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Why Interior Design Matters When Looking For A New Office Space

As your business grows to scale, you may need a new office space to accommodate your staff and employees or to hold meetings with your increasing clients. In searching for new office space, however, you need to ensure that you carefully consider the design of its interiors. This article lists down some of the reasons why interior design matters when looking for a new office space.

Brand Identity

One of the primary reasons why interior design matters when looking for new office space is that it signifies your brand identity. In this case, a great helping hands in providing creative solutions for the office space are those companies that offer custom office signs. With these creative signs, you will be able to establish your brand in the space that you are interested in. In doing so, your clients, as well as the market that you are targeting will immediately recognize your brand as soon as they enter your office space.

Reflection of Values

The interiors of your office space also reflect the values that your brand is supporting. For instance, if you are a company that advocates caring for the environment or conserving energy, then your office space should be designed to reflect this value. In this case, you can consider an office space with large windows that allow natural light to enter. You can also view office space with a provision for creating a deck that you can decorate with plants and a calming landscape where your staff can lounge when they take a break.

Cohesive Branding

When it comes to the interior design of your office space, you need to keep your branding in mind. As much as possible, you need to be cohesive when designing it. For example, if your clients already recognize your brand because of the green color, which also represents nature, then make sure that your office space also features hues of green, accentuated by other colors that best complement it. This means that you need to choose an office space that is quite effortless to design for cohesive branding, already bearing the hues that you need.

Impact on Employees

Another reason why interior design matters when looking for new office space is that it can have a significant impact on your employees. Remember that your staff and employees are considered as one of the key factors essential in running a successful business venture. Without them, you may not be able to deliver quality products or services that your clients expect from your brand. Thus, they need to be comfortable and safe in the office space that you provide for them to carry out their tasks.

Boost Productivity

How the interiors of your office space are designed can either boost the productivity of your employees or lower their morale. For sure, as a business owner, you will prefer the former. Statistics show that when employees are comfortable in their office or when their office space supports light and positive environment, they are more likely to be productive and deliver the tasks expected of them. For this reason, check whether the office space you are interested in has provision for proper lighting.

Foster Health

Apart from boosting the productivity of your staff or employees, the office space that you choose can also either foster their health or be a risk. For instance, without proper ventilation, viruses can easily spread in the office, which means that as soon as one of your staff gets under the weather, expect that another one will follow suit. Thus, you need to ensure that the interiors of the office space you are considering has provisions for proper ventilation that you need to implement accordingly.

Increase in Revenue

When looking for new office space, interior design matters because it can increase your revenue significantly. This proves to be beneficial for any business venture because an increase in earnings doesn’t only mean more profit, but stability and growth as well. In this case, consider whether the office space you are interested in can be designed in a manner that will pique the interest of your clients or foster more efficient processes.

Attract Clients

How your office space is designed can either attract new clients or push them away. More often than not, before you can close a deal, you need to present to a prospect why they should go for your products or services. Since these presentations are usually done in the office, you need to invite your target clients accordingly. As soon as they set foot in your office, they should already have a good feeling because of how your office space is designed. They should not feel cramped or restrained in any way. In this manner, you are increasing your chances of closing a deal with every prospective client or whenever you conduct presentations.

Efficient Processes

Aside from being able to attract the attention of potential clients and keeping them engaged, how your office space is designed can also foster more efficient processes. For instance, it can be a waste of time if your employees need to travel to a different floor to conduct a meeting. Conversely, if the desks of your employees are arranged in a manner that will allow them to easily collaborate, then ideas can be transformed into fruitful actions in no time. In this case, you get to enjoy a more efficient process in conducting meetings leading to great ideas that can eventually turn into a profitable outcome.

You should significantly consider the interior design of an office area when you are looking for a new space for your business or company. The reason behind this is that your office space will reflect your values, as well as your brand identity. It also has an immense impact on your staff and employees when it comes to their productivity and health. The design of your office space can also contribute to the revenue of your business. For all these reasons, you should heavily consider interior design when looking for a new office space.

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How to Keep Work Secure While in a Coworking Space

coworking spaceBesides being trendy, flexible, and calm, coworking space is an affordable alternative compared to renting traditional office space. Such working models are currently in vogue, with more people preferring them to conventional working offices. Approximately 77 percent of those using this working model claim that it provides more benefits than previous arrangements. From improved networking options, easy accessibility, peace of mind to flexibility, co-working spaces are undoubtedly the best.

This working model has gained popularity, with several fortune companies, including Facebook, Microsoft, and Starbucks adopting it. However, while this formula provides several benefits, it presents some of the biggest risks in equal measure. Therefore, if you intend to adopt a co-working office space model, consider the following tips for utmost safety.

1. Protect Your Network

Your company and clients’ data are key valuables in your work. However, cybercriminals can take advantage of several vulnerabilities to hack into your network. Before connecting to any WIFI network in a co-working space, ensure that you determine the available security measures. Hackers can set up spoofed networks designed to seize any incoming and ongoing traffic from office connections.

You can also fall prey to WIFI sniffing, a technique used by hackers to intercept data shared over public networks. Through this, they can capture key details, such as browser history, usernames, and passwords to crucial documents. Intruders can also gain access to your essential documents by installing malicious malware and much more.

That said, installing strong network security measures is the best solution that keeps your co-workers’ information safe. Since hackers target WIFI networks, consider hosting co-workers on personal networks rather than one WIFI network. You should also allocate them different credentials and unique passwords. With this, even if one network is hacked, other workers will remain safe. You can also invest in an electric timer that automatically switches off the WIFI connection overnight.

Installing antivirus and software to protect your network is crucial. Strong antivirus helps mitigate risks, filter your mailbox, and protect the WIFI network.

2. Watch out For Security Updates

Even after installing proper security measures to your network, you should constantly be on the lookout for updates. This will prevent your network from vulnerabilities to cybercriminals and data miners. Hackers spend a lot of time searching for security loopholes on networks that they can exploit. However, you should take advantage of security updates regularly released by security companies that patch the vulnerabilities. Ignoring them exposes your business network to unimaginable security risks.

The Wannacry Ransomware Attack is a perfect example of a cybersecurity threat that most businesses could have averted if they had made network updates timely. To be sure, make a point of hiring specific IT experts who frequently check your devices and networks for security updates. You can as well opt for an easier option of automating the updates.

3. Train Your Workers

Your employees are at the forefront in preventing and fighting various data security concerns. Unfortunately, more than 90 percent of data breaches originate from human error. As such, it is prudent to ensure that your employees are trained on the common security vulnerabilities and ways to avoid them. Educate your workers on data security and the ways it can affect their work. You should also train them on how they can prioritize data security when handling your client’s data. You could also consider hiring cybersecurity professional.

4. Be Keen for Phishing Attacks

Over time, phishing attacks have terrorized several unsuspecting businesses, and they may be detrimental to your co-working space as well. Recently, one of the common phishing attacks launched by hackers used the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic to dupe naive internet users. Cybercriminals working in a façade of trusted parties can send emails or texts to your employees or users of your co-working space to access login credentials and steal crucial business data.

Fortunately, phishing scams are easy to identify. For instance, some have obvious spelling mistakes, and others are written in an unnatural tone. Therefore, encourage your employees and co-working individuals to look out for such nominal errors when reading their emails and texts. Other measures to avoid phishing attacks include;

  • Installing updated firewalls and web browsers
  • Avoiding emails that come with some sense of urgency
  • Not sharing crucial business information with unauthorized individuals
  • Installing software that filter emails commonly used for phishing attacks

Bottom Line

The use of coworking space is increasingly becoming a mainstream working option for various people. From freelancers, startups, and established businesses, remote workers to part-time hobbyists, this working model attracts people from various backgrounds. Besides providing an accommodative and appealing working environment, it is important to ensure that it is protected suitably.

Businesses should protect their crucial company and clients’ data from cybersecurity threats in all ways. Note that your co-workers’ data security is strongly tied to security measures placed in the coworking space.

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4 Best Ways To Store Sensitive Material For Your Business

Store Sensitive Material For Your BusinessWhen you’re running a business located anywhere in the world, you certainly have to deal with sensitive documents and information. From any personal data involving clients and employees to essential company plans, documents containing such information should be well handled to ensure the success of your company. When these materials aren’t stored properly, your business may be at risk for information leaks, leading to significant financial losses. 

Fortunately, there are many ways to keep sensitive materials private in today’s business world. Whether you’re dealing with hard copies or electronic files, here’s how you can store sensitive material for the benefit of your company: 

1. Use An Office Safe 

Offices worldwide have been utilizing common safety measures in the workplace. For physical documents and other sensitive business materials, necessary steps should be taken to ensure that they’re safe and not at risk for theft. This is where the use of a high-quality office safe comes to the rescue. 

As an example, ChubbsSafes, which sells office safes Perth, Australia offers premium security with dual key lock systems, programmable entry, and other essential security features. Whether you’re storing financial records, checkbooks, and other physical items such as USB drives and a lot more, you can use an office safe to keep them safe at all times. With the high-quality protection it provides, you can access all documentation and other critical materials without worrying about unauthorized access and other leakage issues. 

2. Keep Files In The Cloud

In today’s modern world, the cloud has become one of the most popular tools needed to grow a business. Generally, cloud storage refers to a service model whereby the data is kept and transmitted on remote storage systems where it’s made available to users who have access to the network. 

Thus, if you want to limit the access to confidential materials among authorized persons only, using cloud storage can be a great option for your enterprise. It usually comes with security capabilities such as data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and many more, making your storage efforts much easier and more streamlined. 

It is also a good idea to have backups all important documents not only in your main cloud storage system, but in another one as well… Just in case.

3. Create A Safe Document Management System

Another way to store sensitive material for your business is to create a document management system. Since all kinds of materials are being produced and stored within the company—from hard copies to digital ones—a document management plan should be established and employed to protect all documents properly. 

Moreover, spending a lot of time searching for a particular document can be one of the biggest challenges in document storage. As such, you should have a streamlined and secured system in place to make the searching process easier and faster. 

For example, you can store all your sensitive materials in alphabetical order, according to date or another factor. This organization process can help you find what you’re looking for without exposing other documents to the potential risk of theft and loss. 

4. Provide Password Protection and Firewall For All Computers

With the advent of several modern innovations these days, it’s easy for most entrepreneurs to store essential documents on desktop computers and laptops, potentially exposing sensitive data if stolen or lost. Because of this, it’s important to have password protection for all computers and devices to ensure an extra level of security when storing crucial documents and other data. 

For example, you can utilize the password protection feature in Microsoft Word or Excel to limit an unauthorized person from making changes to the document. When you’re sharing files within your organization, you can convert them to PDF format to prevent editing, copying, and printing sensitive materials without your permission. This is especially true if you’re dealing with the confidential contracts of your business. 

And make sure your entire computer system is behind a strong firewall to keep those unpleasant hackers out. Pasword protection is good, but adding a firewall is even better.

The Takeaway 

No matter how big or small your company, there will always be the need to store sensitive material critical to the business that you should keep with the utmost security. Whether they’re internal documents, financial records, or any other essential files, keep the information mentioned above in mind so you’ll know exactly how to store data and materials properly and safely.  

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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a New Office Space

renting office spaceRunning a business involves lots of things that need your utmost attention. If you are in the market to compete with the giants in your industry, you have to make sure that you choose an office space that reflects what your business is about and the image of your brand. It is very normal for businesses to grow or shrink in a few years, and office moving is a necessary step that is often the difference between drowning in your own success or coping up with your losses. Relocating to a new office space is a great way to optimize your day to day operations, which is why you need to think about it properly. In this article, I am going to highlight everything that you need to do before you move to new office space so that you don’t overlook anything.


The very first thing that you have to pay the utmost attention is to the fact that the location of your office space matters a lot. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are running or what industry you belong to; you will need to find a good location for your office space. There are two important questions that you need to ask yourself. The first one is whether your clients will be able to get there without any trouble. And secondly, will your employees have any trouble. If you can answer both of these questions with a yes, you have found the perfect location for your business.


Office moving involves a number of factors, and price should be the second most important factor. Depending on your short term and long term goals and what you are trying to achieve from the office space, you should buy a place that translates to your needs. If you spend too little, you will end up buying a place that you will not be too happy about in the future, and if you spend a lot, you will find yourself struggling to pay the rent or downsize in order to fit the budget. Both of these conditions are not favorable, which is why you must choose a place that provides the most value for money.


The next thing in line that should influence your decision for your new office space is the size of the space you are going for. As you know your business the best, the first thing you need to do is to find a place that is enough for the employees that you have. Normally, you should allocate 70 square feet per person. However, depending on the needs of your employees and factors such as desk lengths and storage space, you should make sure that the new office is big enough to optimize productivity.

Technology Infrastructure

Depending on the kind of business you are running, this could be the most important feature that you should look for in your new office space. As most businesses are dependent on technology, you need to make sure that you find a place where you can get a reliable internet connection. Secondly, you should have a look at the other infrastructure of the building, such as telephone connection quality, postal services, and your neighborhood. For example, if you are a tech-related industry, getting office space in Silicon Valley would be like hitting the jackpot.

Safety and Security

Last but certainly not least, make sure that the new office space that you are getting is secure. When your employees walk into the new office, they should feel at home. If you obtain your office in the wrong neighborhood, not only would your employees be scared to come to work, but your clients will also feel threatened. So, you should assess the security of the new building and pay attention to little things such as the availability of security guards 24/7, the good integral structure of the building, no cracks in the ceiling, metal detectors, keycard entrances, smoke alarms, and fire exits. Depending on the kind of business you are in and the clients you have to deal with, these factors could play a huge part in choosing a new office.

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6 Tips To Optimize Your Office Space Layout

If you work full time, you may be spending close to 40 hours in your office. Therefore, it is important to have an appealing office that motivates you to keep working and be productive. Optimizing the look of your office plays a big role in your productivity. If you have an organized office, you will have fewer distractions when you are working. It also improves your comfort and makes your office tidy. Your office space layout makes a statement about you and your company culture.

There is much more to optimizing your office layout than just using the space efficiently. Studies have shown that offices with poor designs have employees who are stressed and anxious and are not productive. There are higher chances of having rifts between different departments when your office layout is poor. When you improve your office space layout, you will have better cooperation between your employees and improve the output.

Plan for Future Growth

When improving your office layout, it is important to allow for expansion when the need arises. With time, your business will grow, and you may require space for more employees or equipment. Therefore, it is important to keep growth at the back of your mind when designing your office layout.

Some of the questions you need to ask yourself as you design your office include where you would fit new desks if you hired more employees. It is also important to think about how the common rooms and facilities will be affected if the human traffic increases. Having these points in mind will save you time and money that you could have spent redesigning your office when there are changes in the future.

Remove Uncomfortable Furniture From the Office

When organizing your furniture, it is important to think whether this furniture is currently in use. Furniture that you are not using is only taking up space in your office, and, therefore, it is better to get rid of it. Experts from Marvable Singapore advise that more comfortable furniture is good for your back, neck, heart, and lung health. Therefore, you need to invest in high-quality furniture so that you become more productive at work. This furniture might be costly, but it will save you a lot of money in the long run since it does not need a lot of maintenance.

Design Your Office For Collaboration

When choosing an office layout, consider the ease of communication between your employees. Design your office in a way that allows for interaction and collaboration between different departments. This will enable your employees to easily consult each other and it will improve the productivity of your business.

To do this, you can invest in touchdown spaces with temporary desks that allow your employees to have better communication. Some modern office layouts have collaborative spaces in the form of semi-circle spaces that can be around a fireplace, art display, or indoor fountain, and in addition to providing room for interaction amongst workers; they also motivate workers to be more productive in the appealing environment.

Use Natural Light in the Office

Lighting is an important requirement in any office. This light also needs to be regulated so that it is not too much or too little which can lower the productivity of workers. Natural light plays a role in the circadian rhythm that controls sleep and wake cycles.

When designing your office layout, keep furniture close to the windows so that you get as much natural light as possible. If your office does not have many windows or they are too small, you can use skylights to improve the lighting. Having plants in the office also gives it a naturally appealing look which motivates your workers.

Have Multipurpose Spaces

To save on money and space, you can use your space for many purposes. The meeting room can also have other uses like a place to relax. However, if you have a lot of office space, you can set aside a separate space for your employees to relax. These spaces help the employees to relax, become comfortable, and interact with their colleagues in productive ways.

The layout of your office plays a role in the productivity of the workers. Optimizing your office saves you in cost in the long run because it gives room for future growth to accommodate more workers or equipment. You can optimize your office space by removing the old, uncomfortable, and furniture that is not in use. Having natural light in your office and allowing space for collaboration are other ways of optimizing your office layout.

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Creating the Perfect Working Environment

working enviroment designIt’s important to feel comfortable and focused when you need to work, and this is why attention needs to be paid to your office décor. Dreary greys and dull, white tones, while usually to be expected, don’t inspire the best work ethic. These colors can feel cold and clinical, especially when paired with fluorescent lighting. Below are some useful decorating tips to help you create the perfect working environment, whether it’s at your office in the city center or your home.

Natural Light

Where possible, flood your office with natural light. It will help to make you feel more positive and productive during your day. Some rooms might not have the luxury of being positioned in the ideal spot for letting in light, and others simply don’t have enough windows for this to happen. However, if you’re setting up a home office consider whether you can make changes to the room to help let in more natural light during the day. Skylights or floor-to-ceiling windows are a good way to achieve this.

Plant Life

Adding some greenery to your office is another great way to let nature in and to boost your mood. Studies have shown that spending more time in nature can help people to cope with feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. This isn’t surprising when you think about the calming effect nature has on us. While you might not be able to set up your office in the middle of a field or national park, adding some plant life to the room will help to make you feel more at ease.

Comfortable Furniture

You must make sure your office furniture is comfortable and good for your posture. Many people who work at desks can suffer from aches and pains because their desks and office chairs are not positioned properly or designed to give them support throughout the day. For the comfort of visitors or when you want to step away from your desk during your break, your office can have a comfortable couch to help make it feel more welcoming.

Color Scheme

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, dull color schemes don’t do much to inspire creativity or productivity. Certain colors are meant to help evoke certain feelings, for example, lavender tones are known for being relaxing. While you want to feel at ease in your office, you also want to feel motivated and focused. The colors that are thought to help inspire those feelings include reds, blues, yellows, and greens. Of course, you can also choose to paint the walls or introduce a splash of your favorite color through artwork or other items to make your office feel more personal.


Finally, make sure you have enough practical storage space in your office to keep it clean and tidy. It can be very distracting working in a messy office, and some people find it increases their levels of stress when they’re working in that kind of environment. To help keep your mind sharp and head clear, reduce the clutter with clever storage units and filing cabinets.

Make your workday as positive as possible by creating the perfect working environment with these top tips.

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How to Design an Efficient Work Environment

Efficient Work Environment

We spend much of our waking hours at work and a well-designed work environment can make all the difference when it comes to our job satisfaction and efficiency. There are constantly changing trends when it comes to office layouts, from the tiny cubicles of the 1980s to the open idea sharing spaces of modern companies. As every business is different, there is no right or wrong way to design your office. It is important to identify your needs and goals and to create an efficient work environment that caters to achieving your goals.

To help out all the business owners who are looking to maximize their offices here is how to design an efficient work enviroment.

1. Create the Right Lighting

The first thing you need to do in order to design an efficient work environment is to focus on the lighting. Artificial lights such as the huge strip lights that are often found in offices can cause major problems for people such as migraines, fatigue and problems with vision. Natural light is always the best possible lighting solution and so you should try to let as much natural light into your office as possible. If your office has windows, leave them unblocked and simply put up strip blinds which can easily be opened. A properly lit space can dramatically change the mood of your employees and make them far more efficient.

2. Ventilate the Space

As well as natural light, proper ventilation is also extremely important for creating the right environment within the office. Far too many offices use air conditioners but this only helps to control the temperature and humidity. Wherever possible, open up windows to allow natural ventilation through your workspace. If it is too hot or cold during office hours to do this, then at least try and open them for a few hours before and after the working day is done to replenish the air in the room. If your office is on a high floor where there is no possibility of a break in, you can even leave the windows open overnight to really freshen the place up.

3. Organize the Furniture

Probably the most important aspect of your office when it comes to your employees’ comfort is the furniture. The experts at Vestra Workspace explain that it is not enough to just position the desks and chairs randomly throughout the space. Professional office design and layout teams can help you to maximize your space so that it is set up to be as efficient as possible. The right setup will depend on what kind of business you have and the duties of your employees. If they do a lot of individual work, then a more traditional layout may be the best way, whereas if there is a lot of group brainstorming then a communal style layout may be better.

4. Consider your Employees’ Happiness

Modern employees expect far more from their offices these days than just a kettle and a refrigerator. Whilst you don’t have to go all out like the big Silicon Valley tech companies and provide an ice rink and a bowling alley for your employees, you should still provide them with some amenities which shows them they are valued and which can help them to enjoy their working day. A fully loaded coffee machine which enables them to make all their favorite drinks is a really great addition to any office and is one which will make your employees very grateful. A happy workforce in an efficient work enviroment is an effective workforce, and so everyone’s a winner.

5. Add Some Greenery

Adding some greenery to your work environment is an uneasy way to create a better atmosphere in the office and to make it seem more homely. Plants produce oxygen and help to purify the air in the office and also add some much-needed life to space. Offices can be very clinical places, full of functional furniture and grey suits. Plants bring a level of comfort that would otherwise be missing and also create a feeling of peacefulness. Some big ferns or other robust, easy to maintain plants are ideal for offices and will really help to improve efficiency.

Creating an efficient work environment is all about maximizing your space and using it to achieve your business’s goals. The most important asset of any company is it’s employees so designing an office where they will be happy and productive should be your number one priority. Follow this easy guide and you will be able to create a workspace that is pleasant and productive.

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Choosing The Right Carpet For Your Office

Right Carpet For Your Office

Aside from making sure that your business offers the best products and services, how your office looks can also affect its success. It’ll be challenging for you to convince your customers and suppliers that you’re a credible business if your office is poorly maintained. How do you think you can impress the public with an office that looks like this?

Carpets can improve the overall appearance and ambiance of your office, making them one of the best investments any entrepreneur can make. Carpets can also improve the safety in your office because these can prevent slip and fall accidents on hard floorings. 

If you’re convinced that carpets are great pieces to have in your office, make sure that you choose the right type from a carpet tile company by taking note of these tips:

  1. Consider The Colors

    Another thing to think about when choosing the right carpet for your office is the color of your room. Your office won’t be appealing if your carpet is in contrast with the overall color of the room or if the carpet looks very out of place.

    If your office is painted in light colors, then, you’ll want a carpet that also comes in light colors. On the other hand, if you’re working in an office with a lot of darker colors, you may want a carpet that’s in a darker shade of brown or gray.

    Moreover, you also want to think about the room’s decor and make sure it matches the carpet. For example, if your office has a very formal environment, then, you’d want to choose a carpet with a black or dark-colored base for it to complement the ambiance of the room. However, if your office has a more laid-back aura, then, you should go for a carpet that’s in a lighter shade of color.

  2. Assess The Material Of The Carpet

    Carpets are very beneficial, but these will also require maintenance on your part. For you to continually enjoy the benefits of your carpet, you need to exert time and effort in cleaning it. And, you can easily determine the maintenance requirement of the carpet based on its material.

    In general, wool is a great choice for carpets if you want to keep your office as dry as possible as this material is easy to clean and maintain. Some people will go with carpets made from cotton as these are comfortable and soft. You can also opt for upholstery for your office carpet. This material is usually cheaper and gives your office a little extra style. However, if you do choose upholstery for your office carpet, make sure that you’ll have the time to regularly clean your carpet as this type can easily get stained from a spill.

  3. Check The Durability

    One of the most important tips to consider when choosing the right carpet for your office is to make sure that it’s durable. You don’t want your carpet to get damaged because it got spilled on or it got worn out after several years of use, right?  This would be a waste of money and time, not to mention the inconvenience it will cause your employees whenever your carpets are being replaced or repaired.

    For you to end up buying durable carpets, do some research on the products you’ve shortlisted. Read reviews from customers as this will give you an idea whether or not a specific carpet can last for years.

  4. Ask For A Quotation

    Your business needs to pay attention to its expenses to ensure that it continues to operate. This is especially true if you’re still a novice in the business arena. If you don’t want to lose a lot of money just because you’re installing new carpets to your office, make sure to ask quotations from at least three suppliers.

    Getting a price quote on your new office carpets can help you find the best deal, as well as assess which suppliers can meet your budget. Carpet prices vary depending on the type of material they’re made from and their size. So, if you know the dimensions of your office and what you want in a carpet, then you can easily find one that suits your taste and budget.

Choose Carefully

There are many carpets available in the market today, which is why choosing one can be tough. This is especially true if this is your first time to buy and use carpets in your office. 

For you to save time and effort in finding the right carpet, let the tips from this article become your guide. You won’t have any problems narrowing down your options if you know what to consider when shopping for carpets! 

Investing In Your Office Space or Multifamily?

real estate investmentReal estate investing can be an incredible opportunity for any savvy investor who wants to stay away from the volatile stock market. Here is a quick overview of what to consider.

Commercial real estate generally refers to office, industrial, and retail, while multifamily and single-family units come under residential.

Real estate offers tremendous possible benefits for a smart investor, including income flow, tax benefits and long term appreciation.

But before getting into either office space or multifamily, you need to do your due diligence. Unless you are an expert or exceptionally experienced at this, make sure to have a buyer’s broker, aka tenant rep, on yoru side and go to real estate investment professionals like Gray Capital LLC.


There are generally two types of residential buildings that you can purchase: a single-family and multifamily. The former means a single unit that can be rented out to a single tenant. On the other hand, multifamily properties can be anything from a duplex with two units to an apartment complex with tens or hundreds of units.

You may already know that single-family homes can be as low as $30,000 for an investor in some lower cost markets, but multifamily can be hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. While the price tag might be higher on multifamily, getting loans for them is much easier. They are generally based upon the income flow of the property, rather than soley on the financial condition of the borrower.

If you aren’t the type to manage the rental properties yourself, then you will need to hire property management services. But if you have single units, hiring external services may reduce your monthly income significantly. Fortunately, multifamily allows you to easily employ property management services without worrying too much about the cost.

Office Space

Diversifying a portfolio can be instrumental for every investor, which is why an opportunity with a higher income potential makes good sense.

An office space can be as small as a loft or as big as a skyscraper. The sky might literally be the limit on this one. Since these are workplaces, any company that rents from you will stay for at least a few years because they need to establish a location for their consumers or clients. In other words, office spaces offer long term income or, if you occuy the space, long term rental relief.

There are obviously two options here as well. You can either go for a single office space that can be occupied by your company or rented out to a single tenant, or go with a building with multiple units in whch youcan occupy a portion. Having more units can reduce the risks because your income is diversified. One vacancy will ususally not have a significant long term effect.

While office spaces are generally more expensive than multifamily or single-family units, you do get more freedom. As the owner, you will have more responsibilities to your tenants in residential units, such as maintenance and repairs. But with office space, the maintenance is usually easier.

To find out if buying office space to house your business is right for you, check out our lease vs Buy information with the details to consider before moving forward.

Of course this is just a brief overview of the alternatives and there are many more investment options in real estate. Find out more at Investopedia.

5 Strategies to Control Office Occupancy Costs

Office Occupancy Costs DiscussionRunning a business comes with high costs. The best way to know that you are doing enough is to make sure that you are earning more than what you are spending to make it work. One of the biggest expenditures that a business has is its occupancy cost since most offices have to pay rent for their space. Though it is one of the biggest areas you spend money on, it can also be the most versatile since there are strategies you can cut back and save money. There are 5 effective ways you can control your office occupancy cost.

1.  Find Cheaper and Long-term Leases

One of the best ways to save on occupancy costs is to find an office space that directly helps you save money. Ultimately, finding a space with a lower price can do great for your spendings. The first way is to find a location where office spaces are relatively cheaper because some areas demand more expensive prices. If your team can afford to be in an office far from the central business district, then it is a better alternative. You can also look into leasing for the long-term because the security of the lease outweighs short-term income. You already have a chance to move away from city noise and toxicity while staying economically wiser. If you need help finding the right space at the right price, that is what we do. Contact us today!

2.  Subletting Office Areas

Owning a large space where your employees can have a conducive work area is a great thing to have, though it comes with a great price as well. The cost of rent is always determined by the size of the space, so that means a bigger officer is also a bigger expense. Should your office have unused areas, you can put this up for occupancy by others via subletting. A lot of freelance workers or small groups of collaborative individuals are always looking for an office hub where they can meet and work. If your office can accommodate them, you can put the space up for rent where you can become their landlord. Just make sure there is nothing in your lease to keep you from being able to do it.

3.  Team Effort

Employees can play a huge role in controlling occupancy costs. Though there is specific expertise that can give more useful and practical insight, not all companies can afford to hire full-time staff who will focus on this aspect. A great alternative is to hire a part-time CFO who can perform financial assessments and recommend necessary steps to help you cut back on occupancy costs. Employing one is handier since you can engage their services whenever you need them, and you don’t have to fully commit since their employment with you is only part-time. Experts can do great things to improve not only with your budgeting but to your overall financial standing as well.

4.  Flexible Working Arrangements

This time of the internet and technology makes all sorts of working arrangements possible. Flexible working arrangements make it possible for employees to skip reporting to the office and instead work from home. It is an “Agile Workplace.” The first step in doing this is in assessing which positions can be filled by a work-from-home employee. You can also make a blocking schedule where some employees work from home and the others at the office for a few days they switch. You can reduce the needed space almost in half since not everyone shows up together at the same time. This can work for businesses where the nature of work and be accomplished via individualized work and communication can be made virtual. Not only is this beneficial for employees, but it also allows the company to switch to a smaller office.

5.  An Energy-Efficient Office

Energy-efficient office space is also great for the environment. Switch to devices, electronics, and supplies that are energy-saving in the office since you can use the money you have saved to pay for the occupancy cost instead. Office spaces that are polished with these energy-efficient devices tend to lease the space for cheaper prices as well since they don’t have to spend as much in buying expensive appliances and features. Make it a commitment not just to control your occupancy cost, but the overall spendings you make on other miscellaneous expenses as well.

Controlling office occupancy does not only mean saving money, but it also gives way to a more economical way of running a business. This favors both employees and business owners since there is room for flexibility and saving the environment. If most agree on the measures you want to impose, you can take the necessary action to improve your financial and working situation.