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Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Coworking Office Space

Office space is changing. While many companies still lease a traditional office with cubicles and a corner office for the boss, more and more businesses are choosing coworking office space instead. What is coworking office space? Most simply put, it is an office environment shared by several companies.  Here are four reasons why you should… Read More »

Virtual Tour Benefits for Office Space Providers

We have a lot of blog posts about the benefits of virtual tours for office tenants who are looking to find office space. The type of virtual tour we are talking about are not videos, but totally interactive 360° x 180° high definition panoramic photography. The stuff that makes you feel like you are really… Read More »

Hidden Costs of an DIY Office Lease Renewal

So, you are getting near the end of your office lease and considering your options. One of those is to move to a new office location, but that is a lot of work and your current space fits you well. The other option is doing an office lease renewal at your current office lease. Many… Read More »

3 Tips To Maintain Your Company Culture in a Coworking Office Space

One of the best parts of coworking office space for small businesses is the ability to interact with, and get inspired by, other entrepreneurs working with them side by side. Seeing other businesses work hard is motivating and energizing. However, being in a coworking office space also makes it harder to create and maintain a unique company… Read More »

Does Remote Working Satisfy Employees or Alienate Them?

There has been a lot of debate over the years related to remote working by employees. Much of it has been centered around productivity form the business’ point of view. A recent survey by Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates on remote working comes at it from the employee point of view. It shows some interesting concerns.… Read More »