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Finding office space for sale and then buying an office building to house your business is a major decision. Careful market and financial analysis and negotiations are critical to a successful result. Having a  highly skilled and experienced professional to provide you the right tools and information will allow you to make the best and most profitable purchase decisions possible when finding the best commercial office space for sale and negotiating the best possible terms.

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OfficeFinder's local office space experts with local knowledge and expertise on your side will assist you in finding office space for sale and purchasing office space. They will ensure you find the right location, get the best deal possible and guarantee you avoid costly mistakes. All at no cost to you!

10 Keys to Buying Office Space

  1. Define and understand your needs. Make sure the decision to buy a building fits in with your business plan. Typically, buying office space is best for mature businesses that have stabilized their growth.

  2. Allow flexibility for growth or contraction. The last thing you want to have happen is to run out of room to expand your business. Owning your office space does limit your flexibility in moving quickly.

  3. Evaluate the opportunity as an investment as well as how the property fits your needs. Do a lease vs. buy analysis as a part of your financial analysis.

  4. Know the market and your alternatives. make sure you are making a good investment as well as meeting you business needs. This is where the market intelligence an office tenant representative can provide ensure you will have the information you need to make a good decision.

  5. Do space planning and costing prior to removing conditions to purchase. Make sure the office building will fit your business needs. Knowing what the layout will be and related costs to build the improvements can make the difference between a good investment and a bad one.

  6. Evaluate your opportunity costs. Is the investment return comparable to the additional return you could get from investing the money in your business? If you can generate a 25% return from investing in your business and a 15% return from the property, you may be better off leasing. On the other hand, having a stable cost of occupancy for the long term from buying could offset increasing rental costs over the long term. Make sure to incorporate increasing leasing costs into your calculation.

  7. Compare value with a build to suit option. How much more would it cost to build your own building if this option is feasible.

  8. Have an exit strategy. Know how you will divest yourself should the need arise.

  9. Obtain the services of a professional representative to avoid costly mistakes. They do this for a living and can help make sure your decisions are sound.

  10. Location, Location, Location is an important key for appreciation and resale.


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