OfficeFinder’s 360° Interactive Office Space Virtual Tours Are Live

360 office space virtual toursOver the summer we had a project to see how we could improve listing information for office space. We wanted to help those in need of office space have an easier job of deciding which would be best for their needs. We think we have done it with our 360° Interactive office space virtual tours!

When you go to almost any listing website now, you will see pretty much the same information on available office space. They include the same basic data and  photographs on almost every site. We thought we might improve on the visual aspect of listings by producing 360° interactive panoramic office space virtual tours. Since our HQ is here, we started in the Seattle office space market. We included both Seattle, the Bellevue Eastside office market, Bothell and Mountlake Terrace with executive suite and cowork spaces. In all, we have created 32 office space virtual tours which includes a significant percentage of the executive suite and cowork space option in the area.

What’s in a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is an online media presentation that represents a real location in the most realistic form possible. There are many forms of online media that represents a location. We see photo slideshows and videos being deemed “virtual tours” but those types of media are not close to being able to represent a realistic location as well as an interactive 360° panoramic based tour. A 360° panoramic office space virtual tour gives the viewer a choice in what to look at in the given location in crystal clear high definition. It is almost like you are there touring the space. The freedom to interact makes the tour a realistic and engaging site selection tool.

Virtual tours consist of three basic processes:

  1. Photographing the area or areas to be included in the virtual tour.
  2. Stitching me photographs of specific areas together to create a 360° panorama photograph.
  3. Creating a virtual tour by specifying hot-spots within the panoramas. These will lead to other panoramas or multimedia providing the viewer with the ability to move around the property

What we did was to visit 32 locations in the Seattle and Bellevue office markets. We took a series of photographs as if we were there to tour the space. What we ended up with was the ability for visitors to interactively visit these locations, as if they were there, from the comfort of their computers or mobile devices. Each of the virtual tours include between 6 and 12 scenes within each of the offices. What we wanted to accomplish was to allow visitors to get the “flavor” of the office space they may be interested in; allowing them to save the time and effort involved in visiting alternatives that may not be suitable. This way visitors can shortlist their options much easier and save a significant amount of time touring alternatives.

Here is one of the ones we completed. The Holyoke Building is a 5 story historic office building in Downtown Seattle occupied by a cowork office space provider.

Click Here to view in full screen (recommended)

 Over the coming weeks, we will be blogging about the office space virtual tours we have completed, providing more details about the space and how we went about the process of creating the tours.

You can find the office space virtual tours on our local web pages. They are identified with the  360° badge shown below:360 office space virtual tours

Where to find OfficeFinder’s 360° Interactive Office Space Virtual Tours

You can find our office space virtual tours on the following Local pages. They will be located near the top of the listing for office space on the page.

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5 Simple Workplace Strategies to Keep Employees Happy and Productive

It’s the little things that count when it comes to employee appreciation. Even low cost  simple workplace strategies can make a big difference. It does not have to be an expensive  complete overhaul of your office space. It’s been proven time and time again that happy employees = engaged employees = productive employees. A study from Warwick University proved that employees work harder when they are happy. SnackNation has a great Infographic (below) showing “11 Shocking Employee Happiness Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind.”

Employee Happiness Infographic

Companies whose employees consider themselves happy outperform their competition by 20%. Millennial employees, in particular, expect certain perks in the workplace.

Five Simple Workplace Strategies

1. Offer Free Snacks

This has proven to be one of the most successful way to keep employees happy. The good news is that it doesn’t seem to matter what the food is! From granola bars to fruit snacks, instant oatmeal, “emergency chocolate”, fresh fruit, weekly bagels, pizza Fridays – choose whatever works for your budget and company culture.

2. Encourage Leaving the Office for Lunch

Workaholic culture has created an atmosphere where taking a lunch break is seen as a luxury. Employees skipping lunch or eating at their desks should be a rarity, not the norm. Encourage employees to leave the office, or at least their desk area, to clear their head, get some fresh air, and come back to their desks ready to work.

3. Arrange Discounts for Local Businesses

Many restaurants and service based companies are happy to set up a discount structure for local companies. Restaurants and coffee shops are a usually a great place to start, but gyms, salons, and even some independent retail stores are a good bet too. Be open to options based on their company model. Some business may offer standing discounts with a company card or larger one time discounts for bulk orders.

4. Offer a Mixture of Office Supplies

Some people prefer black or blue pens, color ink, legal pads, spiral notebooks, multicolored post-its. It’s a small thing, but offering options when it comes to office supplies can enhance creativity and helps with individual organization. When you’re employees feel in control they will be more productive.

5. Create Incentive Programs

Productivity based incentive programs are a proven workplace strategy that increase employee happiness. They don’t need to be complicated. Focus on a main company goal that everyone can help achieve regardless of their position in the company. Award points for daily or weekly steps towards the goal.  Set up a company ‘store’ where employees can redeem points for small prizes like longer lunches and gifts. Host a special event once you’ve met your company goal. Keep it fun and positive!

We hope these five simple workplace strategies have you thinking about employee appreciation and productivity. It does not have to be expensive to let your employees know that you appreciate their efforts. Contact us for more workplace strategies and information on finding an office, agile workspaces, office design, and more.

How to Create an Agile Workplace that Really Functions

Agile workplace that worksTo say that there is a backlash against the open office space, and the agile workplace setup, is putting it mildly. Disgruntled employees have been venting for years about noise, constant “visits” from co-workers, and interruptions.

Has the embrace of the agile workplace been little more than the professional version of the 1960s hippie movement?

Actually, it is possible to make the concept work. Here are some suggestions on how to do it:

  • See the workplace through the eyes of an employee. To you, the absence of walls is the hallmark of an open office environment. To your employees, it is a large space that carries the din of countless conversations. Unless you understand what your employees need to do their jobs efficiently, the concept does not work for them.
  • Equip your workforce for agility. The idea behind agility is the notion that the worker can perform the needed tasks from anywhere in the office or outside of it. This goal requires a streamlined hardware and software setup for all employees. You are not truly agile if the WiFi stops working in the rear third of the office.
  • Empower your workers to make decisions. If workers have to check with supervisors or managers whenever reaching a decision point, you maintain the old work environment minus a few walls. Instead, empower your employees to make decisions, which allows them to collaborate without having to interrupt the flow of productivity for approval seeking.
  • Set clear objectives. Agility thrives on group settings that allow for immediate work production. Management staff must provide clear parameters and goals that teams will meet on pre-defined dates. By empowering employees and doing away with the old structure for a more agile setup, a larger group of workers now shares responsibility and accountability.

If your current office setup just does not support the agile workplace you envision, contact us to find a setting that is far more useful for your goals.

Minimalist Office Space Design Embraces Open Floor Plans

office space to rentThe intentional sparsity of a minimalist office space design is the direct antithesis of the standard, cluttered work environment that features plenty of hardware, trick gadgets, and ubiquitous gear. Rather than outfitting this office setting with all the expected gadgetry, the business thinks through the actual benefits a furnishing or hardware item offers.

By omitting clutter and avoiding the danger of once again heading down the road to a paper-supported office setup, the preference for open floor plans is a given. How can this office space design benefit your company?

  • Reduce office machines. Some devices are simply redundant. Do you really need a printer if your clients sign papers electronically? What about the fax machine that still lurks in some offices? By eliminating devices that core hardware and software upgrades would render obsolete, you cut down on the space needed to house these gadgets.
  • Streamline inter-departmental collaboration. If one department uses iOS-based applications but another sticks to Android platforms, you foster the use of multiple processes that do not flow. This practice, of course, results in the need for more gadgets, which eats up usable space.
  • House all departments in the same space. Having a workforce that utilizes one open space for all aspects of the operation increases creativity and cuts down on communication misses.

However, remember that the Minimalist Office Space Design of open floor plan has a few challenges as well. Since noise can be a problem, it is crucial to have areas set aside for actual meetings. Moreover, keep a realistic eye on the square footage. Sure, after taking out a few walls and doing away with closed-door offices and cubicles, it looks as though you have plenty of space.

That said, if you choose a space that is too small to house your employees comfortably, you end up with crowded conditions that counteract your hopes of increased productivity. If you are unsure how much space you really need, contact us today for help with the ideal office selection.

When Leasing Office Space, Check Out The Restrooms

office bathroomSo, you’ve found the perfect office. The layout is artistic, yet professional, and it conveys to your customers that you’re here to do a job, but that you aren’t constrained by the judgments and traditions that could hold you back. The cost is squarely within your budget, and you’re itching to sign on that dotted line to start leasing office space.

Before you do, though, you should excuse yourself, and take a look at the restroom. Because if you’re going to find dark secrets about this space, that’s where they’ll be.

When Leasing Office Space, Check Out The Restrooms

When a landlord is  leasing office space they are presenting an office space in fine tuned condition. It’s a lot like sprucing up for a first date. The blinds are dusted, the lights are scrubbed clear, the carpet gets a deep cleaning, and every surface is wiped till it shines. But oftentimes it’s the bathroom that will be neglected. Not only that, but the way the bathroom is maintained will give you some insight into the building’s history, and what you may be getting into.

For example, does the bathroom show evidence of stains or water damage? Are the tiles coming up? How much effort does it look like the owner has put in when it comes to this very necessary part of the office facilities?

If the restrooms are neat, clean, and squared away, then you are probably tying on with an owner who takes the job seriously, and upkeeps all parts of the building. If not, though, then you may want to consider your other options before signing on that dotted line. If nothing else, ask yourself if those are the restrooms you want to use during your work day, and how uncomfortable you’re going to get holding it until you leave the office on your lunch break.

For more tips or help on how to lease the best office space for your needs, simply contact us today!

Benefits of Allowing Pets in the Office Workplace

pets in the office workplaceIt is becoming a growing workplace strategy to allow employees to allow pets in the office workplace.  In fact, a recent study shows that about 8 percent of workplaces are beginning to allow their employees to bring their pets with them during working hours. That is an increase of 3 percent from the previous couple of years.

Dogs are very special pets that quickly become members of the family from the time they enter the home.  Pet owners often feel some guilt and fear when leaving their dog at home for any length of time. The pet may suffer from separation anxiety while the owner is worried and nervous about the well-being of their furry canine companion. Trekking off to work can leave your dog unattended for many hours, which can be stressful for both you and your pet.

Benefits of pets in the workplace

A few of the benefits in bringing your pet to work include:

  • increased morale
  • less issues with absenteeism
  • more teamwork among the co-workers
  • less stress for the owner and the pet
  • more openness and communication among other animal lovers on the job

A study done by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University and published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management found employees who brought their dogs to work had reduced stress throughout the day compared to colleagues without pets. The opportunity also affords for some fresh air breaks when taking the dog for a walk during work hours.

Landlord issues

Employers who decide to become pet-friendly provide many perks for a relaxing work environment.  The concern, though is that not all landlords or property managers share the pet-friendly concept.  Those that are in agreement provide specific rules for pets on the premises such as having a license for the pet, the animal must be up-to-date on all vaccinations and it needs to be confined in a small gated area.  When leaving the office area, the dog must be leashed before walking through corridors and hallways. Make sure to check with your landlord before implementing a pet friendly office policy.

Amenities for the pet-friendly workplace needs to include designated “poop stations” and possible dog runs or play areas for the pets.

Dogs become ecstatic when getting ready “to go to work.” Owners are less stressed, as well when bringing their pets in the office workplace.  A pet policy within the office environment makes for a much happier, more content owner, knowing their dog is present, happy and safe.

OfficeFinder is in the business of helping you find office space throughout the United States and Canada. And that includes ones with a pet-friendly environment that allow pets in the office workplace.  If we can help, contact us at

4 Ideas to Transform Your Work-Space Into a Place of High Productivity

Here are 4 ideas to transform your work-space into a place of high productivity.Office space is an important part of most people’s work life, as well as some of their home lives. It’s where you get the majority of your work done, so it’s no wonder that office space design is an important part of productivity. When you are comfortable in a space, you tend to get more work done.

4 ideas to transform your work-space into a place of high productivity.

1. Keep a clean desk.

If your desk is messy, chances are you’re going to be more stressed out, and your productivity levels will decrease. Keeping your papers filed away in a drawer, or creating an inbox on your desk will let you know exactly what papers you need to work on without having to search through piles of messy paper.

2. Keep your desktop clear.

Just like having a messy desk, if you have a messy computer desk top, you’re more likely to get frustrated and lose motivation. Create a folder for different subject matter, and create folders within those folders, as a sort of filing system. Don’t let those annoying word documents clutter your desktop again!

3. Find a few desk accessories.

Desk accessories can be the one thing that is the exception to the clutter on your desk. Chose a small vase of flowers, a succulent, or a colorful mug. Anything that you are able to look at and smile. Personalize your work space. If you feel more at home, you’re likely to get far more done in a day than you would being in an impersonal cubicle.

4. Keep office furniture to a minimum.

Having a cluttered space or having too many different colors can really draw your attention in multiple directions. Combat this by sticking to neutral furniture, and only a few essential pieces such as your desk, chair, and a couple of chairs for guests.

Implementing these ideas can help you transform your work-space Into a place of high productivity, creating a better, and more productive work-space for yourself. If you need office space, we’d be happy to help at no cost to you. Please feel free to contact us.

Worried About Security? 3 Office Space Leasing Tips You Can Implement Inexpensively

Security Office Space Leasing TipsThe majority of businesses in need of new office space focus on build-out allowances or ample parking for staff members and clients. That said, some companies have an added requirement: security. Office space leasing tips for law firms with unpopular clients, or other businesses that cater to a controversial clientele, focus on personal as well as corporate security measures. Even if your company typically does not have these problems, there are a few things you can do that won’t cost an arm and a leg that will improve security.

3 Office Space Leasing Tips You Can Implement Inexpensively

  1. Door and window safety checks. Undergoing this procedure is good advice for any business. Protect your company’s computers and office equipment from theft by retrofitting – if needed – doors. Add high-security locks, sheet steel, and electronic access panels. Re-key the office as soon as you move in or if a key is lost. If there are restrooms on your office’s floor, insist on having them locked with your company’s personnel being the only ones to have keys.
  2. Install a panic button. Your lobby is the weak spot in the setup. If your clientele is made up of controversial public figures or notorious criminals, it is not unusual to see members of the media visiting your reception area to ask for interviews or comments. Although your receptionist should be well-trained to handle these inquiries, have a panic button installed that signals the need for assistance. This situation may occur when protesters will not leave the premises when asked or threaten your staff members.
  3. Lights and cameras. Know what goes on outside of your building at all times. Usually, camera feeds lead to a guard’s desk inside the building’s lobby. Stop by on your way out to see whether anyone might be waiting for you or your clients.

By the way, these office space leasing tips not only assist law firms in need of heightened security, but they can also help with the prevention of workplace violence. If you are looking for secure office space, contact us today to learn more about how we can help at no cost to you.

Good Workplace Strategies Include Effective Communication Methods

Third Place WorkingIn order to keep your employees engaged and productive on a day to day basis, you need to implement good workplace strategies and being a good communicator is critical. Communication with your employees helps you remain in control while understanding any issues that your employees face. Here are some tips on how you can improve communication methods within your workplace.

Be A Good Listener

Communication is a two-way street: it isn’t about just one person doing all the talking. To be a good communicator, you must not only talk, but listen as well. One of the biggest mistakes people make is not listening to someone else as they’re talking. This is where information is not effectively communicated. Keeping your ears open and attentive to the speaker is key.

Know Your Audience

Do you take notice as to what communication methods work best with certain people? For example, you may find people don’t reply to emails, but are quick to provide you the information you’re looking for when you meet them in the hallway. Some people also like materials printed on paper, instead of looking at attached documents in an email. Understanding how people like to best receive certain types of communication is key.

Don’t Assume, Get Clarification if Needed

Sometimes words don’t come out as we intend them to, both in writing and in person. Sometimes negative situations are created from incorrect assumptions, and we find ourselves assuming a tone when there is none. If you need clarification, ask someone face to face to avoid making something out of nothing.

For more information finding office space that will help on good communication as one of your workplace strategies, contact us.

3 Ways a Flexible Workplace Will Benefit Your Business

Flexible Workplace benefitsIn an uncertain economy, signing a lease and paying the heavy overhead costs associated with it can take a major toll on your business. Avoiding this unnecessary cost initially motivated the creation of flexible workplaces. In the last twenty years the idea has gained increasing popularity for reasons other than just cost reduction. It is now stronger than ever as flexible workplace options become more widespread.

Making the change to a flexible workplace can benefit your business in more ways that just avoiding overhead. Take a look.

1. Attract the Best Employees

With flexible workplace options including online work, telecommute positions, or a combination of on-site work and distance work, you can now easily scour the globe for the most suitable employees. No longer limited to a geographical location or even a fixed schedule, the hiring pool is nearly limitless. Build a team of the most highly qualified international talent and watch how your business grows.

2. Improve Client Interaction

The physical space your business occupies speaks volumes to potential clients and customers. And a flexible work space sends positive messages. Not only can you create a better the space with the resources you save by avoiding overhead costs, but using a flexible option shows foresight and intelligence. Both of these traits inspire confidence in visitors, converting them into customers and clients.

3. Expand Business 

With the most competent employees and a constant stream of potential partners, your business will have unending expansion options. And with increased flexibility in space, budget, and schedule, you will have the resources to effectively take advantage of these options to develop and improve your business.


If you are looking for the next step to take with you business, these three benefits are serious reasons to make that step a change to a flexible workplace. Let us help you implement a serious step that saves capital and other resources, opens doors to new employees and new contacts, and leads to endless growth opportunities!