Monthly Archives: May 2020

5 Ways to Minimize Distractions in Your Office

Would you like to find useful ways to ensure a peaceful workplace and minimize distractions, but don’t know where to start? Noise and other distractions can hinder productivity and frustrate employees. Here are 5 ways that can help minimize distractions to help maximize productivity. #1: Bring in Sound Absorbing Materials If you are looking to… Read More »

How a Toll Free Number Will Help You Generate More Business

Whether you’re starting a business or growing an existing company, being accessible to customers is an essential ingredient for success. Your clients and potential customers must be able to reach you whenever needed. Modern technology has brought about new methods of communication – email, social media chat, VoIP, and more. Because of this, it seems… Read More »

How to Fund Your COVID-19 Office Improvements

Figuring out what to do to protect your employees as they come back to work from time off due to COVID-19 health risks is a challenge every business owner has to deal with. It is not going to be cheap. So how do you fund your COVID-19 office improvements? Many business owners have applied for… Read More »

6 Best Practices When You Reopen Your Office

In most cases, a crisis acts as a transitioning period, which requires one to adapt accordingly. At the moment, most businesses, like yours, are focusing on how to reopen your office and resume office operations at some point in the coming days. For that reason, most business owners are now working on the best formula… Read More »