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Office Space for Rent in Philadelphia

Get Help to Find the Perfect Office Space for Rent in Philadelphia

If you are looking for office space in or around Philadelphia, we can make it a lot easier and ensure you get a great deal on your space with our top local Philadelphia office space professionals.

There are lots of options available and it is very time consuming to try to find just the right one on your own. Our reps know the market and will do a thorough search for you. In fact, their services are FREE and includes a comprehensive personalized search of options based upon your requirements using their proprietary databases to find the best space at the best price.

About the Philadelphia Office Space Market

The Metro Philadelphia office space market contains over 145 million square feet of office space including the nearby southern New Jersey, Northern Delaware and Lehigh Valley submarkets. Philadelphia proper has only about a third of that space. The office market is spread over a very wide geographic area with lots of options available for tenants looking for office space.

Some of the more popular Philadelphia office space markets include:

Center City Office Market

This market is divided between Market East and Market West with the division being separated by Broad Street. Market East is characterized by older Class B and Class C office buildings. The primary tenant's in Market East being government service agencies, non-profits and city based organizations. Market West is characterized by newer Class A trophy buildings that attract financial and legal tenants and the like.

Navy Yard Office Market

A redeveloped decommissioned Navy Yard that is part of South Philadelphia, but a market in its own. The area is considered a Keystone Opportunity Zone offering tax incentives to companies who locate there. The Navy Yard has a mix of Class A, B, and C medical and office space as well as some industrial, the latter which lends itself to conversion to residential at a later date. The U.S. headquarters for Urban Outfitters and Glaxosmithkline are located here.

Old City Office Market

Located at the far east of the City from the Delaware River heading west to Market East, this area is the historical center of the city which includes Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. There are some small Class A and B office buildings, with a few larger ones along Market Street.

Rittenhouse Square Office Market

Located on the west side of Market West, this area is primarily high end residential and retail with very limited office space available in this market.

South Philadelphia Office Market

As the name would imply, this is the Southern part of the city. It is characterized by 2-3 story row homes and mixed-use corner retail with very few professional office buildings. Any office space that does exist is usually converted residential or retail. This area is also home to all of Philadelphia's professional sports stadiums.

University City Office Market

Located west of Market West across the Schuylkill River, an area where the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University call home. The area is primarily owned and controlled by the Universities and includes Class A R&D buildings as well as Hospitals and related healthcare properties. This area is also home to 30th Street Station. There are some tax incentive opportunity zones located in this market.

Many businesses in the Philadelphia area are embracing the new generation of office workers by implementing "Agile" office space strategies. This new generation of workers are driving change in corporate workplace strategy. In order recruit the best and the brightest of these digital natives, corporate workplace strategy is evolving to be more mobile and collaborative and less "corporate" in feel and structure. The result is that office footprints in Philadelphia are shrinking while still accommodating the same or more workers. Philadelphia is a leader in this trend. It would be worthwhile for you to consider this option for your business. Our office space pros are well versed in helping in this evolution.

if you are looking for office space in Philadelphia or the surrounding markets, contact us. The form at the top of the page will provide us the information we need to appoint the best qualified Philadelphia office tenant rep to serve your needs. There is no cost for the service and no obligation for completing the form. You have nothing to lose to give us a try!

Philadelphia Office Space Markets

What to Expect When Looking for Office Space in Philadelphia

If you're in or are thinking of moving your business to the Philadelphia area, one of the first things you'll want to know is what the market is like for office space. There are several options available, and we'll go over some of the most popular or notable so you can get some ideas of submarkets that are worth checking out. First, an overview of the city and its environs:

Philadelphia has around 1.5 million residents, giving you access to plenty of labor. It is also home to the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, making it an important economic hub for the United States. The city is home to some of the country's most famous museums, and offers plenty of cultural activities. Sports are also big here, and the city has a major league team for each of the four most popular American games.

Despite these factors, the average income of those who live in the city is just $41,449, which is substantially below the state average. This is because those with more money usually live in the suburbs and commute in for work. The influx of money from the suburbs allows for good maintenance of city-based attractions like the museums and stadiums.

Notably, Philadelphia is home to multiple colleges that draw large amounts of international students. These students often look for work in the area after graduating, so when you move here, you have access to many freshly-educated people for your operations. This helps your company stay ahead in competitive markets. It also ensures that Philadelphia will become more and more diverse as time goes on. Retailers are always helped by the presence of plenty of college students too, so this is a great place to look for commercial retail space as well as office locations.

Both new development and improvement of older areas are currently in progress. This is rejuvenating the area and providing new opportunities for leasing. New projects are more likely to be low and spread out, while the older sections of town have plenty of skyscraper space waiting for you.

Overall, Philadelphia is a great place to open an office or other business location. It offers plenty of available workers, customers, and activities for you and your staff to enjoy during the off-hours. To help you get started in your search for office space, we offer this information about the leasing market here

What Makes Philadelphia A Top Spot For Office Rentals 

A Budding Opportunity For Startups 

Philadelphia is a great place for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and startups because of its potential to grow economically in the upcoming years. The increase in the young adult population is considered a positive step in the city's business growth. Startups have a chance to successfully participate in a great business economy that's showing promising potential for growth. 

Excellent Consumer Base

The people that are going to buy your goods, services, or follow your brand is counterproductive to your office space. Philadelphia is strategically located between Washington D.C. and New York City. As many economies continue to recover from the 2008 recession, Philly is on the verge of new infrastructure, IT, assisted health, startups, and growing businesses. 

All-purpose Tax Benefits

A business tax friendly community is always a great place for your office space. There are a number of tax strategies and incentives created by the local government that makes Philadelphia a top business community. The business tax structure is lower in Philadelphia than in other major cities. They're one of the few communities encouraging businesses to invest in neighborhoods, hire more staff, etc. to take advantage of tax incentives, which is also good for businesses. 

Highly Educated Skilled Workforce 

There are 98 colleges and universities that serve as a training, leadership, and work hub for Philadelphia. The Office of Workforce Development is fueling Philadelphia's talent pool. Their city has been leading the way in many diversified networks including manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, logistics, professional services, hospitality, and a growing startup community. 

A Vibrant City 

Philadelphia is a modernized city that has held on to its history. As a vibrant community, they pride themselves in being marketable and a culturally enriched business community. Philadelphia is a great city to start a business. In fact, it's one of the most friendly business communities in the United States. It's a great opportunity for an office rental. 

Business Assistance 

Philadelphia is known for their business financing programs and technology assistance offered through the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). The extra support is used to strengthen business ideas and progress through economic development. The DCED of Philadelphia is investing in big business ideas, neighborhoods, and the community. 

Great Surrounding Business Communities

Pittsburgh is one of the largest and most popular city's next to Philadelphia. Washington D.C. and New York are just a short commute away.

Women's Business Friendly Community 

According to In Her Sight, "Philadelphia is a great business hub for female entrepreneurs." Although they're a diverse community, now is a great time for women to dive into business or find a spot for their new office. From major Tech companies to Palo Alto businesses, women can work or start a business in almost any field. These statistics come from the women that are currently working in Philadelphia. 

Sophisticated Office Space

Whether you're looking for an office downtown or plush office space in Philadelphia, you'll find just what you're looking for in office rentals. You have the opportunity for great office space that demands your creativity. Plus, there are several activities that makes Philadelphia a great place to work and play. They're known for their activities and fine restaurants. Enjoy a rich scenery on your way to the office or indulge in great food and activities after work. Experience a corporate office or office space that can grow with your business. 

As one of the largest city in the U.S., Philadelphia is a great opportunity for business. There are plenty of companies to keep you competitive in any field, but to also help you grow as a business too. The rich diversity gives you the option of enjoying a huge list of customers. Many people enjoy the being a part of a large city and experiencing the best of what the city has to offer. In fact, Philadelphia is already home to several big businesses including Comcast, Aramark, and Crown Holding. They're in a position to welcome the next business venture with plenty room for growth. 

If you're looking for suitable office space, there's something for every business model. With a population of 1.5 million people, your business has an opportunity to make a name for itself. You have the opportunity to introduce your business to eager consumers. 

Most importantly, there are many incentives to start your business in Philadelphia making it a great place for your new office. There are also several organizations that are willing to work with you to help you get your business off the ground. You'll be glad you chose an affordable luxury office rental in Philadelphia.  

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At OfficeFinder LLC, we're committed to matching great people with quality office space. We help our clients find an office and avoid a costly mistake. OfficeFinder LLC understands how a costly mistake in an office rental can impact your business. Our professional office rental services offers rental and leasing programs.

Take a moment to contact us about your new office rental or lease today! 

The easiest way to acquire the best office space in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas for your company and meet your budget is to work with an expert in leasing. Contact us to get the space you're looking for at good prices and without the ususal hassles.

Useful Statistics for businesses looking for office space in Philadelphia
  Philadelphia PA State
2020 Estimated Population 1,581,531 12,794,885
Median Age 34.6 40.9
Occupied 323,784 3,522,269
Owned 844,565 8,860,931
Rented 667,888 3,380,365
Average Household Size 2.50 2.42
Rental Vacancies 17,549 86,625
Homeowner Vacancies 4,867 48,852
Median Home Value $171,600 $187,500
Median Monthly Rental Cost $1,084 $958
Median Household Income $27,331 $32,156
Individuals below poverty level 221,274 979,115
Educational Attainment: High school graduate 344,083 3,072,381
Educational Attainment: Some College 245,826 2,201,133
Educational Attainment: Bachelor degree or higher 194,201 1,754,311
Commute 399,823 5,029,173
Commute by car, truck or other vehicle - Drive Alone 343,245 4,530,697
Commute by car, truck or other vehicle - Carpool 56,578 498,476
Use Public Transportation 161,140 315,578
Work from Home 48,888 433,801
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