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100 Cambridge Street

100 Cambridge Street Boston office space available now - zip 2114
101 Arch Street

101 Arch Street Boston office space available now - zip 02110
60 State Street

60 State StreetBoston office space available now - zip 02109
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Alewife Station

Alewife Station Cambridge office space available now - zip 02140
Arlington Street

Arlington Street Boston office space available now - zip 02116
Faneuil Hall

Faneuil HallBoston office space available now - zip 02109
Federal Street

Federal StreetBoston office space available now - zip 02110
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Well Lighted Fort Point Office Space in Boston

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We make sure you find the right Boston office space for your business at the lowest possible cost. No strings attached, we help you at no cost to you. It is a win/win.

Boston has some of the most expensive office space in the US. Making a decision to lease, rent of even purchase office space in Boston can have a significant effect on your bottom line. It is a decision that should be carefully made with as much market information as possible.

Boston is a very dynamic area for business. Next to the Silicon Valley, in the Bay area of San Francisco, it receives the most venture capital money of anywhere else in the country. Much of this can be attributed to the colleges and universities in the area. There are literately dozens, with Harvard being the most prestigious of the bunch. This leads to Boston having a very well educated workforce and a good resource for hiring new employees. High tech, financial services and tourism industries are very strong in the Boston area.

What is the best way to go about finding Boston office space? The biggest mistake many businesses make is trying to do it themselves. The office space alternatives in Boston are very diverse and have nuances that only a specialist who is in the market every day will grasp. Finding someone who is qualified, knows the market and it's players, and is ready, willing and able to assist you is easy. That is where we come in. We have been connecting business looking for office space with office tenant reps since 1995. We do a thorough job of verifying the reps we recommend.

To get started, all you need to do is complete the form at the top of this page and tell us a little about what you are looking for so that we can recommend the best rep to contact you. Once you complete the form, you will be contacted very quickly by the tenant rep who can help you. They will then do a thorough job of finding alternative that will fit what you want.

There is no cost for either our service or the service of the tenant reps we recommend. This is a FREE service to you. Our tenant reps share the fee with the listing agent the same way buyer brokers do in residential real estate. It is a no lose proposition for you and there is no obligation. Give us a try.

What You'll Find When You Look for Boston Office Space for Rent or Lease

Any company thinking of opening an office location in Boston needs to know what the leasing market is like. This will help determine which area of the city or its metropolitan area is best for the new offices, how much space will fit into the budget, and more. As with most cities, there are plenty of options to consider.

General Overview of Boston

It is also a good idea to know a bit about a city and its environs before you move in, so here is an overview to help you familiarize yourself with this area:

Boston, MA has surprisingly few people living within the city limits. Only about 685,000 residents call the actual city home. That said, this is not a small area at all. Over 4 million people live in the Greater Boston metropolitan area, including most of the region's wealthy professionals. Many of these people commute into the city to work and shop, so it is full of activity during business hours. The city has an extensive public transportation system, and many people use it rather than drive once they're inside its range of operation.

The age of Boston is a big draw for many people, and the city itself combines the old and new to keep its roots without ignoring the present. Many sports teams, museums, and other attractions provide local interest. Immigration from Europe, Africa, and Asia is making the city more cosmopolitan and providing workers with new perspectives. This is just one of the waves of immigration Boston has seen. It also got plenty of immigrants from Europe in 1830. 

During the middle of the last century, Boston struggled with the challenges of switching from being an industrial economy to one based on technology of all sorts. It is one of the brightest spots when it comes to making this transition. Thanks to state-sponsored urban renewal projects back then, combined with today's tech boom, it has become one of the most desirable real estate markets both for corporate space and residential housing.

Boston Office Space Markets

The Boston Office Leasing Market

Those of you looking to move your office to or in Boston or other local markets picked a good city to work in thanks to a bustling economy there. However, before you make a final decision, you'll want to look at the Boston office office market to see if it truly suits your budget. It's important to look at vacancy rates, and rental rates before you do any leasing.

You'll also want to look at various submarkets to see what's going on there in the way of office rental statistics.

Our Local Denver area Reps can help you with the entire process. All at no cost to you. As in residential real estate, we split fees with listing brokers or landlords pay us directly. We represent you and provide you with the information you need to make a good decsion. Give us a try. No obligation if you are not happy with our services

Contact us if we can help you find more offices to rent, lease or purchase throughout the great city of Boston. We have a great team of office space specialists in Boston who can help you with your office space needs.

Useful Statistics for businesses looking for office space in Boston
  Boston MA State
2020 Estimated Population 689,326 6,873,003
Median Age 32.4 39.6
Occupied 96,502 1,654,892
Owned 237,909 4,389,310
Rented 396,864 2,168,826
Average Household Size 2.35 2.50
Rental Vacancies 6,359 34,129
Homeowner Vacancies 1,207 15,156
Median Home Value $581,200 $398,800
Median Monthly Rental Cost $1,685 $1,336
Median Household Income $37,582 $39,666
Individuals below poverty level 67,251 412,128
Educational Attainment: High school graduate 90,520 1,133,358
Educational Attainment: Some College 84,389 1,108,037
Educational Attainment: Bachelor degree or higher 133,296 1,181,453
Commute 162,688 2,668,095
Commute by car, truck or other vehicle - Drive Alone 141,079 2,410,716
Commute by car, truck or other vehicle - Carpool 21,609 257,379
Use Public Transportation 115,561 337,729
Work from Home 27,564 292,852
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