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Advice for Business Owners Preparing for Office Renovations

Office RenovationsRegardless of whether you plan to renovate a home, office, or retail space, the planning and work involved can be laborious and create some headaches along the way.

While there is plenty of advice out there for renovating homes top to bottom, when it comes to commercial spaces, helpful resources can come at a premium. Fortunately, we’re eager to provide you with some tips to get the ball rolling.

If you’re a business owner, here’s what you should know when undergoing or preparing for office renovations.

1. Set a Budget and Identify Goals

First things first, you need to establish a budget based on what you’re capable of and willing to spend in terms of renovating your office space. Next, jot down all the changes you want to make and prioritize them. It will come in handy when unexpected repairs come into play and you have to cut some costs.

Moreover, pay extra attention to functional details like desk placement, efficient office layout, the number of essential meeting rooms, spaces for a kitchen and bathrooms, as well as balancing individual needs for open space and closed offices. Design elements come second but are nonetheless important for workers’ overall mood and focus.

2. Research Vendors and Distributors

Ensuring quality office renovations work is done on a specified timetable is of the essence for any business. In order to ensure a smooth, timely project, while also staying within budget, you’ll want to work with reliable vendors and distributors. Choose companies with solid references and experience in the field that can guarantee a well-done job from start to finish. Depending on the complexity of your office renovation, you might also need interior designers, architectural designers (if you intend to break down walls), and a trash disposal company to handle debris disposal accordingly.

3. Evaluate the Space and Get a New Design

Besides making sure projects are completed on time, the aforementioned specialists can also help you evaluate the office space, especially if the building is older. This step is extremely important, as there may be hidden flaws that must be addressed before starting your initial renovation plan.

Whether it’s asbestos, mold, faulty electrical systems, old pipes, or even structural damage, it’s often best to expect the unexpected. Once you make sure these crucial aspects are operational and aren’t experiencing any issues, you can adjust your remaining budget according to functional and design priorities.

4. Create a Timeline and Keep Your Employees Updated

Renovations are known to be rather time-consuming and, like all large-scale projects, you need to set a realistic timeline and stick to it. To ensure you get everything done on time and without added unnecessary costs, consult with all the specialists involved and get accurate estimates for each stage of the renovation process.

To minimize the impact the office renovations has on your business and employees, see if there are tasks you can overlap. Notify employees of the changes you want to make and the duration of the project, ask for their input, and check to see if this also affects any of your clients. Keep everyone informed with timeline adjustments and it will all go smoothly.

Seize This Opportunity to Prepare for a Successful Office Renovation

Hopefully, the above advice can help you have a rather effortless and successful experience with any future office renovations plans. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, reach out to specialists and keep in mind that office design directly affects workers’ productivity and morale. That should be motivation enough to push through with your business renovation plan.

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What to Look for When Hiring a Property Manager

Property Manager

Investing in property either personally or for your company is a great way to build wealth and income. However, if you’re new to the real estate game, it can be challenging to manage the ins and outs of your property. This is where property management companies come in, as they can help you with everything from maintenance to leasing. If you’ve just acquired a property and are looking for ways to manage the rentals, the tips below can help you decide on which property manager to hire.

Their Relevance and Expertise

When hiring a property manager, you’ll want to make sure you don’t pick just anyone. Make sure you hire a company that has experience with your type of property. Commercial properties, for example, require different types of experience and know-how than residential properties. Other areas like retail will also have different issues than a commercial office.

Therefore, it’s important that you find the right kind of property manager who understands the needs of your space and your business. If this is unclear to you, it’s a good idea to make a list of property management tasks that are important to you.

Their Approach

Like anything, property managers can differ a lot when it comes to their approach. Therefore, as an example, if you’re searching for property management Washington DC, you’ll want to assess a few factors first. Some important topics to cover during your evaluation include:

  • How many properties they manage in the DC area
  • What types of properties they manage in DC
  • How many local staff they employ
  • Whether they have a maintenance crew
  • What the lengths of their leases are
  • What happens if you cancel your contract early

Their Costs

Before you hire a property manager, it’s important to know exactly what you’re paying for. Make sure that the company you hire is transparent about their costs, billings, and what their fees involve. For example, most property management companies will charge a percentage of the rental value each month (for example, 10%). You’ll need to find out what this fee entails; however, it usually covers aspects such as processing rent, dealing with repairs, and responding to tenant queries. Other companies might charge a flat fee rather than a percentage, which may be preferable to you depending on your needs. Whatever the case, it’s important to establish this up front.

Their Licenses

Property management companies are subject to different licensing requirements in each state. This also depends on whether they’re working with real estate or community associations. You’ll want to make sure that the managers and staff have the right licenses, especially if they are dealing with leasing activities. Some of the important licenses to be aware of include real estate brokers’ licenses and property management certifications.

Their Communication Style and Ability

Communication is vital when it comes to property managers. You’ll want to ensure that they are able to communicate efficiently to you and to your renters as this will not only increase the potential for business, but it will also ensure that everything is transparent and above board.

Their Mindset

Last, but not least, it’s important that the property management company you hire has a healthy long-term mindset. They should be looking at your arrangement as a long-term partnership, not a quick chance to make a buck. If they have your shared interests at heart, they’ll be more likely to help you reach your goals in the future.

And if you are looking for an office, we can help! Our local reps know the market, know the landlords and property managers and know who takes care of their buildings. Contact us if we can help! No obligation

How to Make the Best Out Of a Small Office Space

small office spaceWe know how it feels to work in a small office space. It’s crowded and feels cramped, which makes it difficult to focus at work. Everyone has been there. You have a small office space, and you are running out of room to work in. There is barely any room for your desk, let alone all the other projects you need to get done. How can you make the best with what little space that you have? Just because you have a small office space doesn’t mean it can’t be functional. You need to know how to get the most out of your personal space.

In this post, we will show you can create an organized and productive work environment despite limited space!

Assessing Your Space

Take a look around the area and see what you have available. If there are any new surfaces, try to make use of them! You may need to ask for permission from management if that is an option. Think about how you would like your desk set up before laying out all of your supplies on it or what items you need to put in the drawer.

Considering Furniture

When it comes to office space, there are two types of furnishings available. The first type is modular and can be used in a different configuration for each person depending on their needs. For example, this type of furniture would typically have an adjustable height or multiple heights to accommodate the individual preferences of people who work at that desk.

The other type of furniture is non-modular and can only be used in the way it was designed to be set up. This gives a uniform look but may not accommodate everyone’s needs equally. Consider how much area you have available when selecting your office layout; too many chairs or desks will take up more space than necessary. Also, laying around area rugs in the office will give the small space a relaxed look, making it seem bigger than if the floor was plain. The number of people working in your small office dictates what type of desk and chairs to purchase, so this is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

Declutter the Office

Another way to make the office seem bigger is to declutter. This means to get rid of as much unnecessary material as possible, such as old files and anything that doesn’t have a place in the office. If it’s not necessary for business purposes or stored off-site, don’t bother keeping it around. It will just make your small space look cluttered and smaller than usual.

Organize Cables and Files

Organizing is the key to an airy open area. When it’s time to tidy up, the first step is to gather all of your cables and other materials into one area. Then you can start filing things away neatly in their designated places. This will help keep everything from looking cluttered or messy on surfaces that are used for work purposes.

Organize Your Desk Space 

It may not be a big idea, but it can make a big difference. If you have more than one type of work that needs to be done on your desk, it can get cluttered quickly with all the piles and stacks. Look for some drawer or tray system where you can put items into their designated places, so they are not just sitting on top of each other in an insight.

Create a Round Meeting Area

Round seating style takes less space. Create a small round meeting area with a round table and chairs, or use the corner of your office for that. Be creative and use small chairs, couches, or even outdoor furniture to create a circular meeting space.

Make Your Office Feel Bigger 

Do you have a small cubicle? Consider adding whiteboards on each side to make it feel more open. If you are trying to create an opening in front of your desk, add plants behind the reception. Also, a pot or two in the corner will give the office a fresh and aesthetic touch. Finally, lay large area rugs to make the area comfortable and cozy. A rug will also give space a deeper and inviting feel.

Open Storage Spaces 

Glass and wire mesh bookcases or cabinets can be used to maximize storage space in an office while still allowing for a clean, organized appearance. These displays help create the illusion that you have more room than what is available because they allow light to come through, making your desk area brighter. Add some plants in the corner of your desk to make it feel more open.

Use the Walls and Ceilings 

Wall is not just for hanging frames, pictures, and artwork. Use them as storage areas for boxed items that you need easy access to. If your office has high ceilings, use shelves in those spaces to store boxes of paper supplies and other storage options. Take advantage of corners. Create shelves in the corners of your office and use the wall space to display items that you want visible.

Take Advantage of the Floor 

The floor doesn’t have to be just for walking on or displaying a rug. Create storage by laying out rugs in rows with boxes underneath them to be easily retrieved when needed without having to take up additional furniture. Also, create a co-working space on the side of the room.

Utilize Common Areas

Utilize all the common areas in your office. For example, turn the lounge to create an area for people to work, or use this area as a place where you can have meetings with clients, so they don’t need to come into your workspace. Make a small meet-up or workspace on the side of the room.

Use Walls to Your Advantage 

Walls are a great space-saving way for you and your employees to stay organized. Make shelves out of boards around doors or windows, making sure they don’t impede opening and closing them. You can also use wall space as an art installation by hanging up some beautiful storage boxes.

On a Final Note

If you are looking for an office for your business where you can have more space, let us know and we will show you how we can help you acquire your next office space. Our services are free to you. No obligation for requesting info

5 Tools Everyone Needs in Their Office

multi tasking office workerBeing a good employee is more than just about being good at what you do. It’s also about having the right tools and equipment that can help you be more productive. Especially if you work remotely either part or full time. As there are so many products you can invest in, which tools should you focus on? Here is what we think are the 5 tools everyone needs in their office.

A Printer

Our first recommendation is something that everyone understands how important it is to have the means to print documents ASAP. One way to make sure that you’re capable of doing so is by investing in inkjet printers for yourself. Gone are those days of having to run to a different floor to have to print an important document. Having more than one printer or even a multi-function printer that will print, copy and fax can be very beneficial. There are lots of very affordable options so there is no reason not to have one.

A Good Office Chair

Office workers have to sit for hours per day. This might seem like an easy way to spend the day but can actually put unnecessary strain on your back. Everyone working in an office should invest in a good ergonomic chair for themselves or encourage their boss to provide one. No one should be sacrificing their back to sitting too long without proper support. Moreover, it can help increase productivity by reducing aches and pains caused by improper support.

A Shredder

Aside from printing documents, you also need to be able to dispose of them properly as well. Rolling sensitive documents into a paper ball and then throwing them is not recommended. To dispose of such documents, you’ll need to have a paper shredder inside your office as well.

A paper shredder basically shreds documents into strips of paper. This makes the documents useless. Even if there’s data that’s written on the paper, it’s going to be impossible for others to decipher what’s written there.

A Coffee Maker

Getting through those long and busy days can be quite a challenge. People cope with those long days in their own ways and in most cases, people do this with a cup of joe.

A coffee maker can make things easier for office workers to freshen up and prepare for a huge load of paperwork. Instead of heading to a coffee shop to buy an expensive cup of coffee, why not brew one in the office instead? While expensive, coffee makers are an investment that pays off in the long run.

A Smartphone

It’s a mistake to say that smartphones are a distraction inside the office.  In fact, it’s one of the most important gadgets to have. It allows you to keep constant communication with important people inside the office, and it also helps you find a means to continue work to some degree just in case something happens.

These are just a few of the things that everyone should have in their work arsenal. It’s not just about making yourself more comfortable in the office. It’s also about making yourself more productive and capable as well.

And if you are looking for an office for your business where you can make good use of these tools, let us know and we will show you how we can help you acquire your next office space. Our services are free to you. No obligation for requesting info.


Ways To Improve Office Security

Office SecurityWorking in an office has so many benefits. Being able to have your whole company together in a building or even on a single floor, that sense of community and camaraderie is hard to beat. However, a large office space, with numerous computers and other expensive pieces of office equipment can also become a target for theft. It’s important to not let your guard down since you never know who might walk in. You might be wondering how to improve your office security. This article aims to explain some great ways to improve your office security.

Upgrade All Of Your Locks

If you’ve moved into an already existing office, you probably will have inherited whatever security system the previous tenants used. If the office is relatively old, it might not have had a security upgrade for quite some time. What is really noticeable is if the locks on office doors are old. A simple and traditional key-based lock is fine but these days they are definitely not the most secure option. Most commercial locksmiths in Perth will carry a wide range of door locks that you could upgrade to, just ask to see what they would recommend. Digital key fobs or key-code pads are both good options. Upgrading your locks in your office space is a great way to improve security.

Label Your Office Equipment

Although this might sound very controlling, labeling all of your office equipment is a really good way to improve office security. If every piece of equipment that holds any value at all is labeled and logged in an inventory, it will be so much harder for bits to “go missing”. Unique labels show to any potential thief that, if this item was to disappear, it would be noticed and you would know exactly where it was meant to be. Doing monthly inventory checks should suffice and always make sure that you log any new piece of kit that comes into the office before it is used by anyone. This is just generally good housekeeping anyway but also gives you the ability to add company branding to all of your office equipment. Labeling your office equipment is a simple way to improve office security.

Wear ID Badges

This tip is more for companies who have a large workforce and you don’t know everyone’s face. Implementing unique ID badges with the member of staff’s photo and job role printed on them is a great way to increase the security of your office. If you know that all staff should be wearing them at all times and you see someone without one on then that is instantly a red flag. If you do decide to introduce this, you should also have visitor passes made for when people come to visit who don’t actually work there. You might have to be a bit strict with your staff to make sure that their ID badges are visible at all times but for the added security it is worth it. Make the lanyard they are attached to unique to the company so that they are not easily replicated. Having mandatory ID badges for all members of staff is a really good way to improve your office’s security.

Install An Alarm System

This suggestion will probably come with a substantial price tag, but there is a good reason an alarm system would be so costly. Having a fully alarmed office is going to make it incredibly secure and unappealing to try and steal from. If you wanted to go all in, you could rig a system where-by the removal of any computer would set off an alarm. For large companies that have a reception, installing a silent alarm that calls the police could be a good option. This has the added benefit of making your staff feel safer in their role. Having a reliable alarm system would be a good idea for any companies that have offices in densely populated areas. Somewhat obviously, installing a proper alarm system is going to massively improve the security of your office.

Strong Passwords All Round

Not all security measures are physical, you have to remember to protect your online space too. Many operating systems on computers will remember usernames and passwords for online accounts, which is really handy for regular users. However, it is also very handy for anyone who gets access to your computer as they will just be able to log in everywhere, pretending to be you. Implementing two-factor authentication on everyone’s computer is highly recommended. This essentially means that when you try to log in to something, you will get an email or text message with a code to unlock your account. This further personalizes your account details and makes everything more secure. You should also advise staff to lock their computers whenever they leave their office, even for a few minutes. You could enforce this by having your computers set up to automatically time out from inactivity, every 10 minutes. It is also encouraged that you make staff update their passwords every month or two. Making sure your team has strong passwords on all of their devices is one of the best ways to keep your office’s security as safe as possible.

Safe And Secure

When you work in an office you want to feel safe and secure. Maintaining an office space’s security can be challenging and does require everyone to be on the same page. By upgrading your lock systems, labeling your office equipment, wearing ID badges, installing an up-to-date alarm system, and keeping strong passwords, you can be safe in the knowledge that your office is very secure. Improving the office’s security should have the added bonus of making your staff feel more secure too. Although these security measures may be annoying for some, most people will understand the need for running a tight ship. This article should help you with some ideas for how to best improve your office security and help you sleep easy at night.

And if you are looking for an office for your company where secutity is a priority, let us know and we will show you how we can help you acquire your next office space. Our services are free to you. No obligation for requesting info.

Useful Office Cleaning Tips To Protect Your Employees

Office Cleaning Tips Workplace cleanliness is an indispensable measure that must be observed in any organization or industry. Cleanliness is not only essential in factories, processing plants, and laboratories but also the public and private offices. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic a year ago has taught organizations the significance of safeguarding the health of employees and gave a harsh reminder of never taking health and sanitation protocols for granted.

To help protect one of the most important assets – the employees –  in a business organization, we will share some office office cleaning tips to keep them safe and in good health.

Hire Commercial Cleaning Services

Hiring professionals, commercial or office cleaning services, will help you to regularly maintain the cleanliness in your workplace. Cleaning service professionals are trained and well-versed in performing cleaning tasks inside and outside the office building. They have specialized equipment and cleaning materials that can efficiently clean areas that need disinfection and regular sanitation.

Australia is an excellent example of a country where cleanliness is valued in the workplace. In various cities in the country, you will be able to find several office or commercial cleaning service companies. Their services are not just land-based, but they have made their presence online as well, where you can click the link to find out more about the best cleaning services available in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, and other cities in Australia. The importance Australians place on workplace cleanliness is one of the reasons that helped stem the spread of COVID-19 in the country. In other countries, more industries and businesses are appreciating the essential services of office cleaners.

Invest in More Trash Receptacles in the Workplace

Offices often tend to get messy when the work area doesn’t have enough garbage bins to throw food and office wastes in. By assigning specific bays, quadrants, or locations where you can place trash bins closer to the reach of employees. You help promote cleanliness in the office by sending a strong message of proper waste disposal.

Place Visual Cleanliness Reminders in the Office

Visual cues and reminders are also effective in reinforcing the practice of cleanliness in every employee. Guide employees with visual signs on where to put their trash, emphasize the importance of three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), or remind them to be considerate of others when using shared utilities like toilets, pantries, lounges, sleeping quarters, or cubicles (for those working in shift rotations) by cleaning them. Promoting personal hygiene and cleanliness is also an essential reminder, now that the COVID-19 pandemic has not yet dissipated.

Arrange for Regular Deep Cleaning and Disinfection Schedules

This arrangement should remain in place even if the pandemic eventually dies down. If your business already has deep cleaning and disinfection schedules before the pandemic, then you deserve a commendation for putting the safety of your employees first. You may need to set closer intervals for these specialized cleaning tasks due to the pandemic and you should keep it up for as long as your business operates within an office. For those who have not made such arrangements or those who occasionally plot deep cleaning and disinfecting schedules, it’s time to revise the program or arrangement and keep your workplace safe and clean to work in for your employees.

There are plenty of ways you can promote and enforce office cleanliness for your employees. As a wise and responsible business owner, you have to keep your employees safe, healthy and motivated to continue working and performing the best they can. Whether your business sells products or services, employees will be integral in the revenue generation and customer satisfaction in your venture. Show your employees that you care for their health and well-being by taking steps to keep office cleaning a priority and their workplace safe for them.

And if you are looking for an office that provides professional cleaning services to house your business, we can help. Our network of local tenant reps are intimately familiar with their markets and offerings and can help guide you to the perfect office for your business. Contact us today for more information. No Obligation and our services are FREE!

5 Office Design Tips That Will Help You Be More Productive

Office Design TipsMany underestimate the power of the workplace or office design. Most offices have fluorescent lights and a basic outlook. Therefore, the first thing that pops in our minds when we hear the word office is plain colors, brown or metal desks, and black office chairs. However, there is a strong relationship between office design and productivity. We spend at least 8 hours every day in our workplaces, so it only makes sense that they should be cozy and relaxing places as well. If you are a business owner and wondering how you can make the offices in your company a more appealing working environment to increase productivity, read on as this article will provide you with the top office design tips that would help you create a productive working environment.

Choose the Right Colors

It has been proven that colors have an effect on our brain and mood. Therefore, productivity and colors are connected to each other. Each color has a different effect; for example, blue and green have a calming effect on the brain and are easy on the eyes. On the other hand, yellow boosts creativity. So, mainly bright colors stimulate the mind, and soft colors induce relaxation. You don’t have to paint all the walls with bright colors if you want to inspire creativity, as adding bright colors in different areas in the office will do.

Add a Space for Relaxation

While many business owners are against creating a space for relaxation in the workplace, researchers have proved that employees are much more productive when they are provided with space where they can unwind, recharge, and take a break in when things get tough and complicated. Think of it as a power nap that recharges our bodies and freshens up our minds. Actually, if you allow power naps in these relaxation spaces, that would be a great idea, as sometimes we need to step back a little and unwind, so we can figure out solutions for problems. Adding a cozy space for relaxation is a guaranteed way for increasing productivity.


The less clutter, the easier things will get done. Moreover, clutter makes people feel stressed out and uncomfortable. Minimalism has a calming effect on the brain and would make your office look chic. The fewer items are in the office, the more positive energy will enter your workplace. Furthermore, minimal furniture and items in an office reduce or eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed. Even in open workspaces, you can apply minimalism. One of the ways to apply minimalism is by doing space partitioning with tool accommodation for a clutter-free desktop area. Also, applying minimalism is very cost-effective. When employees start their day in a simple, chic office, they feel more relaxed and become more productive.

Use Scents

Scents have the power to stimulate our senses, and the same with colors, each scent has a different effect on our brain. For instance, peppermint scent is energizing and refreshing and helps people focus more, citrus scents help in reducing stress and have an uplifting effect, and lavender promotes calmness and wellness. You can put essential oil diffusers around your office to avoid using scented candles to eliminate the risk of accidental fires.

Add Plants

There is no denying that plants have a refreshing yet calming effect on us. We always go back to our innate love for nature because we are natural-loving beings, and we are connected to plants and nature in a way or another. To bring good and positive vibes to your workplace, add potted plants and vases in the work area. Any kind of plant will do the trick. Moreover, other than increasing productivity, plants purify the air in the office.

You cannot expect employees to reach their full potential and do their best when they work in a boring, bland workspace. In order to make your employees happier and keep them motivated, you need to provide them with the right working environment. Everything in the workspace has a direct effect on the employees’ productivity like the wall colors, scents, and furniture. Adding greenery to the office creates a fresh, energizing feel and invites positive energy to the place. Moreover, creating a cozy space, where employees can take a break from work and recharge, is proven to increase the employees’ productivity. Besides, all of these solutions for increased productivity won’t cost you a lot of money, on the contrary, they might even cut costs.

And if you are looking for an office for your company where everyone can be more productive at work, let us know and we will show you how we can help you acquire your next office space. Our services are free to you.

5 Environmentally Friendly Online Services For Your Business

Environmentally Friendly Online Services For Your BusinessMost people are joining in the fight for a better environment and with good reason. The earth is polluted, and everyone has a part to play to make it cleaner. The issue is so prominent in today’s world that governments, organizations, and businesses are creating and enforcing policies for a better environment. 

 Some businesses may not be able to go completely green, but they can do a few things about their services to make them more environmentally friendly. Among those changes are online services. If you’re running any type of business, it’s possible to use online services that contribute to the general good of the environment. 

Here are some online services that businesses can incorporate into their daily operation:

1. Use of Paperless Communication

The advancement in technology has made it possible for businesses to adopt and use cloud computing services. These services have aid reduced paper trail. Also, they’ve made businesses more streamlined, collaborative, and efficient. Most importantly, they made business services more environmentally friendly. 

Apart from cloud services, there are other services that businesses can integrate into their daily operations that are also mindful of the environment. Using an online fax service, for instance, gives you a good option for faxing documents without needing paper, toner, and a telephone line. Being able to send and sign documents electronically is an excellent way of making your business environmentally friendly. Not only do you reduce the usage of paper, but it’ll also help you save money. 

By using an online fax service, you may enjoy the following benefits:

  • Electronically sign documents and send them back without the need for printing.
  • Reduces your energy consumption compared to traditional faxing.
  • Mobile-friendly.
  • Saves you time. 
  • Keeps your documents organized and readily available.

2. Going Green On Web Hosting

Running a server emits carbon emissions to the environment. Some reports say that running all US servers can be compared to running several nuclear power plants. But using the internet is inevitable if you’re running a business during these times. That’s where green web hosting comes in. Even though you won’t eliminate your entire internet use, you can play your part in reducing carbon emissions on your end.

In green web hosting, you ensure that you’re using renewable energy sources to compensate for the energy use or power of your web servers. Also, hosting will be more affordable for you since hosting companies supply their own energy. So, next time you’re sending that email to pitch a client, know there’s a more environmentally friendly option to do it.

3. Practice Green Procurement

Another way of making your business more environmentally friendly is through green procurement. This applies mainly to retail businesses since it assures that they only engage suppliers whose goods or products have been produced or manufactured sustainably. Also, when looking for suppliers, ensure that they come with minimal packaging.

You can start by reviewing the policies for the procurement of suppliers for your business needs. In this way, you’ll make your business more environmentally friendly.

4. Online Consultations and Meeting

Going online for your meetings may lack the personal feel that comes with meeting a person one on one, but doing the former may help save the environment. For instance, conducting online meetings will give you a larger audience since you can be easily accessible. Instead of you or your clients traveling to the meeting’s venue, you can opt for online meetings. This way, your business comes environmentally friendly by helping reduce carbon emission through travel.

In addition, general business expenditure is brought down. Since you’re no longer traveling, you’ll also be saving time, which you can use for other important business matters.

5. Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing methods may still work for your business, but they’re not good for the environment. In addition to staying longer in the landfill, printing billboards, banners, coupons, and other paper adverts leave way too much carbon footprint. To make your business services environmentally friendly, it’s time you consider other ways of promoting your business.

Some marketing methods that are good for the environment are cheaper than the traditional methods but effectively reach your audience. 

Final Word

Almost everything that you do in your business operations will use energy and create waste. You can change those by improving procurement, marketing, and paper policies, and then enforcing them properly. You may not be able to change these things overnight, but they’re worth trying. Making better choices, even if it’s small, could amount to becoming more environmentally friendly, which may improve your business’ appeal to the general public, inviting more customers.  

If you need help finding environmentally friendly green office space, Contact us. It is what we do

6 Considerations When Selecting An IT Support Provider

flat rate IT supportAha! The big question “how do I choose the right IT support provider for my business?” At some point, every business will need IT support.

If you’ve found yourself musing over this, you are not alone. With the rapid and continuous evolution of technology, more businesses are in dire need of IT services. But, with so many IT service providers to choose from, each claiming to be better than the other, it can be quite challenging to find the IT service provider that is best for your business needs.

However, there are certain things to consider before choosing an IT service provider which can help make choosing the right fit for your business needs easier. I’ll tell you six things to consider when choosing an IT service provider. But, first, have you ever heard the term Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

What Is A Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

One of the ways to know a good IT company (or at least, one that will suit your business) is that it provides Managed IT Services. Managed IT Services typically refers to a series of IT solutions and services which allow you to delegate all of your IT-related tasks or needs (including maintaining and monitoring your IT system round-the-clock) to a Managed Service Provider (an MSP).

This is an excellent option, especially for businesses that can’t afford to hire a team of tech experts. But, the most important thing is finding an IT service provider that will get the job done and right. This brings us back to the six things to consider before choosing an IT service provider.

Let’s go!

1. Consider Availability

The last thing you need is an IT service provider that doesn’t show up on time, when you need it, or at all. Availability is the first factor to consider when choosing an IT service provider. You want to know if your preferred IT company can maintain and monitor your IT systems round-the-clock.

Ask the important questions:

    • How quickly can you reach your IT company either through email, call or chat?
    • What is the average response time?
    • How long does it take for them to resolve any issues?

Ensure that you have the answers you want, and if possible, authentic customer testimonials.\

2. Consider Experience

Another crucial factor to consider is the level of experience of an IT service provider. You want to be sure you are working with an IT company with a track record of success. Your IT company should offer access to a team of skilled and experienced technicians who can get the job done flawlessly anytime.

3. Consider Security

Perhaps, this is one of the most important factors in this list. Security is important to any business, and even the minutest breach can cost you a lot. You need to be certain that your IT service provider will monitor your network 24/7 to quickly detect any potential problems and solve them on time. You don’t want a situation where you constantly worry about malware, hackers, or viruses disrupting your business’ productivity. Your IT company should use top-of-the-line tools and technologies to secure your data.

4. Consider Your Budget

Of course, while you want the best IT solutions and services for your business, you also don’t want to break the bank while getting it. A good IT company will offer flat-rate IT support to suit your budget. If an IT service provider’s services are too pricey for your operating expenses, then it may be best to look for a more budget-friendly option. 

Note: A ridiculously cheap IT service provider may not be a good idea, as the quality of service may not be good enough to secure your data.

5. Consider Versatility

Look out for IT service providers that offer many different services and solutions to choose from. Instead of outsourcing other service needs (such as wireless services, virtual CIO services, VoIP business phones, hosted cloud services, mobile device management,  and more), hiring an IT service provider that offers all of these services helps you significantly cut back on operating expenses. 

6. Consider Scalability

It is very important to work with an IT service provider that prioritizes your business growth and success. This means choosing an IT company that completely understands your business needs, goals, and how to achieve them.

Final Thoughts

Hiring the right IT service provider is highly beneficial to any business. It takes away the unnecessary hassles of running a business and allows you to focus on the things that matter. So, if you are considering hiring an IT service provider, these six factors will help you figure out what to look out for to make the right choice.

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4 Ways to Become More Productive at Work

Productivity is the heart and soul of a functioning workspace. If employees are to be productive at work, it could come down to the structure and setting of the office. Not just the location, but the layout of office furniture and equipment, the flow between employee space, and the overall feeling of the office.

Fortunately, there are resources out there to help boost a business’s productivity and make an office a place where employees want to get their work done. Keep reading for four tips and some advice on how to accomplish a more productive workspace.

1. Create Opportunities for Movement

The best way to stay focused during a long day of work is to acknowledge when you’ve hit a productivity wall and to take short, quick breaks to gain a new perspective on what you’re working on. Ergonomic furniture such as stand-to-sit desks encourages changing positions and moving throughout the workday. Standing desks can improve overall mood and vigor in not only the workplace but has been shown to carry through to out of work environments. You can build other opportunities for movement into your workspace, such as putting the copy machine on the opposite end of the room and having a central water cooler. Create reasons to stand and move about.

Productivity is not directly correlated with time spent on tasks, so it’s important to make sure that you’re recalibrating and refuelling once in a while.

Ideally, you want a workspace that doesn’t confine employees to one spot and gives them the option to work in different locations, even remotely, if the business model allows for it.

2. Give Gadgets a Home

Smartphones and tablets can help you stay organized, but they can also be a big distraction and aid in time-wasting. The best way to avoid wasting time is to find a home for gadgets and leave them there.

We have so many screens competing for our attention. Consider putting them in a drawer. Try to keep them in their dedicated place while you do your work so that you won’t be distracted by a constant stream of notifications.

3. Keep Your Space Clean

If you’re sitting in a messy area thinking about how messy it is and how you should really clean it, you’re probably not getting a lot done. It makes it much more difficult to be productive at work.

Take a few minutes every day to organize your workspace. Throw out unnecessary items and maintain whatever organization system suits your style, so those extra distractions don’t build up.

In addition to cleaning or organizing your workspace every day, organize and prioritize a to-do list so that you have a clear idea of what you need to do, which have top priority and don’t waste time at the beginning of your workday trying to figure it out. At the end of the day, sit down and quickly write what you need to get done the next work day.

This helps you reflect on what you’ve accomplished during the day and how you can move forward to produce great work the next day.

4. Get Personal

Personalizing your space can increase your emotional connection to your work, but it’s important to not let the personal touches become clutter and to do this in moderation

Items that you don’t frequently use shouldn’t take up desk space. Add a productivity-boosting plant and keep a personal calendar to stay on track throughout the week.

Plants are fashionable these days and aren’t just for pretty social media photos. They serve a great benefit in the office, too. Make space feel more alive. Although not a traditional method of creating a productive workspace, their impact is not imaginary. Plants assist in creating an environment far more conducive to increased productivity, than traditional, sterile workspaces.

Having plants around the workspace helps produce cleaner air, and it motivates one to be more energetic and creative. Scientific studies have even been able to prove the positives of more greenery for the office. From reducing stress to increasing productivity and creativity, plants have been proven to improve it all.

Choose personal items that inspire you to be more productive. Keep a framed photo of your family, kids, partner, or pet on your desk. Let them be the ones that keep you motivated throughout your workday.

No one is the same. There is no single approach to office layouts, design, or functionality that suits everyone, espcially considering there are now 4 generations in the workforce. Having the flexibility to not be in the office during the entirety of the workday, having some plants and personal touches, and having a space to breath, be creative, and express oneself will make the workplace more productive, and helps everyone to be more successful.

If you are looking for the right office space to create a workplace to help employees become more productive at work, we’d love to help. It is what we do on a daily basis through out the US and Canada. Give us a try. No cost and no obligation. Let us know what you are looking for and we will get right on it.