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5 Tips to Market your Service Business

Businesses are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to market a product or a service to a wider audience. However, marketing service can be tough especially when there are a plethora of tools out there. Plus, it is different from advertising a distinguished product. When it comes to marketing a product, you… Read More »

10 Security Tips to Protect Your Company’s Data

Hackers and online criminals are working day and night to access our data. They look for vulnerabilities in our software, and also in us. People have had their identities stolen and sensitive information accessed. Even the US government is vulnerable as demonstrated with the most recent series of attacks on sensitive servers. When this happens… Read More »

Buying, Renting, or Leasing Office Space?

Setting up an office is quite a task. From deciding the location to furnishing the office, it is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. In addition to this, moving your office to a new area is labor-intensive. This task is best left to the experts. If you are moving to a new office, consider… Read More »

4 Reasons to Use a SIP Trunk to Reduce Telecommunication Costs

The world, nowadays, is all connected through telecommunication services. Businesses, in particular, rely heavily on telecommunication tools to carry out daily tasks and get in touch with employees and possible clients. Traditional communication methods can be quite costly when startinga  business, which is why they are always on the lookout for cheaper options that offer… Read More »

7 Benefits to Using Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software is a computerized, automated, and digital system that does more than record time spent on projects and employee working hours. It provides companies with analytical data that can improve the business, minimizing the redundancies that hold businesses back. However, the notion of time tracking has always been viewed as something bothersome and… Read More »

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16 Tips to Finding Your Next Rental Property

Finding a quality rental property, whether commercial or residential, can be tedious and time-consuming. This might be caused by the broad range of choices available, the prices, or the quality of these rental properties being different. So, what should you do to find the perfect rental property?  If this is your concern, we’ve got you… Read More »

When and How to use Drug Test Kits for Your Office Employees

For employers, drug testing is an important way to determine if an applicant has a substance problem or not. When a drug is detected during a background test, it usually results in an immediate denial of the application. The main purpose of drug test kits available today is to test drug use in the workplace.… Read More »