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Searching for office space in Canada? OfficeFinder assists business owners who want to locate business properties that meet their requirements – and the service is FREE. We can assist you in finding the best Canadian office space, whether you are looking for office space for rent, lease or sale. We serve all the major office markets in Canada and many smaller office markets too.

It’s easy to contact Canada’s OfficeFinder professionals by completing the short form on this page. You’ll be contacted by a LOCAL OfficeFinder Canadian office space professional that will learn all about your business space needs, and then quickly locate matching properties. We don’t stop there; your OfficeFinder professional representing the Canada market of your choice will help you through the full process of securing business space, until you close the deal on the Canada office space you chose in the location you love.

Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms of total square miles. It is divided into provinces and territories, much like the US is divided into states, but each province or territory is larger than many countries. Canada is one of the richest countries in the world, ranking eighth in per capita income, eighth in the Human Development Index, highest in government transparency, civil liberties, economic freedom, education and quality of life. A well-educated country, 51 percent of adults have at least a college or university degree accordion to an OECD 2012 survey. The Mayor of Vancouver said in a MarketWatch interview that “Canada is an extraordinary country, and our vibrant, thriving cities give us the potential to be even greater. Our cultural diversity is one of our foremost strengths.”

We can help you find office space with our LOCAL office experts in all of the major cities in Canada including:

Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario, with a metropolitan population of over 5.1 million residents, providing a great business atmosphere for new or relocating businesses. Located on the northwest short of Lake Ontario, the area offers lots of both water-based and land-based recreational activities. Like all of Canada, water is clean and plentiful and the air is clean and fresh.

Montreal is the largest city in the providence of Quebec, with a metropolitan population of over 3.4 million residents. French is the official language of Montreal but most businesses and many residents are bilingual, conversing fluently in both French and English, making conducting business with their southern neighbor, the US, transparent. Montreal vies with Toronto as the top two commercial and economic capital of Canada. Located at the junction of the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers, Montreal is a gateway for intermodal logistics, connecting with the US via the Great Lakes, creating a key to transporting products affordably to international consumers.

Vancouveris the third most populous metropolitan area in Canada, providing homes to over 2.1 million residents, all requiring goods and services. Located in the British Columbia province, the city is a major inland seaport connecting directly to the Pacific Ocean for global shipping and receiving. Just across the port waterways, Vancouver Island offers miles of beaches and the city is a short trip to Seattle, making it a major international commerce center in every way.

Calgary, Alberta metropolitan area is home to over 1 million. Located at the south end of the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor, it offers north-south over-road logistics to key cities and communities in Canada. It is another of the major bilingual cities and key economic drivers include energy, film and television entertainment production, finance, technology, retail, aerospace, healthcare and tourism.

No matter if you choose one of these large metropolitan markets or one a smaller city we have listed in Canada for office space, Canada is a wonderful place to conduct your business and enjoy a high quality of life. Because Canada is so large, it offers every type of landscape and population density averages very low compared to the US. There are still vast wilderness areas in Canada. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are visible frequently in northern Canada and sometimes reach the southern Canadian cities, providing an amazing nighttime visage.

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