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Wherever you want your Long Island office space, we can help you find it and our services are free. We not only find it, but ensure the lease or sale gets done correctly, saving you time and money.

The long Island Office Space market is spread over a wide range of smaller pockets of office buildings in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties. With just over 42 million square feet of office space, it presents some good alternatives and is much less expensive office space than is found in nearby Manhattan. The rental rates in Long Island are less than half of what they would be in Manhattan. Yet, the excellent train system, the Long Island Rail Road system, allows easy access for getting into the City when need be.

Trying to find the right office space on Long Island takes a lot of time and effort. Whether you are looking for office space for rent, lease or even for sale, we can help. What we do is provide qualified LOCAL office tenant reps to businesses in need of office space. They will help guide you through the process. This is their core business and have helped hundreds of businesses with their space needs. Also, they know the market well and we only refer you to the one rep who is best suited to your needs. One of the beauties of working with one of our reps is that there will be no cost to for their services. They are FREE. It is a no lose proposition that will ensure you make the right decision.

There is no obligation to finding out more how we can help. Just fill out the short information form at the top of the page. Tell us a little about what you need and we will get right to work. You can expect to hear from one of our local reps right away. We don't want to waste your time, so we will get right to the point. Once you decide to work with our rep, they will provide you a customized comprehensive report on what is available where you want to be. Their proprietary databases are much more comprehensive than the listing sites you can find online. From there they will coordinate showing you the spaces you want to see. Finally, after you choose the office space best suited for your business, they will help negotiate the best possible deal for you. Remember, this is all at no cost to you. Our reps share the fee that the listing agent has already built into the deal.

Finding Long Island office space does not have to be hard. All you need is a LOCAL pro on your side to do all the heavy lifting. Give us a try. You will be glad you did!

What to Expect When Seeking Long Island Office Space

When you consider Long Island, you'll find that you have a choice of four counties in which to base your new office: Kings, Queens, Suffolk, and Nassau. Along with some potential differences in county-based taxation and regulation, there are some differentiating factors when it comes to the culture and general atmosphere. Kings and Queens counties provide experiences much like mainland New York City, and they can be considered extensions of the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, respectively. The Nassau and Suffolk County areas, on the other hand, are more suburban.

How Big is Long Island?

As its name implies, this island is long and relatively narrow. It runs 118 miles from end to end, but only 23 miles across. This gives it plenty of space for full buildup, and it is very populated. In fact, more than half of the residents of New York City live here. The Island also has several smaller "barrier islands" around it, though these are not nearly as economically notable.

Nine bridges and 13 tunnels connect Long Island to the rest of New York City. This gives commuters plenty of opportunities to get off without much logistical hassle, though the level of population makes it so that many prefer to use public transportation for commuting rather than drive their own cars.

An Overview of Long Island and its History

The first European settlement here was English, but the Dutch followed soon after. This ended up with an English eastern half and a Dutch western portion. The jurisdiction split basically at the borders of what are now Nassau and Suffolk counties. Around this time, there were some skirmishes between the two, with the Dutch driving the English out of one of the settlements. In 1664, the English came back and not only drove the Dutch out of that country's New Netherland holding, but took over the entirety of Long Island along with it.

Originally, part of Long Island was considered a Connecticut territory. However, after threats from the governor of the Dominion of New England, its residents agreed to become part of New York State.

During the American Revolutionary War, England quickly gained control of Long Island, sending the rebels fleeing and leaving the area populated almost entirely by loyalists. For this reason, the Island was an English stronghold until the end of the war. This, however, gave George Washington an easy target for espionage. The American leader gained much information in this manner.

More Recently

During the 20th century, Long Island became a center for aviation. This started with Charles Lindbergh's historic solo flight to Europe, and continued on through the space age thanks to the presence of companies like Grumman. The island also gained many residents, and suburbs built up during the mid-century years. Housing development boomed after WWII thanks to the GI Bill.

During the 21st century, companies have transitioned from industrial to post-industrial activities. After decades of declining population, Long Island has resurfaced as a fertile ground for intellectual and cultural pursuits. Due to gentrification, there has been a large population shift within New York City, and areas once known as defunct shipbuilding and mill towns have been remodeled into shopping and cultural centers.

Current Conditions in the Long Island Office Space Market

If you're looking to lease, rent or purchase office space in the Long Island area, you're moving into a vibrant part of NY that continues to do well economically. Here at OfficeFinder, we can help you find the office space you need without major hassles. As a leader in office space referrals, and as an information network, we strive to find the right offices for all business types.

Before moving to an office, though, you'll want to know what the office market in Long Island is like lately. Many categories in the office rental market have had ups and downs, but it's important to know about them to see reality.

You'll also want to know about the submarkets around Long Island to give you an idea of where the best places are to rent.

Before you make a final decision, you'll want to look at the Long Island office market to see if it truly suits your budget. It's important to look at vacancy rates, and rental rates before you do any leasing.

Our Local Long Island area Reps can help you with the entire process. All at no cost to you. As in residential real estate, we split fees with listing brokers or landlords pay us directly. We represent you and provide you with the information you need to make a good decsion. Give us a try. No obligation if you are not happy with our services

Contact us if we can help you find Long Island offices to rent, lease or purchase throughout the many markets of Long Island. We have a great team of office space specialists in Long Island who can help you with your office space needs.

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