How to Help Your Team Comfortably Transition to Standing Desks (Part 1)

Transition to Standing Desks

Good employers have always done their best to promote health and well-being in their workers and not just because a healthy worker is energetic, has a better attitude, and needs to take less time off. Many companies are genuinely dedicated to being part of ‘the solution’ rather than ‘the problem’ and in light of recent studies, there’s no denying that sitting all day at work has become a major health problem. Companies have tried in-office gyms or gym membership vouchers, inviting landscaping with jogging paths, catering healthy lunches, and hosting employee sporting events. However, with heart disease, cancer, and waistlines still on the rise, it’s no wonder businesses are trying something new.

Standing Desks: Solution to Employee Health?

Standing desks address the age-old problem of leading a horse to water. You can make company gyms available and implement reward programs for using them, but you can’t actually force a steadily less healthy workforce to actually use the workout machines. Implementing standing desks, on the other hand, gets everyone up, on their feet, and their blood moving at a quick, healthy rate all within the usual work hours. In many ways, implementing a standing desk policy in your office can help to reverse some of the damage caused to your employees by years of sitting still and working for hours. While you may meet some resistance from your team about the change, the key to a successful standing desk transition is to do it gradually with the right posture, timing, and equipment.

Introduce Standing Desks Over Time

It’s important to understand when switching to a standing desk office that standing for long periods of time requires a number of posture and stability muscles that most people haven’t worked on, especially if eight hours of their day or more are spent sitting and working. This means that a full 100% transition is likely to see a lot of hurting feet, legs, and lower backs, not to mention the drop in productivity as fatigue sets in. Instead, it’s best to introduce standing slowly over time, adding an hour or two of standing per day each week with the help of soft fatigue mats for adapting feet.

This means that you don’t want single-height standing desks. While you can work with two desks at separate heights, the best solution is an easily height-adjustable standing desk that can transition depending on whether your employees need to be standing or sitting. This also allows you to make personalized adjustments to achieve the optimal standing desk height for each employee’s personal size.

Standing desks are one of the best things that has ever happened to office and employee health but introducing them to the team is only the beginning. Join us next time for the second half of this two-part series where we’ll talk about chair alternatives, posture, and new ways to think about standing.

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Key Ways To Make Your Office Space Profitable So You Don’t End Up Bankrupt

Getting yourself an office space is a great step for your company, as this shows just how much potential your business has in terms of getting a lot of job done with your current employees. However, using your office space efficiently is another matter entirely, as operations can only go smoothly if your office space is utilized to its full potential. Luckily, there are methods on how to make your office space profitable so you don’t end up bankrupt. Understanding how this works and how it can affect you in the long run is a good safe measure when it comes to ensuring that you always have a plan for your office space, and that you’re constantly thinking ahead.

Do remember that the tips below however aren’t the exact tips you should always use, as these are just general reminders across business in general. If you’re looking for more specific methods for your particular business structure, you may want to consider seeking the help of a financial professional so you could get more ways of making sure your office space stays profitable.

Optimization Counts

If you’re currently using an office space and you know your company is earning anyway, it can be a weird option to just make drastic changes to your office space. However, optimizing your office space now could save you a great deal of money in the foreseeable future, and this could be a good option to take if you have the right resources for it. Consider having these options in your future business plans:

  • Try using the cloud. If you’re using file cabinets, you may realize that they’re taking up a lot of space, and the files we store in them may not be used in the future. This can potentially create hours and days’ worth of cleaning up and storing files that could be used for other productive tasks. Consider focusing your money on a reliable digital storage system instead, which not only gives you a space-free filing system, it can permanently store your files as well.
  • Try re-organizing your storage. If you do need some form of physical storage, try optimizing the way it’s organized. Try to add the appropriate shelves in your storage to make sure all space is used properly, and consider custom shelving to make sure all parts of your storage are used appropriately.
  • Try clearing off working surfaces. If everyone has a desk, there’s a lot of chances that these desks have things your staff don’t even use. It’s different if there are relevant and creative frames or calendars, or if there’s just a gift from a Christmas Party that never got itself home. Even with these items, try to optimize the current tools your staff use on their desks, as a cleaner desk can encourage productivity.
  • Try getting machines that do a lot of things at once. Chances are you’d have a separate copying machine, a separate fax machine, and a lot of printers in your office. These waste a lot of valuable space, whereas a machine that can be a phone and a fax machine, or a printer and a copying machine, can save more space that could be used for more important things.

Renting Out Can Help

If you want to rent out an office space you’re not using, this can greatly help maximise the profit you can earn, and could likewise help improve finances for your business. If renting out is an option for you, you can perhaps consider renting other things aside from your office space itself.

For instance, if you can afford to not use the equipment you can have and the utilities your office space has, you can have these pieces of equipment be part of your deal. An existing mail service in your office space that you might not be using can greatly help another company, and the costs they might be willing to pay to be able to use your office can be of great use to you and your company.

  • If the company that wants to use your office space has services that could be of great use to your company, you can perhaps consider a partnership or other forms of business ventures that could come with using your office space. This can greatly benefit both parties given the right kind of services that both of you could use.
  • Business Plans elaborates on a few ways you could make money from your empty office space. The options listed there, and the ones listed here, are some options you could consider if you want to make your office space profitable. Do make sure to consult with your financial adviser if any of these ways work for your business structure.


If there’s anything the above points state, it’s that there are a lot of ways to make your office space profitable so you don’t end up bankrupt. However, a lot of these steps depend on how you utilize your office space to its maximum efficiency, and how you and your employees are able to take advantage of the tools you have and the opportunities your office space presents. This means your journey to office space efficiency is just as much a creative one as it is something that encourages you to make decisions to increase productivity in the workplace.

Guest Post by: Kathleen Foust

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What Millennials Appreciate About Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces can be very socially engaging, educational and informative if we choose the right environment. Millennials are looking for work environments that engage them at all these levels with little or no cost to them. Historically, as a group, millennials are the generation to have emerged from college with the greatest debt to date. So let’s talk about what millennials want their work environment to look like.

Social Engagement

Millennials are prepared to work, work hard, and they want to be engaged at work. This doesn’t mean that every minute of the day needs to be a new learning experience but feeling connected to what they do. Often that connection comes in the form of external engagement like taking part in local, national or global responsibility projects. This is hard to do if you have a small company but coworking spaces offer the ability to connect with others in your work space to feel the sense of community and connection. These type of social action programs are often offered by the managers of the coworking space or maybe by one of the companies working there. So look for a space or ask about if this is a priority for the space you are considering.

Ongoing Education

Millennials are lifelong learners. Whether it is online through places like Udemy or in the office through continuing education programs, coworking spaces can offer small companies the ability to ban together to gain greater access to educational resources they may not get alone. In some cases, the coworking spaces may provide the opportunity for its tenants for a discounted fee or free of charge depending on the seminar.

Staying Informed

Staying aware and informed of changes in the economy, your field or maybe a field that the millennial is considering entering. Coworking spaces bring engaging speakers and presenters to the office to create a more aware workforce of the changes happening. This is such an important part of one’s desire to grow and learn. Ask if the coworking space you are considering brings in local speakers or if it provides a platform to learn from office mates.

Coworking spaces offer millennials the chance to stay or become engaged in social action issues, keep up their education for little to no cost and remain informed about their knowledge space. Providing these benefits help millennials feel fulfilled and coworking spaces can offer these benefits.

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Top Tips For Making Your Office Friendly For Those With Reduced Mobility

Mobility ScooterIf you’re starting up a business, moving or looking to make renovations to an existing office, then taking into account employees and visitors with reduced mobility is imperative. Creating a diverse and encompassing workplace will not only help to tackle any problems with inaccessible access in the future, but it may also help to widen your hiring opportunities. Creating an accessible office isn’t as costly as it may initially seem, and here, we’re providing you with top tips to help make your office friendly for those with reduced mobility.

Corridors & Pathways

One of the key areas in the office that can create a barrier for those with reduced mobility is the corridors. If these are cluttered with cupboards or boxes, then the corridors may seem narrower than they actually are. As a result, those who rely on the use of a mobility scooter or a wheelchair, no matter the size, may be unable to navigate their way through seamlessly. Simply decluttering your hallways, corridors and outdoor pathways can help to ensure that your office is much friendlier for those with reduced mobility. In some cases, you may consider renovating your office corridors in order to widen them, or create alternative wheelchair-accessible routes to accommodate those with reduced mobility.

Ramps & Front-Door Accessibility

A big consideration for businesses is the accessibility of their front door. Ramps, mobility scooter routes and automatic doors may all need to be installed, or renovated, in order to accommodate those with reduced mobility appropriately. Ramps are often an affordable option, but these tend to be temporary, unless concrete alternatives are put in place to act as a ramp. In addition to this, you may want to consider separate routes to the building for mobility scooters in particular, as these may be deemed to be a hazard to pedestrians. Numerous hospitals and other public buildings tend to class bikes and mobility scooters as a similar vehicle and therefore, have a bike/mobility scooter route to help ensure the safety and ease of navigation of everybody entering and exiting the building. Automatic doors may also be a consideration that your business may implement, due to the ease of access they provide when entering and exiting a building.

Allow Work Day Modifications

This is particularly important for businesses who have hired employees who have a disability. In order to make the workplace friendlier, some businesses may require the work day to be modified, in order to allow for frequent breaks, flexible starting times and in some cases, the opportunity to work from home from time to time. While this isn’t always a necessity, and sometimes it may not even be a practical possibility, if there are some ways in which your business is able to better accommodate the needs of their disabled employees (whether they are have reduced mobility, or a visual or hearing impairment), then they should be a key consideration.

Understanding the needs of visitors with reduced mobility, and accurately accommodating for those needs can often be key for business success. Whether you’re looking to widen your corridors, install ramps at the building entrance or reinstate a neglected lift, there are plenty of options that you can consider when it comes to making your office friendly for those with reduced mobility.

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5 Questions To Ask Yourself While Looking For New Office Space

Are you looking for new office space? You’re in luck! We understand that looking for a new office space can be a confusing experience, which is why we are here to help ensure you make the right decision for your company. After all, this is your prime opportunity to ensure your employees are equipped with everything they need – and might need – moving forward! Regardless of whether you are finding the right office space for your small business or larger corporation, find five questions to ask yourself while looking for a new office space below.

  1. Are There Any Hidden Costs I am Not Considering?

When it comes to looking for a new office space, before you decide whether your chosen office is right for you, it is vital to consider if there are any hidden costs you are unaware of. Before you settle on your new office space, it is paramount that you calculate the full cost of the space, including the cost of rent, utilities and various moving expenses. It is paramount that you also consider construction costs. As an example, in the the UK Damp proofing in London area is essential to ensure your employees health and well-being in a safe working environment.

  1. Is There Sufficient Room For My Company To Grow?

Once you are happy that you have considered all the relevant costs of your new office space, you should consider whether there is sufficient room for your company to grow. Whilst you must consider your company’s needs, taking into account the future of your company is just as important in order to avoid repeated moves. If you are unable to afford additional office space required to allow your company to expand, it is a good idea to attempt to negotiate a shorter lease term, so that when the time is right, you can find a more compatible office space.

  1. Is It The Right Location For Employees?

Now that you are rest assured that there are no hidden costs and that there is sufficient room for your company to grow, the next question to ask yourself while looking for a new office space is whether it is situated in the right location for employees. In order to dictate whether your new office space is in the right location for employees, you should consider where your employees live. Nevertheless, it is paramount to remember that an expensive commute may push your employees to seek employment closer to home!

  1. Is The Location Convenient For Clients?

As well as considering whether your new office space is situated in the right location for your employees, it is paramount to consider whether the location is just as convenient for client to get to because as fees associated with transportation increase, people may not be willing to travel far in order to visit your company. Just like deciding whether the location of your new office space is right for employees, you should take into account the expense of clients visiting your office, as well as the time it will take for them to arrive.

  1. What Is The Parking Situation?

The final question to ask yourself while looking for new office space is what is the parking situation will be like. Depending on the location of your new office space, you may not require a large car park. After all, if your company is situated near a bus stop or train station, your employees may be in favour of using public transport. If not, it is vital to consider where your employees can park cheaply, if not for free. If the parking is tight, is there a convenient alternate spot? Whilst you should not rule out parking tickets, they will need to be taken into account when it comes to deciding your budget.

There are countless things you need to take into consideration while looking for new office space, from deciding whether the location is right for you, your employees and clients, to making the most out of the parking situation. Most importantly, however, you should consider whether there are any hidden costs you are not taking into account while looking for a new office space, such as the cost of rent and utilities, in order to ensure your big move remains on budget.

The Top Office Repairs and Improvements to Start Your 2018

The new year is in full swing, and while we might already be more than halfway through the first month, it’s never too late to give a whole new lease of life to your office. When it comes to office repairs and improvements, there’s no better time to get it done than now, so why not take the opportunity with both hands? Besides, with improvements and repairs creating a whole new working environment, your employees will be more motivated and productive, so what have you got to lose? There are a few considerations that you must take into account however, prior to funding these repairs and improvements. While an individual who has faced significant damage in their home property as a result of an unexpected occurrence, such as a burst pipe, may seek the aid of a company such as Wizzcash direct loan in a financial emergency, businesses will need to seek financial aid from the likes of a bank loan, line of credit or even have to pay out of pocket. Here, we’re looking into the top improvements your office could need in 2018!

Do Those Repairs!

Every building has its downfalls, and sometimes those downfalls come in the form of breakages or just general wear and tear. You may very well have been putting off those smaller repairs for ‘another day’. Well, now is that day. Even something as simple as fixing a tiny crack in the wall, or re-painting those peeling areas can give your whole office a neater, cleaner look with a better atmosphere overall. If any of your employee’s computers have been acting up, have them replaced or fixed to give the employee a much better opportunity to work to their full potential if they’re not weighed down by technical faults!

Create Informal Collaboration and Social Spaces

You may already have a break room for your employees, and if you do – well done! If you don’t, you should consider introducing a social space for your employees where possible. While this can be difficult in smaller offices, having a place where employees can go during their breaks to truly separate themselves from work for a short time can be beneficial to their mental health and productivity.

Traditionally, offices tend to have two main spaces: desks to work on, and a meeting room. However, introducing reasonably secluded areas like a pod or booth of seats for brief, 10 minute discussions could be the answer to all of your collaboration woes. You could even just add sofas with coffee tables around the office for a cheaper alternative! These quick-to-access areas will encourage your employees to talk to each other, and collaborate on big projects that might need more than one brain on them to complete to their full potential.

Jump On The Elevation Desks Trend

As you may already know, the world is currently being taken by storm with an elevated desks trend. If you don’t already know, an elevated desk is exactly what it suggests – a desk that is elevated in order to improve posture. Evidence suggests that sitting down for prolonged periods of time can prove harmful to posture and general physical well-being and so standing desks have started to become an alternative option. However, it’s also important to remember that not every employee will be able to stand up all day, so make sure you give them the option to sit or stand!

Let There Be Light!

Dimly, or strangely lit offices are widely known to create a wide range of problems. From fatigue, to eye strain and headaches, a badly lit office is nothing but anti-productive to your employees. An office lit by artificial, yellow light can not only prove harmful to physical well-being, but it can also play a part in mental health too. While we understand that not every company can move every desk right next to a window, opting for daylight florescent bulbs with around 6500K will create the closest lighting to the outside world, and tend to be standard issue nowadays in offices!

Or Just Opt For The Complete Makeover

If all else fails, why not just go for the complete makeover? Of course, this is money-permitting, but with a new coat of paint, new desks, a fully-furnished social area and more, you can maximize motivation in your employees completely. By offering your employees something new and better to work with and in, they can work to their full potential without being impeded. If you are considering a makeover for the office, why not consult with your employees beforehand? Find out what they might like, from artwork on the walls, to having a radio – after all, they will know what they can work with better than anyone else!

Coworking Perks People Love: Workplace Strategies to Improve Productivity

One of the best things about having office space in a coworking environment is that it offers employees a chance to socialize and meet people beyond their own workplace. Happier employees are excited to come to work. Here are a few tips to keep your employees happy and help increase their productivity in at work.

Encourage Participation in Workplace Learning Activities.

Coworking spaces offer tenants opportunities like lunch and learns and happy hour discussions. These are “free” sessions for your employees to attend and broaden their knowledge of a particular subject. In some cases, these opportunities could help them do their own work and make them a more productive member of the team.

Participate in Workplace Social Activities.

If your coworking space does not already offer its tenants a chance to join a team like kickball or have regular ping pong tournaments, see if you can work with the managers to organize one. Exercise is a great mood lifter and helps the brain with memory and learning.

Suggest Working in Common Areas.

As human beings, we crave social interaction. Coworking spaces offer employees the chance to meet new people in the common areas or engage in discussions that aren’t related to work. Offering your employees a moment to step outside their everyday work routine provides time to recharge their batteries.

All of these strategies are inherent perks when you lease in a coworking environment. Look for these types of amenities when you look for new office space and your employees will appreciate it. Contact us for more information on how we can help find the right workplace for you and your company.

Workplace Strategies to Help Your Productivity Level

It happens to the best of us: We get to work, and bam, our to-do list just sits there. There are many factors that contribute to a lack of productivity, and the biggest factor is our work environment. A well-designed office can help increase productivity, allowing us to be comfortable and in control of our daily tasks. However, there are some other workplace strategies that can help keep you organized, productive and ready to face each day. Here are a few suggestions:

Banish the Clutter

A clean and organized workspace is key to productivity. You’re not able to control how organized the entire office, but you can organize your own workspace. Every night before you leave, spend about five minutes clearing your desk and getting it in order for the next day. This way, you come in with an organized desk, which means an organized mind.

There’s an App for That

Folks, we all know it’s true: Social media is a time killer. So find an app (and there are plenty of them) that distracts the social media sites you tend to wander to. You can also find time tracking apps that show you how much time you spend on other sites other than ones that are work-related.

Stack the Snacks

Sometimes, your grumbling tummy can lead your mind to thoughts of lunch rather than finishing up that marketing report. Have some healthy snacks on-hand that will fulfill your tummy’s call to hold you over until lunch. Crackers, hummus, and almonds are great, and this way the report is done and ready to go before you head out the door for lunch.

If you’re looking for new office space as a way to help improve the overall work environment, we’re here to help.

How A Coworking Office Can Be A Major Boost To Your Company

Is your business struggling to keep up with its competitors or are you looking for a way to stand out in a crowded field? Then consider a coworking office space. This surprising concept has spread wildly across the business world and it may inspire your company to greater heights.

What is A Coworking Office?

These intriguing new work ideas are based on the idea of sharing working areas with other people and businesses. You can rent these places out and will work beside and along with other people. It is a fairly novel concept and one that many people are arguing for and against. We believe it will seriously improve your business by offering you a variety of benefits.

The Benefits of Coworking Office For Your Business

When you invest in a coworking office, you receive many great benefits, including:

  • Improved interaction between your coworkers
  • New interactions with potential partners and business associates
  • Boosted performance caused by focusing on boosted capacities
  • Stronger trust between your coworkers and other companies
  • Better grasp of how your coworkers work and obtain their goals

These many benefits are a big part of why coworking spaces are such a wise investment. However, there are a few negatives that should be discussed. The most problematic of these is knowledge leakage.

The Risk Of Knowledge Leakage

While coworking spaces allow you to meet new people and new potential partners, they also cause the possibility of knowledge leakage. Think of this problem of a potential loss as a business advantage. For example, let’s say your company has information that could help it outperform its competitors.

Unfortunately, this information is found by somebody sharing office space with you, and they use it instead. While these instances are very rare in most coworking spaces, it is important to acknowledge the fact that they could happen.

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3 Ways to Maximize The Benefits of Millennials in the Workplace

For quite some time the word “millennial” has carried somewhat of a negative connotation. But when employers can begin to recognize the positive qualities of this controversial generation, they can start to maximize the benefits and ROI of fostering a productive work environment for millennials. Millennials are on track to comprise fifty percent of the workforce worldwide by 2020. If you want a good workforce in the workplace, now is the time to gear up as the impact of the millennials in the workforce  continues to grow.

Three key ways millennials in the workplace will help your company grow

  1. They’re Outside-The-Box Kind of People: It’s been recognized that millennials contain a lot of unconventional types. They can evolve quickly with the changing pace of the world and are highly adaptable. So at work, it is a good idea to set up an outside-the-box kind of environment for them. Literally. Nix the cubicles and set up an open space work setting. Allow millennials to work where they need to work in the office in order to get the creative juices flowing and offer a bigger contribution to your company.
  2. They’re Collaborative: Most millennials don’t have the “me too” attitude when it comes to succeeding in the workplace. To them, they succeed when their peers also succeed. Millennials are a collaborative bunch so it is imperative to set up a work environment that’s congruent with this mindset. One way to do that is to put in more long table areas for meetings and co-working. Encourage think tanks and reward collaborative projects.
  3. They’re Flexible: As mentioned above, millennials are good at adapting. They’re flexible people and that means to really optimize their productivity at work, they need to work in a flexible setting. Don’t confine your millennial employees to one setting. Install varied kinds of seating including chairs, long tables, and sofas. Create a setting that prioritizes flexibility.

Taking these three key ways millennials in the workplace can help your company grow and help create a more agile workplace for all generations in the workplace.

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