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An office rental or lease is a big commitment. The cost of your office affects your bottom line and has other consequences including employee productivity and customer impressions. Having an experienced  local office leasing broker, a tenant rep, who is in tune with the market and understands your needs will make a big difference in your office space outcome.

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Buying an office building to house your business is a major decision. Careful market and financial analysis and negotiations are critical to a successful result. Having a highly skilled and experienced professional to provide you with the right tools and information will help you make the best and most profitable purchase decisions possible.

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“Our OfficeFinder rep made our office leasing experience hassle-free.”
Sandy Webster - Blake Hunter - Tampa Fl

“Our OfficeFinder rep is the best. She is professional, knows her business.”
Trudy Gressley - IDEMA - San Jose, Ca

“Using Office Finder was extremely easy and turned out to be very beneficial for our firm. We were well represented.”
Stephen Barry - Waterford Development - Reston, Va

“Our OfficeFinder rep made our office leasing experience hassle-free.”
Sandy Webster - Blake Hunter - Tampa Fl

“Our OfficeFinder rep was outstanding.”
Jim Pettapiece - Q-Sport Activewear - Cleveland. Oh

Experience You Can Trust

We have a long history of successes since our start in 1995. Here are a few of the companies our team members have helped find office space.
We work with businesses of all sizes from Solopreneurs to Entrepreneurs to Large Corporations.

Companies OfficeFinder Members have helped find office space

Companies OfficeFinder Members have helped find office space

Local Experts in over 1,515 markets both large and small

Having a local office space expert with local knowledge on your side will save you time, ensure you find the right office space, get the best deal possible and guarantee you avoid costly mistakes.

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Level the Playing Field

If yours is like most businesses, you search for office space for lease or an office rental only a few times in your business life, while landlords rent office space over and over again.

Level the playing field by working with a good office tenant representative

Take advantage of this opportunity to get personal assistance in your market from a knowledgeable and experienced commercial broker (our members average 12 years in the industry) who specializes in office tenant representation. It is a no lose proposition since there is no cost to you. This service is FREE.

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If you are looking to find commercial office space for lease, rent or sale, an executive suite or even a virtual office, you've come to the right place! Since our start in 1995, the OfficeFinder™ all-star team of top local commercial office space brokers has personally assisted requests from over 300,000 businesses - of all sizes - looking for office space. If your goal is to find the a great office space for your business, make sure you get the best deal possible and avoid costly mistakes, we can help with our network of nearly 1,000 TOP LOCAL commercial real estate office professionals working throughout the US and Canada as well as many international locales! Our LOCAL licensed office pros will take the hassle out of finding office space, save you time, money, make sure you get what you want and ensure you avoid costly mistakes.

Best of all, our service is FREE. It is a no-lose proposition. There is no obligation.

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