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A little about St Paul:

St Paul is the state capital and government seat of Minnesota, and happens to also be the second of the legendary Twin Cities metropolitan partnership. It is at the heart of Minnesota government, trade, commerce, education, and professional development. St Paul is laid out beautifully on terraces above the flowing Mississipi, with cutting-edge architecture combined with the charm of lingering frontier-town culture. 

The metropolis of St Paul has a thriving business economy with new businesses moving in or being founded here every year. With a population of over 300,000 people, nearly a dozen colleges, and a trendy culture full of young professionals blending with older industry experts. So if you're thinking about bringing your business to St Paul or expanding your existing business into new St Paul office space, this surely comes as no surprise!

St Paul is a Welcoming City for Business

As the second city of the Twin Cities area, St Paul is an incredibly inviting place for businesses. In fact, it is the home of over 15 Fortune 500 companies and has a job growth rate that is noticeably higher than other cities of its size from coast to coast.

Incredible Office Space Available in St Paul

St Paul has a fantastic mix of old and new buildings, whether you're looking for a historical vibe from the fronteir to the railroad industry to glittering post-modern skyscrapers of steel and glass. St Paul has it all because we are as passionate about progress as we are about preserving the remarkable history of the city and region.

Cutting-Edge Downtown Office Towers

If your business is looking to lease, rent, or purchase an office suite or a few floors of a glittering tower, St Paul has towers in abundance. The Town Square Tower, for example, is an incredible display of modern architecture and sunny windowed office spaces. Your business can establish the cutting-edge work environment that you need to establish credibility with your clients and enhance your modernistic company culture among the staff.

Historical Business District Offices

St. Paul also has no shortage of historical office buildings of the charming brick-built variety, some hearkening back to the days when the railroad meeting the Mississippi river made this location a powerhouse originally. If your business wants to establish in a building with historical charm and personality, you can find everything from retro-chic offices to offices that are historical on the outside but fully cutting-edge renovated on the inside.

Suburban Local Practice Offices

For smaller practices and businesses that focus on a more suburban demographic, St Paul has a wonderful spread of surrounding surburban cities with local ground-floor office spaces. These spaces are either private or shared with only a few other businesses in the same strip or small stack of commercial space. You can easily find a respectable smaller office building nestled amongst trees with private parking or in a conveniently foot-traffic-heavy shopping center.

Amenities in St Paul Office Space

Beautiful Lobbies and Reception Areas

The larger St Paul office buildings often feature beautiful lobbies with artistically sculpted architecture that will enhance the prestige of your own business as clients and business partners travel to the elevators to reach your lofted location. If your business culture includes having a breathtaking lobby and reception area, St Paul can deliver.

Cafes and Business-Friendly Restaurants

Many businesses thrive on having eateries very close to the office, sometimes even inside the office building itself. The larger of St Paul's office towers often include their own cafe, and the restaurants of St Paul are always happy to welcome professionals popping in quickly for lunch or to helpfully deliver ordered lunches up into the office towers.

Office Building Gyms

If your business values employee wellness and would like to offer an in-building gym, there are several office towers that include just that. A gym inside your office building is a luxury that a surprising number of employees will take advantage of, even if it's just for a quick stretch before work.

Landscaped Grounds

St Paul loves greenery, with trees and gardens speckling even the most urban areas. If you would like your office building to have grounds that you can enjoy, there are several wonderful options to choose from, and even a few balcony gardens for the upper floors to enjoy.

Available Parking

Like every large city, St Paul has its own unique way of managing parking. However, you can absolutely find office space with a reasonable number of designated parking spaces for your employees, clients, and guests. Further out away from downtown, you may even have your own private parking lot as many small office practices do. Or you may share parking with just one or two other quiet businesses.

Find Your Business' Target Demographic

Whether your business caters to college students, families, young professionals, or other businesses; St Paul has it all. Everything you could want in a target audience is right here, with all the glittering glory of Minneapolis only a few short miles away as well. St Paul has a booming population and a surprisingly low cost of living considering the cutting-edge job market.

11 Colleges and over 50,000 Students

St Paul alone is host to 11 colleges, several of which are nationally acclaimed. These have attracted over 50,000 college students. So if students are among your demographic, St Paul is an excellent place to be. Not to mention the additional many thousands of students who share the metropolitan culture and business environment from Minneapolis and the surrounding area.

Bustling Suburban Neighborhoods

Minnesota as a whole is known to be an incredibly family-friendly with sprawling suburbs in every direction except into the river. If your demographic is families ranging from young parents to retiring grandparents, St Paul is a fantastic place to set up shop.

Thriving Young Professional Culture

Between the colleges and the rapidly growing business culture, St Paul is a place where young professionals are an important part of the population with a median age of 31 and more than 45% of the over-25 population having college degrees. If your target demographic are the young, hip,  and financially rising crowd then you have found the right place for office space.

Hub of B2B Activity

Last but not least, St Paul and it's sister-city Minneapolis area an undeniable business powerhouse so if you have come here to market to your fellow-businesses, you will find a lively and receptive audience.


What are you looking for in St Paul office space for lease, rent, or purchase? With more than a little bit of everything available, we can help you find it! Contact us today to talk about your plans for office space in St Paul.

Useful Statistics for businesses looking for office space in St. Paul
  St. Paul MN State
2020 Estimated Population 305,877 5,600,166
Median Age 32.5 38.1
Occupied 58,542 1,588,611
Owned 161,247 4,093,039
Rented 131,684 1,312,117
Average Household Size 2.59 2.48
Rental Vacancies 2,864 27,736
Homeowner Vacancies 519 12,744
Median Home Value $217,100 $235,700
Median Monthly Rental Cost $1,013 $1,010
Median Household Income $31,435 $37,320
Individuals below poverty level 27,735 330,857
Educational Attainment: High school graduate 41,458 921,198
Educational Attainment: Some College 49,470 1,230,334
Educational Attainment: Bachelor degree or higher 47,807 919,059
Commute 117,345 2,441,566
Commute by car, truck or other vehicle - Drive Alone 100,591 2,205,517
Commute by car, truck or other vehicle - Carpool 16,754 236,049
Use Public Transportation 13,961 93,692
Work from Home 14,691 248,449
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