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3 Tips to Finding Office Space That Is Perfect for Your Business Needs

Searching for the ideal office space is a difficult task. The future of your company will depend on finding office space that will fit your needs. Here are some office space leasing tips to help you choose the right office space. Procrastination Is Your Enemy It’s important to start your search early. Don’t wait until the… Read More »

The Rise of Live-Work Office Space

Coworking space has been on the rise, and now it is going a step further with live-work office space. Some luxury apartment and condo companies have caught on to the coworking trend and are now incorporating communal working spaces as one of their residential amenities. Some even pursue a business venture of turning condo units… Read More »

Tenant Tip: The Best Kept Secrets for Renting Office Space

There is no doubt that renting office space is an extremely important business decision. The space you lease will often be your clients’ very first impression of you and your company. It is also where your employees spend the majority of their time. General location decisions take care of the coming and leaving issues, but… Read More »