Monthly Archives: August 2015

Competitive Workplace Strategies: Do They Work?

Is encouraging a competitive workplace right for your business model? There’s no question that we live in a competitive business culture. Technology changes entire industries every year. Technology also creates industries, creates jobs and eliminates jobs every year. New forms of marketing engage consumers every year, and Businesses are now competing with both local business… Read More »

Top 10 Metro Areas with Biggest Office Rental Rate Increases

In the second quarter of 2015, the Seattle metro area — which includes the urban areas in King and Snohomish counties — led the nation’s metro markets in in office rental rate annual increases. While Seattle’s office rental rate increases are high, they are not the only office market in the US seeing significant increases… Read More »

Three Key Elements of an Agile Workplace

While creating an environment in which employees feel comfortable and happy ensures that they will also be productive and engaged. Designing an office space that allows flexibility for your business to adjust quickly to changing business landscapes is the concept behind an agile workplace. Every aspect of the design of an office space must be… Read More »

3 Workplace Strategies To Help Boost Productivity

In today’s ultra competitive business climate it’s more important than ever to shake things up around the office and inspire your employees to make the most out of their work week. All too often employees are prone to aiming low and going throughout the day getting the bare minimum amount of work done. Employees might be… Read More »