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Boosting Workplace Inclusion with Human-Centric Design Strategies

Unlike many traditional office strategies, “human-centric” Workplace Inclusion Principles prioritize the unique needs of employees and offer empathetic ways to meet them. Although human-centric office strategies often clash with archaic assumptions that the “management is always right,” human-centric principles provide innovative ways to unify entire work forces and foster inclusive atmospheres where every employee feels… Read More »

What Makes or Breaks a Coworking Space?

What is considered the work environment has changed dramatically over the last decade. What used to be an image of dark cubicles and office spaces has gone through a lot of changes in order to help employees become happier, more productive, and to grant them more flexibility. In recent years, there has been a variety… Read More »

Exciting New York Office Space Next to Grand Central Station

New York Office Space Update New York office space has always led the country in design. One Vanderbilt  is the next generation of New York office space. Grand Central Station in New York is still the largest transit hub in the US which makes the real estate around it extremely valuable. Recently, the land across… Read More »