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Bellevue I-90 at Eastgate Flexible Offices

Great Flexible office space on I-90 Bellevue
Bellevue Office Space

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Eastgate Office Center

Bellevue Office Space with easy 1-90 Access at Eastgate
Bellefield Office Park

Bellefield Office Park Bellevue office space available now
Bellevue Skyline Tower

Bellevue Skyline Tower Bellevue office space available- zip 98004
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Key Center

Key Center Bellevue office space available now - Great Views

New Coworking space in Lincoln Square
Mt. Pacific Building

Mt. Pacific Bellevue office space available now in zip 98005
Redmond Center

Redmond Center in Bellevue office space available now
Ridgewood  Corporate Square

Ridgewood Square Bellevue office space available now - zip 98005

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Location and space are among the most significant factors to consider when setting up your office space in Bellevue. Ace the undertaking, and such a move will make a massive difference for your enterprise. With a multitude of possible rewards and repercussions for your business, it's vital that you should choose the right renting space.

Not only should you put into consideration your organization's present situation, but also the enterprise's future expectations and demands. Indeed, an inappropriate location may affect your daily operations, your staff's morale, while also costing the business its image. Nevertheless, with the right choice of space, it's possible this could as well be a decisive turning point for your firm.

So, to avoid making a mistake, how do you go about identifying an office space for rent in Bellevue Wa? What features does the locality offer that can support your team while at the same time allowing your enterprise to grow and thrive?  More so, what compelling attractions shall you enjoy when you locate your firm's offices in Bellevue Wa?


Amid the many things that are likely to impact your choice of office space, location is probably among the most crucial. Overlook it, and you will probably end up disappointed. For you to position yourself for success, you may need to satisfy the following site-related concerns:

The dynamism of the locality

Supporting services and amenities

Ease of access and aesthetic appeal

Proximity to employees homes

The question is, how does Bellevue Wa answer the above obstacles? Location, location, location! If you're looking to move or start a business in the area, the city lists exquisite office spaces.

In the course of planning for your business, a closer look at the representative sample of the business community in the area will inform you of the prevailing healthy status, and the robust nature of the economy. For that reason, a number of the fastest growing companies have set up base in the state.

Bellevue, therefore, boasts of diverse culture in the confines of a global city, right in the middle of Seattle's Eastside. Accordingly, you're likely to benefit from a large pool of talent, excellent transport links, beautiful precincts, and an innovative culture geared towards helping your business grow and prosper.

Strategic Partnerships: In having such a vibrant ecosystem, Bellevue Wa ticks many of the positioning boxes. Moreover, a large number of the already existing businesses in the state interlink through the chamber and several other networks.

For new business entrants, Bellevue's Economic Development team strategically provides a connection between you and the business community. Regardless of the magnitude of your firm, the group strives to equip you with the necessary tools, providing you with flexible support, tailor-made to your needs.

What are the results of these endeavors?  In addition to bringing success, it also creates a well-knit community, partly thanks to many of the technocrats living and investing in the environs. Thus, the camaraderie enhances the quality of life in the city, with the ultimate objective of keeping your business clients and staff happy.

Pricing and Size

Rental costs are a significant consideration for any prudent business when selecting a new office space—spend paltry amounts, and you risk having an office space that's not to your satisfaction. On the other hand, spend exorbitant figures and making the rent may prove not to be feasible, therefore forcing you to either downscale or ship out.

Conversely, in an ideal scenario, you should strive to find a balance. One way or the other, you should answer some of the following questions before deciding on how much you should spend on office space:

Can you comfortably manage to raise a three-month rent deposit at the moment?

Does the rent contract include any hidden costs? (Maintenance, parking fees, etc.)

How does the office space compare in pricing to other rentals in the area?

Point number one provides you with a broad marker of affordability. Subsequently, inquiries about hidden costs ensure business protection from unbudgeted charges. Finally, space price comparisons help you discern the value you're getting for your outlay.

Size: It's worth mentioning that, you're the one who knows your business needs best, and it's up to you to make the appropriate deliberations. Despite both location and pricing exerting influence on the size and choice of commercial premise you choose for your firm, the ultimate decision is yours to make—albeit with some advice. Try out our Office Space Calculator to help identiry how much space you need.

However, in other instances, such as medical-office-spaces and large corporations, your clientele has a more significant input when it comes to both considerations. Bellevue, therefore, has the following to offer:

Meeting facilities

Virtual offices

Executive suites

Several factors determine space allocation sizes; In case you require additional space, more so for storage, you should then up the size provisions. The same consideration applies where your clientele set-up demands meeting spaces or/and your staff members need boardrooms.

In the final analysis, you also have to take into account the expansion agenda of your business, besides recreational and social areas. Without a doubt, cramped offices can significantly affect productivity, so it's vital that you make the necessary arrangements.

Office Submarkets within Bellevue:

Central Business District

SR-520 Corridor

I-90 Corridor


Suburban Bellevue

Approximately 70% of developments coming up in the area are now pre-leased. Moreover, significant office space development projects are in the pipeline, with an estimated 2 million sq. Ft of space expected to become available very soon.

Ultimately, for enterprises harboring plans of developing their brands or need to protect their brand image from the initial stages, renting or leasing office space in Bellevue can be a good starting point. Such a choice will go a long way in ensuring that their business interests succeed. Contact us for more info or if we can be of assistance.

Bellevue Office Space Markets

Useful Statistics for businesses looking for office space in Bellevue
  Bellevue WA State
2020 Estimated Population 146,145 7,512,465
Median Age 37.6 37.8
Occupied 31,073 1,838,059
Owned 82,064 4,816,399
Rented 61,116 2,465,310
Average Household Size 2.48 2.53
Rental Vacancies 1,344 40,974
Homeowner Vacancies 315 17,435
Median Home Value $887,700 $366,800
Median Monthly Rental Cost $2,104 $1,337
Median Household Income $63,464 $37,656
Individuals below poverty level 4,991 472,657
Educational Attainment: High school graduate 9,367 1,133,689
Educational Attainment: Some College 18,934 1,727,441
Educational Attainment: Bachelor degree or higher 38,175 1,183,949
Commute 50,849 2,881,866
Commute by car, truck or other vehicle - Drive Alone 43,268 2,528,438
Commute by car, truck or other vehicle - Carpool 7,581 353,428
Use Public Transportation 8,125 218,379
Work from Home 10,899 326,515
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