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Office Hoteling: 4 Factors to Employee Acceptance

In an effort to cut costs, more and more companies are turning to office hoteling software. Office hoteling involves assigning workspace on an “as needed” basis rather than permanently, and requires fewer resources in order to implement. Offices that have implemented office hoteling policies typically reduce their office space needs by 30% to 50% from… Read More »

Medical office space: The emergence and effects of master leases

If you’ve been looking for medical office space, then you must probably have noticed that the sector is changing with the emergence of master leases. In a master lease a large organization or institution will take the lease on several floors of office space and then sublease smaller spaces to healthcare providers. Once they have… Read More »

Office Relocation Planning Guide: 10 Tips for a Successful Office Move

An office relocation is no fun, but at times in a necessary evil in order to move your business forward. Following these 10 tips will make the outcome much better. 1)  Select a mover with office relocation experience; do not use firms with only residential or household moving experience.  Don’t use a broker, rather contract… Read More »

The 3 C’s to Creating a Great Office Space Design

While there is more than just office space design and layout considerations to maximizing employee engagement, poorly designed office space can be a very negative factor that will directly affect the bottom line. The coworking  workplace concept may be a forerunner of the future work-styles, but it is today’s integration of three C’s in office… Read More »

Regus Growing Like Crazy

And I mean crazy like a fox. Wish you bought this stock in July of 2012? If you had and held onto it, you would have doubled your money. Regus has seen some amazing growth in their stock value along with its continued expansion of its executive suites and flexible workplace solutions.At the beginning of… Read More »

5 Keys to Obtaining a SBA Guaranteed Loan to Finance Commercial Real Estate

Small business administration (SBA) guaranteed loans are an excellent resource for small businesses to obtain favorable loans for both leasing and to finance commercial real estate for owner occupants. What many people are unfamiliar with related to the SBA loan programs is that there are two programs in which small businesses may be eligible to… Read More »

Austin Office Space Becoming Scarce

Finding great Austin office spaces may seem like the Holy Grail, oft talked of, yet hard to find. If you have a business and are searching for great office spaces in the Austin area, let us help find you the perfect option. Austin has enjoyed a tech boom, solidifying itself as a Texas “Silicon Valley”.… Read More »