinder rep was outstanding.
Jim Pettapiece - Q-Sport Activewear - Cleveland. Oh

Our OfficeFinder rep was most helpful.  I really liked having the option of getting the referral off the web site.  I was also very pleased that he would act as a Tenant Representative, even though he had no idea who I was or what our company does.  It was refreshing not to have to "qualify" for this service.  He had great follow up with me, constantly keeping me in the loop on activities.
Anonymous - Silver Spring, Md

All needs have been attended to. Our OfficeFinder rep came by the offices last week to see us and to make sure everything with the move in went smoothly.  We were and are more than pleased with the support and attention he gave our needs through the search, negotiating and build out processes.  We would recommend him to any looking for office space.   
Fred W. Owens - Enterprise Products Co.- Tulsa, OK

These are just a few of the many positive testimonials that are sent to us regularly. We are the office space pros. We help businesses find and negotiate for office space every day and we do it well!

*The OfficeFinder's name was replaced with "Our OfficeFinder rep" in the testimonials. All other parts of the testimonials are 100% accurate.

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