Monthly Archives: July 2016

Moving Out of Your Home Office to Flexible Workplaces

Many entrepreneurs start their businesses from home. In fact, some of the most famous business today did so. Dell Computers and Microsoft are great examples. For some people, this works well over the course of time, but others would prefer to have a separate office to work out of. Working from home is not easy.… Read More »

Recruit Employees with Your Office Space

You’ve hired the best recruiters, crafted the perfect interview questions, and developed a stellar application process. You’re ready to recruit! One last thing…have you considered your office space? Believe it or not, your office space design can be a powerful recruiting tool. Office design is a reflection of your business culture, and as such, it should… Read More »

4 Lessons You Can Learn from Microsoft’s Agile Workplace Experiment

What does it take to create an agile workplace? While office planning and design choices are at the top of the list, there is more to the collaborative work environment than aesthetics of office design. In fact, it is a mindset that translates into structural adaptations. Microsoft has set the pace for this revolutionary use… Read More »

3 Important Considerations When Leasing office Space

You are at a point in your business where you need a change. Whether you need more office space or less, changes are difficult, but they are a vital part of growing or maintaining your bottom line. That’s why it is so important to make a good decision when leasing office space. While there are… Read More »