Why Use OfficeFinder

Very simply to  find the best location, negotiate
the best price and avoid costly mistakes.

If you or anyone you know are considering relocating your office we can help. Our members are highly qualified tenant representatives who can assist you as your needs dictate - even if it is simply to get more information or ask a question and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Expertise and Experience
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Get Help Finding Office Space

OfficeFinder Members are experienced and knowledgeable about their markets . Only highly qualified tenant representatives are granted membership. Most have achieved prestigious designations such as CCIM or SIOR which are limited to only the most qualified commercial agents and average 12 years of experience. Their experience and expertise result in their ability to not only find the right space for you, but also negotiate and coordinate the transaction to allow you to get the best deal available.

Technologically Advanced Information

In addition to experience, our members use leading edge technology and are able to take advantage of technological resources few others in the industry are capable of accessing. This allows us to provide thorough and quality information about the office market and to provide a high quality of service.

Broad Market Coverage

OfficeFinder is a national referral network. You can find out information or contact our local members in over 400 markets, both large and small.

Level the Playing Field

A tenant rents office space only a few times in their business life, while landlords rent space over and over again. Level the playing field by working with a good tenant representative.

Take advantage of the ability to get personal assistance in your market from a knowledgeable and experienced commercial real estate office tenant representation expert.

Local Experts in over 1,515 Markets
*Both large and small*

Having a local expert with local knowledge on your side will ensure you find the right space, get the best deal possible and guarantee you avoid costly mistakes.