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Collaboration is Key in this Great Atlanta Office Space

Uzun & Case Atlanta Office Space

Uzun + Case Atlanta Office Space

Half way up the Promenade II building, in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, sits the office space of Uzun + Case, a successful structural engineering firm. This unique space consists of 13,500 square feet of sweeping views of the Atlanta skyline, and was noted in the Atlanta Business Chronicle as one of the coolest Atlanta office spaces.

Creativity and collaboration are encouraged at this forward-thinking company, and this is evident in every room and space in their office. The impression begins at the striking entrance, with its steel rebar columns and powerful orange feature wall.

The work space within is modern and open. Low walled cubicles and glass partitions make for easy communication among the staff. Conference spaces are varied in size to accommodate all forms of team collaboration. They are equipped with the latest in digital and video technology so that customers and staff working in remote locations can easily participate in discussions – an important feature in the modern office space.

This Atlanta office space uses natural daylight and views enhance it’s office atmosphere. At Uzon + Case, the main conference room outside wall is almost entirely windows. They took advantage of this by using sliding wall panels for the opposite wall. This way when the conference room is not in use, the wall is left open and the whole office can enjoy the abundant light and inspiring view.

“Even in an era when employees are spending more time working on their laptops than at their desks, the office remains an important tool for companies to recruit and retain talent.”

So writes Douglas Sams of the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Indeed, the innovative use of office space demonstrated by Uzun + Case says much about a company’s convictions and viewpoints. What does your business’s office space say about you?

At Officefinder, our goal is to help you find an office space that reflects your company’s goals and image. Whether you are leasing or buying, you shouldn’t settle for anything less. Contact us to discuss your office space needs today.

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By: James Osgood

5 Tips to Improve Office Space Efficiency and Productivity

By improving office space efficiency, you can also improve employee morale and you’ll more than likely see an increase in employee engagement and productivity. An increase in productivity means an increase in profits and improved operations.

Here are 5 helpful and useful tips to improve your company’s office space efficiency :

natural lightNatural Light – Sunshine has been scientifically proven to enhance mood. Lack of sunlight leads to lack of motivation. Consider opening blinds and curtains to allow enough sunlight to enter the room(s).

Get Organized – If your office space appears unorganized and a little cluttered, it’s time to get organized. If you find that you don’t have time to do this yourself or don’t know where to begin, consider hiring a professional to help you organize your office space.

Other ways to get organized include investing in helpful storage furniture, creating helpful labels for company binders and folders making retrieval easier, and the consideration of integrating useful and helpful cloud base software solutions for record management.

Restrictions – If you work from a home office, full or pert time, set restrictions on disturbances while working. Consider placing a “do not disturb” sign on your office door knob to let anyone in the home know when you’re at your busiest and can-not be bothered. This can also work in open area work spaces. Use headphones to let others know you do not want to be disturbed.

Less is More – Consider getting rid of things that are taking up too much space in your office, adding to clutter, like piles of paper. Keep your office space neat and tidy. Going paperless is a great way to do this.

Meetings – Since many companies waste a ton of time in meeting rooms, consider making employees comfortable during meetings by keeping a water cooler and/or coffee pot in the room. You may also want to consider the addition of fragrances that enhance productivity like the scents of lavender, vanilla, lemon, jasmine, cinnamon, rosemary and peppermint.

Fragrances – Consider adding any of the above scents in the form of air fresheners, scented oils, or dried flowers throughout the entire office to naturally enhance mood and boost motivation.

By implementing a few of these tips into the practices of your office, you’re guaranteed to ensure a more efficient use of office space, which is guaranteed to boost employee morale and productivity.

If your office space is not sufficient for your company therefore hindering efficient use of office space, contact us at OfficeFinder today to find out how we can help!

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By: James Osgood

Great Atlanta Office Space Focuses on Environment and Employees

Atlanta Peachtree tower

Atlanta Peachtree tower

When the architecture firm HKS, Inc., moved into the top floor of Atlanta’s Peachtree Tower, they were taking advantage of the recession to acquire top notch space and great views at less-than-stellar prices. When they set about their interior design work, they set their sights on a LEED Gold certification, which helped them save even more money while also creating a superb environment for their employees and designing one of the great Atlanta office space.

What is LEED Gold? LEED stands for “Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design,” a green building certification program, and the Gold level is the middle of three levels of further achievement, based on a points system. As architects, it makes sense that HKS would work to achieve these higher levels with their own office spaces—both to practice what they preach about green design and to provide a model for their current and prospective customers.

With their innovative Atlanta office space, HKS expanded on the existing sustainability which was already built into the Peachtree Tower. They installed low-flow water fixtures, decreasing water usage by 30%. They upgraded and changed the layout of the lighting fixtures, and amended the power supply, resulting in a 20% reduction in energy costs. They used eco-friendly materials in the construction, paying particular attention to recycled content and avoiding toxic chemicals—a boon for all who have to work in that space. Finally, they recycled almost 80% of their construction debris and all of their old furniture followed them into their new space.

So while employees have office furniture that they already know and are comfortable with, they also have sweeping views of the Atlanta cityscape outside their windows, and exterior balconies on which to take a break and enjoy that view. All the natural light available on that top floor creates a better work environment for everyone.

Peachtree Tower Street View by Google

Peachtree Tower Street View by Google

If you’re looking for Atlanta office space to transform your own business, contact us today.

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By: James Osgood

New Tiny Home Trend Sparks Innovative Ideas for Efficient Office Space

When you think of office space you probably think of plenty of square feet that will give you a lot of room to move around. Many business owners find that their businesses grow so quickly, they feel as though they’re looking for a larger space soon after they move into their current space. Most businesses want to have efficient office space, limiting unused or partially used space.

If that sounds familiar to you, we want to challenge you to think about your current office space with a different type of viewpoint. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How much space are you wasting in our current location? Most offices are only occupied at about 50% at any given time.
  • What could we do to maximize the amount of space you have and make it work?
  • Is there a way to increase the efficiency of your office, and even grow our customer base if we stay in the same place?

The answer to that last question is: Yes. As a matter of fact, there is a new tiny home trend that’s been quite popular in the news lately, as well as on social media. This trend is not only inspiring, but it’s genius, and it sparks some new, creative ideas.

According to a recent story that was featured on ABC News, many of these tiny homes contain an excellent assortment of features that homeowners of larger houses only dream of having. Most of them have very large kitchens that would make any gourmet chef jealous, and some of them even have guest bedrooms. Their most common feature is the fact that their sizes are very small, and so are their price-tags when you compare them to the types of luxury homes that we’re all familiar with.

Certified OfficeFinder SpecialistHere at OfficeFinder, we understand that you’re in need of efficient office space for your business. We also understand your need to save on office space even when you need to upgrade. We’d love to help you find some creative ways to maximize the space you have so that your business can continue to grow in the future.

If you would like more information about how we can help you, we would love to talk with you. Please contact us today.

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By: James Osgood

CBRE Converting to Free Address Work Spaces

You would think that having an assigned work space would be very important for people who work in commercial real estate. However, some commercial real estate brokerages are finding that “free address” work spaces make sense. Here is how one commercial real estate brokerage firm is making this new office space workplace strategy  work for them in Orlando .

In April of this year, CBRE cut their office space by one quarter when they moved into the SunTrust Center in downtown Orlando. They did this by choosing a new officing model, called “free address,” where no one has assigned office space to call their own. Instead, workers can move around to collaborate with anyone in the company at any particular time. At the end of the day, instead of locking their office door or cubicle drawers, each employee stashes a shiny new laptop (paid for with the money being saved with the downsizing) into a locker, in the same way that their high school children would.

In addition to making collaboration easier, the free address system allowed CBRE to invest in bright, appealing collaborative spaces, an inviting sun-drenched eating area in case staff want to gather over coffee or lunch, and 14 offices with doors for those times when staff need to meet with clients or work uninterrupted to make a tight deadline. And by not assigning those private office spaces, workers who need one invariably find one available.

CBRE made certain that this real estate move was well-researched and practical. Over an 18-month period, they discovered that an average of 45 percent—nearly half—of the workstations in their old offices were vacant at any given time, between vacations and off-site meetings (which are not uncommon in real estate).

The transformation of its Orlando office is part of a global CBRE initiative, they have labeled as “Workplace360”. It was implemented last year in Los Angeles and in May in Sacramento. The Sacramento office makeover was the fifth CBRE transition in the United States. In 2014, more than two dozen CBRE offices worldwide will be converting to the model.

Many other companies are embracing the free address work space concept, AKA office hoteling, as a part of creating an agile workplace. American Express, GlaxoSmithKline, and PricewaterhouseCoopers all have incorporated some form of the free address concept in their offices. The International Facility Management Association survey 950 companies found that 60% of those surveyed had unassigned work spaces in their offices, and about half said the number of employees using unassigned space had increased in the past two years. It is a trend that is gaining momentum.

Want to know more about workplace strategy like the free address strategy? We can help your workplace become more productive and improve employee engagement and collaboratioin. Please Contact us and we will get you started in learning about creating an Agile Workplace and then show you how it might work for your company.

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By: James Osgood