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Even as the Denver office market levels out after steady vacancy rate decreases over the past 5 years, rents are still moving upward. We help mitigate those increases by finding opportunities in the market that you can benefit from!

Absorption of office space continues across all qualities of properties which typically indicates the office market is under supplied. Demand for office space is being driven by Denver’s highly desirable quality of life that is attracting young, educated workers and driving corporate expansion and relocation. Unemployment in the Denver area is low, under 4% depending on your source.

The Denver office space market has become a real challenge for tenants having to make a lease decision, especially those with office lease renewals on long term leases. Tenants renewing their leases are finding that the office rental rates have increases of 15% to 40% from what they are paying and this is causing many office tenants to relocate to lower quality space. The Denver office market is no longer a level playing field. Tenants are having sticker shock with the increase in lease rates. Landlords are offering fewer concessions and incentives. In addition, Landlords can now be very choosey about the tenants they will approve. Some tenants are finding out that their Landlord will not renew their lease if their credit worthiness is not good, even though they have been making on time rent payments.

Tenants are having to compete for good space. Landlords receive multiple offers to lease the same space. Especialy for spaces under 10,000 sf. Credit is the key for tenants. If the tenant’s financial statement is not as strong as another offer, they will not get the space. As we said earlier, it is a Landlord’s market. All of this means that tenants must start their process of considering a renewal, relocation or expansion much earlier than in the past, in some cases, over a year in advance of when they need the space. Having the assistance of an experienced Denver office tenant rep, will make the process go much smoother and help in assuring a good outcome.

Average asking rates for Denver office space have continued to increase. Asking lease rates have surpassed their prerecession peaks with class A rates in the central business district exceeding the previous all-time high and class A rates in the Southeast suburban market hitting a new high as well. Denver has become an aging office market and older buildings have become functionally obsolete. With 88% of the central business district buildings older than 21 years and 54% of southeast suburban office properties older than 21 years, tenants will continue to look towards new construction or build-to-suits to get the infrastructure required for today’s business climate.

Some of the more popular Denver office submarkets include:

Downtown / Central Business District Office Market
One of the largest office submarkets in Denver with over 25 million square feet and one of the most active. This is the area geographically bounded by Cherry Creek / Speer Boulevard, Market Street, 20th Street, Sherman Street and Colfax Avenue. It is also defined by its zoning which allows the highest building density in the city.

Denver Tech Center Office Market
The Denver Technological Center, or the Tech Center, or DTC was planned and designed in the early 1970s as one of the first mixed-used commercial parks in the Denver area. The Master Plan included an original 40 acre plan as well as potential for an 800 acre development. The plan has since grown to 850 acres and over 25 million square feet of buildings have been completed. It’s now one of the two largest office submarkets in the Denver Metro area. The majority of office buildings within the Tech Center are mid-rise and range from Class C space up to some of the most expensive Class A office space in the metro area. Major companies headquartered in the Tech Center are Synergy Services, Great West Life & Annuity Insurance, PDCS, Re/Max, and Skyport Companies. The predominant office landlords are Lowe Enterprises, Legacy Partners, Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers, and Metropolitan Life Insurance. We have a 30-year history of representing tenants successfully within the DTC and knows all of the most popular office buildings there. One advantage to locating in the DTC vs downtown is the free surface parking offered at most of the office buildings.

Auraria Office Market
Located adjacent to the west of the CBD. Auraria includes the area around the confluence of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River. It is named for the original location of what is now Denver. With the exception of the college campus which includes the University of Colorado at Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver and Denver Community College, all of the buildings are turn of the century one to three story office buildings.

Ballpark Office Market
Located adjacent on the north of the CBD. The area is named for Coors Field, Home of MLB’s Colorado Rockies. The area contains turn of the century mixed use building which provide “loft style” offices and more recently is being redeveloped with low and midrise office buildings.

Capitol Hill Office Market
This is the location of the Colorado State Capitol building and is the area east and southeast of the CBD. This submarket includes old multi-family buildings and low rise, midrise and high rise office buildings. The newest developments include the Colorado Supreme Court building and The Denver Art Museum.

Cherry Creek Office Market
The Cherry Creek office submarket surrounds the Cherry Creek Mall in Central Denver and lies to the Southeast of downtown. The submarket is bounded by 6th Avenue to the North, Alameda Avenue to the South, York St to the West and Colorado Boulevard to the East. While it in no way is a large submarket, it is one of the most expensive in the Metro area. This has become a popular part of town for large mutual fund companies to have their headquarters – Including Janus Capital Group, Berger Associates, and Cambiar Investors. It’s also becoming popular with several large endowment funds such as the Daniels Fund, the Adolph Coors Foundation, and The Denver Foundation. The location is popular for the abundance of gourmet restaurants, hotels, and shopping. Drawbacks to locating in this area besides the high rents are the lack of affordable parking. Rents are equal to those found downtown. Even though there are four new mixed use office buildings under construction now in the submarket, rents are not expected to drop. We are very familiar with the Cherry Creek office submarket and can help you find reasonable office rents there!

The Denver commercial real estate market in 2015 is expected to continue with solid growth and dropping vacancy rates. Lease rates will continue to increase along with the consistent tenant demand for fewer available space options. It is more critical now than ever that tenants should act 12 to 24 months prior to their lease expiration to work on a lease renewal or identifying alternative locations. Tenants will need to make decisions and act fast when they find a space that works for their company. A delay of even one day could find that space gone, leased by someone else. Retaining an experienced commercial real estate consultant to represent your company is imperative if you want the ability to quickly identify upcoming space options and the market knowledge to keep your occupancy costs as low as possible.

The Denver office space market is a very active one thanks to the healthy economy in Denver. There is over 108 million square feet of office space in the metro Denver market. Of that, only around 25% is located in the downtown area. There are many sub-markets within the metro area to choose from. We service them all. We have local pros who know their markets inside and out.

The strength in the office market in Denver comes from energy resources and professional business services industries that are at the forefront of the market's tenant demand. This strength is expected to continue to provide stable growth. The downside to this for tenants is that rental rates will continue to rise as time goes by.

But there is help. If you need Denver office space, contact us using the request form above. It will give us a good idea of what you are looking for so we can assign the best match to you and your needs. Our local office space pro will get back to you right away. We pride ourselves on our fast response rate. Unlike many listing sites where you can make a request and then hear nothing back...ever. We make sure to follow up as quickly as possible. Even in the rare cases where we can't be of direct assistance, we won't leave you hanging. We will send you information on where you might be able to find help. For the vast majority who we can help, we have the top local office space professionals in the Denver area and their services are FREE for you. What they will do is start out by finding out about what you need, what you do and then they will provide you a customized search report and analysis for you using their proprietary databases to find the best space at the best price and located where you want to be. It is a no lose proposition.

Denver Executive Suite and Coworking Office Space For Rent

If you have a small business in the Denver area with less than 5 employees, you may find that an executive suite or coworking office space my work well for you. Many smaller companies looking to find Denver office space or in the surrounding submarkets, find an executive Suite office space may be a good option to meet their office space needs, especially since credit it the name of the game in renting conventional office space in Denver. Most offer virtual office options where you can get access to an office or conference room on an as needed basis. We have a comprehensive list of options by submarket in Denver that will allow you the flexibility desired by many small businesses. Rental terms are flexible and can be had anywhere from month-to-month to annual terms. An executive suite also includes the access to administrative assistance on an on-demand basis, along with conference rooms and office equipment such as copy machines, scanners and Wi-Fi Internet access.

Denver Office Space For Sale

In addition, we also can help you when it comes to office space for sale in Denver. Our local reps maintain current listing databases of office properties for sale, as well as information on properties that are not currently listed for sale. Whether you are looking for a free standing office building, an office condo or a medical office for sale, our Denver team can help find it and get the best possible deal. This is all at no cost to you. With exceptional market knowledge and many years of experience, they will ensure you have all of the information you need to make a good decision. They can also help you with deciding whether leasing or buying office space in Denver would be in your best interest.

If you need Denver office space, tell us what you need and we will get right to work.

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Denver Office Space for Lease: Current Conditions in the Rental Market

Those of you looking to move your office to Denver, Colorado picked a good city to work in thanks to a bustling economy there. However, before you make a final decision, you'll want to look at the Denver office market to see if it truly suits your budget. It's important to look at vacancy rates, and rental rates before you do any leasing.

You'll also want to look at various submarkets to see what's going on there in the way of office rental statistics.

First, let's look at what's happening in Denver when it comes to office space availability. You may find some surprises on what's available in a popular region.

Denver Office Space is More Readily Available

After the economic changes due to the national event such as tax reform and immigration policy, Denver remains a strong local market according to CBRE. The metro economy is boosted by the steady population and job growth, above-average GDP growth and other life factors that attract new talent and companies.

Denver’s office sector remains strong this 2018. Demand is working double to match the pace set early this year. Ending high-profile energy leases create uncertainty, however overall leasing activity remains strong as Denver continuously bringing both the demand and supply labor.

On the other hand, Denver Industrial market remains steady because of the a strong 2017, as solid economic fundamentals and e-commerce fuel demand. Vacancy is projected to rise as older space is vacated to welcome new ones. However, lease rates still continues to go up as new and properties with good location brings the best.

Rental Rates Go to an All-Time High

According to the Quarter 2, Year 2018 Market Report published by Colliers International, Metro Denver was at $27.75/sf, with an increase of 4.6 % year-over-year.  The continues spike of the asking rates  are due to the demand for high-end space and new office deliveries. The increase is still expected to remain uncertain, even as newer premier office spaces is leased up, due to the amount of new construction available.

Much of this relates to job creation in the Denver area, something you won't see end soon. It'll bring a flood of new businesses to the city, making office space a lot more competitive.

So, with rental rates high, what other details are there you need to know? Take a look at further details about vacancy rates, plus differing rent rates from submarkets.

A Closer Look at Denver Office Vacancy Rates 

Within the last year, vacancy rates have stabilized considerably above the 12% mark. It's held fairly steady for the last four years, though some variations could occur soon based on new office construction. According to statistics, 4.6 million sq. ft. of office space is in construction phase now.

Vacancy rates are a little different when you divide it up between Class A, B, and C buildings. Class A buildings have seen the biggest increase as major companies move into Denver. Class B buildings are the ones staying virtually unchanged. Only Class C buildings continue to see a slight dip in vacancies.

A Look at Absorption Rates

As of the second quarter of 2018, metro office absorption made 1.1 million square feet. Many submarkets throughout Denver saw positive absorption rates as well. For instance, the Downtown and Southeast submarkets had strong absorption performances. They had positive absorption rates at 266,000 and 225,000 sq. ft.

The southeast area of Denver is particularly strong thanks to major companies like Comcast moving into the area through the INOVA I building.

Construction Activity

The metro deliveries reached approximately 1.12 million square feet by the second quarter of this year, to date, approximately 2.6M square feet. Village Center Station II and One DTC West in the Southeast highlighted the deliveries.

With the INOVA building mentioned above (and the recently constructed Arrow Electronics buildings), you can see how much office construction continues to thrive in Denver. Over 4.6 million square feet of office space is currently under construction, so expect many more offices to rent in the city within the next year or two.

Overall, over 540,000 sq. ft. of new office space is soon going to become available, which should give you incentive to look into the Denver area if you're planning to relocate.

Most of the office construction taking place is Class A buildings, proving most businesses want quality offices with the best amenities.

submarket broke ground in the second quarter, and at 595,000 square feet is the largest office project currently under construction in the metro area.

A Look at Individual Submarkets

All districts throughout Denver have differing rental rates. It's important to look at each region and see where you'd best fit in and what might best fit your budget.

Take a look at these submarkets to give you an idea:

Central Business District

This popular area of Denver has rental rates in the $30s per sq. ft. per year (34.76 on average). However, rental rates have begun to slowly decrease here. They've gone down $3 in recent months.

According to above, you'll find fewer subleases in the CBD region, so you'll have to consider longer-term leases. In general, you'll find mostly Class B office buildings.

Capitol Hill

As another popular part of Denver, most of the Capitol Hill submarket is in Midtown. Median rate for rent here is $26 per sq. ft. per year. You won't find quite as much office space for rent here as in other regions, so the remaining ones may turn out competitive.

One reason for this is because many people in Midtown work from home as you can see from the statistics below.


Thanks to the strong absorption rates in Southeast Denver, you're seeing a lot more office buildings in this area.

The good news is rental rates are considerably lower here at $25 per sq. ft per year. Median size for offices is 430 sq. ft.

Most buildings in Southeast Denver are Class A, giving you corporate level settings for a major upgrade.

Aurora Hills

Some of the smaller submarkets offer even better deals on rents. As an example, Aurora Hills has a rent rate of only $21 per sq. ft. per year. Median size is 5,540 sq. ft., giving you considerable space. Nevertheless, listings are usually scant here, so you'll want to jump on an office space you really like.

Contact us if we can help you find more offices to rent throughout the great city of Denver. We have a great team of office space specialists in Denver.

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Useful Statistics for businesses looking for office space in Denver
  Denver CO State
2016 Estimated Population 663,303 5,359,295
Median Age 34.2 36.4
Housing Units 299,338 2,284,863
Occupied 281,072 2,051,616
Owned 138,870 1,320,617
Rented 142,202 730,999
Average Household Size 2.31 2.56
Rental Vacancy Rate 4.1% 4.8%
Homeowner Vacancy Rate 1% 1.3%
Median Home Value $292,700 $264,600
Median Monthly Rental Cost $1,035 $1,057
Estimated Mean Income $103,161 $99,363
Median Household Income $56,258 $62,520
Percent of Individuals below poverty level 16.4% 12.2%
Educational Attainment: Percent high school graduate or higher 86.4% 91%
Educational Attainment: Percent high school graduate 17.6% 21.7%
Educational Attainment: Percent with some College 17.7% 22.2%
Educational Attainment: Percent bachelor degree or higher 45.7% 38.7%
Average Commute time in minutes 25.1 24.9
Commute 353,976 2,673,188
Commute by car, truck or other vehicle - Drive Alone 248,551 2,010,669
Commute by car, truck or other vehicle - Carpool 28,872 248,493
Use Public Transportation 24,092 83,995
Work from Home 24,588 187,719
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