How much office space for this?
How much office space for that?

Tenants' Rules of Thumb by Job Description

There are a number of way to look at how to allocate office space. Doing so based upon job descriptions will give you a good estimate based on people and their positions rather than than details of what particular spaces you think you may need. It is a means to double-check that your detailed estimates are within reason.

Based upon information we have gathered from our members who are specialist in office tenant representation, here are our recommended allocations based upon job description or title.

  Sr. Executive 300 Private Office
  Jr. Executive 250 Private Office
  Manager 175 Private Office / Open Area
  Supervisor 120 Open Area
  Technical 80 Open Area
  Support Staff 75 Cubicle
  Clerical 65 Cubicle
       See also: Tenants' Rule of Thumb by Use

These are estimates only and will vary based upon the organization and the culture the organization promotes. There are a multitude of variables that will effect these allocations. In particular more organizations are moving to flexible working by allow and encouraging alternate work arrangements such at telecommuting, desk sharing, hot desking, office hoteling and the like.

Once you have estimated the amount of office space you need based upon these, compare it with he results of our easy to use and free Office Space Calculator that will give you both general and specific square footage estimates as well as the Tenants' Rule of Thumb by Use.

Please keep in mind that these results are estimates of "usable" office space, not the "rentable" amount.  Any common area load factors will need to be added on to determine the "rentable" area. Learn how to calculate rentable office space..

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