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Louisville Office Center

Located in Louisville's finest Class A Office Park in the East end
Brownsboro Crossing

Brownsboro Crossing Louisville office space available now - zip 40241
MET Building

MET Building Louisville office space available now - zip 40202
Ormsby III Forest Green

Ormsby III Forest Green Louisville office space available - zip 40223

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Whether you are looking for Louisville office space to grow your business, find a better location, or even starting a business, it can be an exciting time. It can also be a project that is very time-consuming. We offer a free service to help eliminate the time burden for you as well as to ensure you find great office space, get a good price and avoid costly mistakes that could come back to haunt you during your lease term.

Having an office space that can properly showcase your products or services to your customers as well as engage your employees is ideal. However, looking for a Louisville office space can be difficult when you don’t know what you’re looking for. It’s important that you look for an office space in Louisville that fits within your budget and that has a contract that is agreeable. With the services offered at, you can locate an. Office space that’s either for rent, lease or sale. To get started with locating an office space in Louisville or the surrounding areas for your business, just fill out the short form with some basic information on the office space you are looking to find and we will get right back to you with one of our top local pros.

About Louisville

The Louisville office space market has just under 21 million square feet office space. Just under half that is located in the Louisville cdentral business district, with the remaining space in the suburban areas.

The Louisville office market is a fairly balanced market between tenants and landlords with vacancy rates in the low teens. With a balance like this, it is important to ensure you have a full understanding of the market and the opportunities that are available.

The easiest way to do so is to engage the services of a local office tenant representative who can act as your guide from locating the right space all the way through negotiations and move in. This is what the OfficeFinder local reps can provide for you. There is no cost to our services and no obligation to request more information. It’s a no lose proposition for you.

Louisville, KY has been an area of importance because it is the center of commerce and industry. In the past, Kentucky was mostly known for being an agricultural and mining state, but in recent years, it has become greatly diversified economically. Traditionally, this was a hub for manufacturing centers of durable goods, such as cars, trucks and appliances. The recent changes in the business sectors now include skilled and high-tech job opportunities.

This area has recently gone through economic development in the public and private sectors, creating new industries that are attractive to students and new residents looking for work. It has also successfully retained existing businesses as well.

You’ll find some of the nation’s top companies headquartered here, like Yum! Brands Inc., KFC and Humana. Where there’s a good job market, there’s a high rate of employment, which means more money to be spent on services or products you have to offer. This town has moved from being a manufacturing sector to being a services sector. Louisville’s service industries are leading in tourism as well. To note, travelers spend around $1.2 billion annually in this county alone.

The merger of the Louisville Chamber of Commerce and Greater Louisville Economic Development Partnership created some local programs that are designed for new and existing businesses so that new jobs can be created.

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