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Diverse San Francisco Office Space: The Salesforce Tower

salesforce towerSan Francisco continues to be a compatible city for business and technology. Whether it’s the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge, the history of Alcatraz, or the mystic of Union Square, San Francisco is full of cultural diversity. The Salesforce Tower also has a rich history in San Francisco. Here is a bit of history and a discussion of the future of the Salesforce Tower while taking you on a tour of the inside by continuing to read more details below.

Salesforce Tower: Background

The Salesforce Tower was formerly known as the Transbay Transit Center. The tower opened in 2018 and for over 15 years as of 2017, had a lease value of $1 billion in the United States. The Salesforce Tower is the tallest skyscraper in San Francisco and continues to tower over other skyscrapers in the area by 200 feet. Salesforce began to move 800 employees into the massive tower in January of 2018, as their anchor tenant (also adding 167,000 square feet). Let’s take a look at who is behind its creative design.

A Look At The Salesforce Tower Builders

The Salesforce Tower was designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects. The tower was built with state-of-the-art security, safety, and sustainability in mind. Built as a landmark for the San Francisco skyline, the Salesforce Tower stands over 1,070 feet tall. It proudly boasts having 61 stories and it takes 40 seconds to get to the top of the tower by elevator. This was to be the last designed work of Casear Pelli, to be accomplished in his lifetime.

Located on 415 Mission Street Fremont and First Street, is a mixed-used building. The groundbreaking structure is connected to great restaurants, retail shops, and San Francisco’s business district.

OfficeFinder would like to invite you to take a look inside the Salesforce Tower by visiting the website below.

Take a tour of the Salesforce Tower:

Salesforce Tower Attractions

The Ohana Floor of the Salesforce Tower is a hangout for employees and their families, but is also used for executive and board members. In fact, the Salesforce Tower is open FREE to nonprofits that want to hold board meetings or special events. To date, there has been 146 nonprofits to do so. The top two floors house 25,000 live plants. Elizabeth Pinkham, Salesforce Vice President, dominates the 61st story. However, the Salesforce Tower boasts there’s plenty of room for leasing opportunities and they welcome new residents.

I Heard Nearby Businesses Are Sinking! What Can I Expect?

The Millennium Tower was fine until 2010, when construction on the Salesforce Tower began. Today, the Millennium Tower, luxury condominiums have suck 17 inches and tilted 14 inches since it opened in 2009. The construction of the tower was proposed in 2002, and construction began approximately 3 years later. Designed by Handel Architects, they’re also credited for the World Trade Center Memorial in Lower Manhattan. At the time of its construction, the skyscraper was the first to be built in downtown San Francisco in two decades. The high-rise is missing the 13th and 44th floor due to developers superstition.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a $100 million dollar plan underway to address the issue.

The building sinking has generated concerns for the safety of the tenants. The weakened structure has caused people to question their home values, questions of fraud, and several other legal battles have also surfaced.  A giant fissure on the 36th floor, mysterious odors, bubbling floors, and cracked walls are other complaints that residents have made about the Millennium Tower.

Developers have not determined the cause for the sinking or the titling of the tower. However, the developers insist the structure is sound and residents and nearby neighbors have nothing to worry about. There continues to be mounting apprehension about the buildings future. Moreover, in the first five weeks of opening, the tower sold $100 million worth of condos, with the units ranging from $1.6 million to $10 million respectively.

In recent news, the Guardian has reported, there has been a settlement reached for the sinking of the Millennium Tower. “The litigation proposed a lot of problems in the deployment of this particular building.” Residents of the Salesforce Tower have nothing to worry about according to further reports. There has been no disclosure on the amount of the proposed settlement. However, building owners have filed for lower taxes because the projected rates of the value of the condos have been drastically reduced.

Recent News About The Salesforce Tower

According to, Florida News, there has been two cracked windows discovered in the Salesforce Tower on the 12th and 14th floor. No cause for alarm has been indicated because both of the cracked windows have been found on the inside and preparations are being made to have them fixed immediately.

Why The Salesforce Tower Is The Perfect Leasing Opportunity For Your Business

The Salesforce Tower is connected to reputed restaurants and the heart of the business district of San Francisco. They house 11 transit systems, which makes it very easy to do business and its connected to major locations across the city. In fact, residents now have access to amphitheaters, children’s play area, and cafes in the Salesforce Tower. More importantly, the building was designed to withstand earthquakes for additional safety precautions. You can enjoy a clear view of the picturesque locations of the city and its surroundings by leasing office space in the Salesforce Tower.

The towering structure was built with a vertical facet and pearlescent metal accents, which lends to the view of the city for residents and visitors alike. There is also a three-floor underground parking garage for employees of the Salesforce team and their clients. There are social lounges on each floor that also includes a kitchen island with snacks and beverages. The original design artist Shinji Murakami;s work is proudly displayed on each floor.

If you’re interested in leasing space with the Salesforce Tower, you’re encouraged to contact us at OfficeFinder, LLC to discuss more details about their luxury rentals today!

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Honest Office Space Virtual Tours? We Do That!

Click Here to view in full screen (recommended)

Interactive high definition 360-degree office space virtual tours are becoming more popular in the commercial rental industry. They provide an invaluable service to prospective tenants who want to ensure that buildings are a good fit before scheduling time consuming in-person walk-through tours. Virtual tours make it possible to achieve this goal – especially for the company that is relocating from another city or state.

Advantages of Virtual Office Tours

An online brochure for an office building provides you with the basics. It discusses square footage options, amenities, parking spaces, and nearby shopping as well as dining opportunities. you can find the same information on almost every listing website. Although plenty of these informative listing website pages also feature images, they nevertheless still make it difficult to get a feel for the property. For example, a large office image that persuaded you to visit a location can turn out to be little more than the result of wide-angle photography.

Honest Office Space Virtual Tours Save You Time, Travel Expenses, and Disappointments

An honest virtual tour does not need to set a stage for the right effect.

  • No manipulation of the atmosphere. Photographers who want to appeal to professionals in search of bright spaces will shoot the images during daylight hours; those who want to emphasize elegance do so at night. We do it when our experts are available.
  • No models in a photo shoot. Typically, spaces should be without workers actively about their tasks. That said, sometimes it is unavoidable that people will appear in the images. However, they are not models who are paid to provide ambiance. They are just hard-working folks.
  • No touch-ups. Honest virtual tours show you the property the way it is. There is no touching up of brown lawns, no artificial elimination of water-stained ceilings, and no heavy editing of the shots.

The OfficeFinder office space virtual tours save you time, travel expenses, and the disappointment of finding out that a wide-angle shot or the use of a mirror, to add depth artificially or create the illusion of a second window and tricked you. You can see our office space virtual tours of executive suite and coworking spaces live at:

 Our listings that have a 360° tour are are identified with our 360 badge
360 Badge

If you are looking for an office and would like assistance or advice at no cost to your, Contact us. It is what we do and would be happy to help.




360° Pano Virtual Tour of Regus’ Office Space at 201 Mission Street in San Francisco

When I was in San Francisco in January, I had the opportunity to visit and photograph two of Regus’ premier south financial district locations. This is the first of those two; office space at 201 Mission Street.

Click here to view in full screen (recommended)

Other than being beautiful space with great views the Office Space at 201 Mission also offers:

  • Flexible term office space as short as a few hours or as long as a few years.
  • Flexibility to grow or contract as needed.
  • A beautiful business lounge for touchdown space.
  • Virtual office space plans to fit your needs.
  • Conference room rentals as needed.
  • Easy access BART.
  • Short walk to the waterfront.
  • Prestigious location with a big WOW factor to your clients.
201 Mission Elevator Lobby

201 Mission Elevator Lobby

The 18,000 square foot building lobby underwent a significant redesign. The image above is the upstairs elevator lobby portion. The redesign included “relocating the main entrance to a prominent corner and then incorporating a striking water feature to greet users, the team layered clarified signage, bold lighting upgrades and other arresting elements. The program also included a new security desk, consolidating reception to the ground level to clearly define the point of entry, and a layout that optimizes retail opportunities. Combining these elements with a timeless palette of finishes and optimized natural daylighting created a signature space that assists in attracting and retaining tenants.” I have seen many office building lobbies in my time as a commercial real estate broker and this is one of the most beautiful I have seen.

If you need office space in San Francisco, whether it is a small on person shop or large company, we can help you find the space that is the best fit for you. San Francisco is one of the tightest office space markets in the US. Going it alone or thinking you can find a space on a listing site is the hard way to go about it. Our local reps know what opportunities exist, many times before they are publicly announced.

San Francisco has over 76 million square feet of office space, so one would think that there would be a lot of office space in San Francisco available to lease or rent. Not so. The tech industry has taken a liking to the area and seems to gobble up everything that becomes available, Unfortunately, if you are looking for San Francisco office space, what you will find is a very tight market, especially in many of the more popular areas of the city like South of Market (SOMA), the Financial District and Union Square. Not only that, but the office space that is available comes with a very high price tag in the $60+ per square foot (per year) price range. With the scarcity and cost, finding the appropriate space becomes very problematic, so don’t try DIY when you can get the services of a top professional for FREE. No cost to you. It is a no lose proposition.

OfficeFinder_105x25If you need office space in San Francisco, contact us so we can help you save both time and money in your search.

If a photograph is worth 1,000 words, a virtual tour is worth 1,000 photographs
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Top 10 Metro Areas with Biggest Office Rental Rate Increases

REALTORS® office vacancy graph

REALTORS® office vacancy chart

In the second quarter of 2015, the Seattle metro area — which includes the urban areas in King and Snohomish counties — led the nation’s metro markets in in office rental rate annual increases. While Seattle’s office rental rate increases are high, they are not the only office market in the US seeing significant increases in their office rental rate increase.  Here are the remaining top 10 with the highest annual Office Rental Rate increases.

  1. Seattle 7.2%
  2. San Francisco 6.3%
  3. San Jose 5.9%
  4. Dallas 5%
  5. Boston 4.8%
  6. New York 4.8%
  7. Orange County 4.8%
  8. Miami 3.9%
  9. Austin 3.8%
  10. Philadelphia 3.7%
    Source: Reis via the Seattle Times

While these steep increases of the office rental rate for the top 10 markets are very sharp, thanks to declining supply, the rest of the office markets in the US are also seeing steady declines in the vacancy rates, as well. A recent report on office space rent by the National Association of REALTORS® confirmed that in the 2nd quarter of this year, office vacancies declined 65 basis points to 15.9 percent, compared with a year ago. This will lead to increases in the office rental rate generally throughout the US office markets.

For tenant’s this means it is better not to wait. Rents will be going up over at least the next year or two until more new construction comes on line. Even then, due to the cost of construction, rents will most likely not decline from the highs achieved. This is especially true in the more desirable office buildings in your market. So, don’t delay or you will see your office space costing even more than it does now.

If you would like some free assistance in locating office space, the top professionals at Office Finder are here to help. Feel free to contact us to find out more.

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Transitions: Warehouse to Office Space in San Francisco

The curated cloud development community with the less-than-ethereal name of Heavybit Industries has only been in its current office space in San Francisco’s SOMA (South of Market) location since the summer of 2012, but they’ve already changed everything about the way we think of great office space.

When architectural firm IwamotoScott was presented with the challenge of transforming a three-story warehouse at 325 9th Street in San Francisco’s SOMA district into a habitable workspace to be shared by early stage cloud development teams, they knew they had their work cut out for them. The client wanted to retain the heavy urban industrial physicality of the original structure while providing architectural interventions that would impart an open, cloudlike feel to a new development community office space in San Francisco.

The vibe in SOMA (South of Market) is decidedly urban with just a smidge of industrial decay. With interior design conceptualized by the client and executed by IwamotoScott Architecture, the Heavybit Industries office offers a range of remarkable features that include bar-height work tables, a dining area with a Y-shaped tables, a stage, and a public address system. San Franciscans do quite well without cars, thank you, so the glass-and-reclaimed-wood bike room is an addition quite welcomed by the developers who do what they do in this wide open workspace. Innovation and excellence are evident on all three floors of the AIASF award-winning Heavybit Industries building.

With fewer than fifty square miles and much of that residential, rentable, office space in San Francisco comes at a super premium price. Enough so as to make Transitions from Warehouse to Office Space in San Francisco an option. If you were to embark upon a search for office space in The City on your own, you might become far more than frustrated. When you’re ready to locate great office space in San Francisco, contact us without delay. We are OfficeFinder and we can help.

More information on the latest in office designs and The Agile Workplace.

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Office Rental Rates Predicted to Increase by 5.6% by End of 2015

Lawrence Yun, the chief economist at the National Association of Realtors recently reported that the “Growth in commercial real estate sectors continues at a moderate pace from a very slow pace of absorption, despite job additions to the economy. Companies appear hesitant to add new space.”

The good news is that the pace of the recovery in the commercial sector and, in particular, office space is continuing to improve.

His predictions related to the Office Markets include:

Office Space Vacancy rates should decline from an expected 15.8 percent in the first quarter of this year to 15.6 percent in the first quarter of 2015.

Office rental rates are projected to increase 2.3 percent in 2014 and 3.2 percent next year or a compounded 5.6% by the end of 2015 compared with current office rental rates. Net absorption of office space in the U.S., which includes the leasing of new space coming on the market as well as space in existing properties, is likely to total 44.6 million square feet this year and 50.0 million in 2015.

The markets with the lowest office vacancy rates presently (in the first quarter) are

  • New York City, with a vacancy rate of 9.5 percent
  • Washington, D.C., at 10.2 percent; Little Rock, Ark., 11.6 percent
  • Birmingham, Ala., 12.7 percent
  • San Francisco and Nashville, Tenn., at 12.8 percent each


Find office space for lease, rent or purchaseBy: James Osgood

What Will the Office Space of the Future be Like?

Technology is changing the world we live in and the way we work. It is allowing much more flexibility in where and how we work. The Millennial, Gen X and Gen Y generations, now in the workforce,  have grown up in the digital age and have very different work / life requirements that have been developed from their upbringing; understanding that it does not mater where you are to do whatever it may be you want to do. Much of their communications is by text messaging or Facebook. It is a very different world to them than it is to the Baby Boomers. With 4 generations in the workplace, office design and employee management is a challenge

The San Francisco tech industry, laden with a younger workforce, has been leading the way with the “Office Space of the Future.” Very often you will see no private offices, only a few desks, but lots of collaboration spaces and quiet zones in one of their offices. The result is a happier and more productive workforce with savings in the amount of office space needed, energy and money.

In other words the office of the future will  be an agile workplace. One that is constantly changing, adjusting and responding to organizational needs. It will require a dynamic relationship between employees, management, work and the workplace as well how work productivity gets measured.

Interesting video at:
What Will the Office of the Future Look Like?: Video – Bloomberg.

Make your workplace more agile, please Contact us. We can help get you started finding out about creating an Agile Workplace and how it might work for your company.

The 21st Century Office Space (2006 but still relevant)