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5 Environmentally Friendly Online Services For Your Business

Environmentally Friendly Online Services For Your BusinessMost people are joining in the fight for a better environment and with good reason. The earth is polluted, and everyone has a part to play to make it cleaner. The issue is so prominent in today’s world that governments, organizations, and businesses are creating and enforcing policies for a better environment. 

 Some businesses may not be able to go completely green, but they can do a few things about their services to make them more environmentally friendly. Among those changes are online services. If you’re running any type of business, it’s possible to use online services that contribute to the general good of the environment. 

Here are some online services that businesses can incorporate into their daily operation:

1. Use of Paperless Communication

The advancement in technology has made it possible for businesses to adopt and use cloud computing services. These services have aid reduced paper trail. Also, they’ve made businesses more streamlined, collaborative, and efficient. Most importantly, they made business services more environmentally friendly. 

Apart from cloud services, there are other services that businesses can integrate into their daily operations that are also mindful of the environment. Using an online fax service, for instance, gives you a good option for faxing documents without needing paper, toner, and a telephone line.  Being able to send and sign documents electronically is also an excellent way of making your business environmentally friendly. Not only do you reduce the usage of paper, but it’ll also help you save money. 

By using a Digital/Online Fax service , you may enjoy the following benefits:

  • Electronically sign documents and send them back without the need for printing.
  • Reduces your energy consumption compared to traditional faxing.
  • Mobile-friendly.
  • Saves you time. 
  • Keeps your documents organized and readily available.

2. Going Green On Web Hosting

Running a server emits carbon emissions to the environment. Some reports say that running all US servers can be compared to running several nuclear power plants. But using the internet is inevitable if you’re running a business during these times. That’s where green web hosting comes in. Even though you won’t eliminate your entire internet use, you can play your part in reducing carbon emissions on your end.

In green web hosting, you ensure that you’re using renewable energy sources to compensate for the energy use or power of your web servers. Also, hosting will be more affordable for you since hosting companies supply their own energy. So, next time you’re sending that email to pitch a client, know there’s a more environmentally friendly option to do it.

3. Practice Green Procurement

Another way of making your business more environmentally friendly is through green procurement. This applies mainly to retail businesses since it assures that they only engage suppliers whose goods or products have been produced or manufactured sustainably. Also, when looking for suppliers, ensure that they come with minimal packaging.

You can start by reviewing the policies for the procurement of suppliers for your business needs. In this way, you’ll make your business more environmentally friendly.

4. Online Consultations and Meeting

Going online for your meetings may lack the personal feel that comes with meeting a person one on one, but doing the former may help save the environment. For instance, conducting online meetings will give you a larger audience since you can be easily accessible. Instead of you or your clients traveling to the meeting’s venue, you can opt for online meetings. This way, your business comes environmentally friendly by helping reduce carbon emission through travel.

In addition, general business expenditure is brought down. Since you’re no longer traveling, you’ll also be saving time, which you can use for other important business matters.

5. Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing methods may still work for your business, but they’re not good for the environment. In addition to staying longer in the landfill, printing billboards, banners, coupons, and other paper adverts leave way too much carbon footprint. To make your business services environmentally friendly, it’s time you consider other ways of promoting your business.

Some marketing methods that are good for the environment are cheaper than the traditional methods but effectively reach your audience. 

Final Word

Almost everything that you do in your business operations will use energy and create waste. You can change those by improving procurement, marketing, and paper policies, and then enforcing them properly. You may not be able to change these things overnight, but they’re worth trying. Making better choices, even if it’s small, could amount to becoming more environmentally friendly, which may improve your business’ appeal to the general public, inviting more customers.  

If you need help finding environmentally friendly green office space, Contact us. It is what we do

Philadelphia Office Space: Discover What The Comcast Center Campus Has to Offer

Philadelphia office space at comcast campusThe spectacular Comcast Center Campus (CC Campus) brings life to the very heart of Philadelphia. Located off of 17th and JFK Boulevard, Comcast Center Campus brings you the beauty of the arts, luxury accommodations, and mystic from one central location. If you’re a local or a tourist keep reading more details about the Comcast Center Campus and why it’s a wonderful place to visit, but also one of Philadelphia’s top attraction.

The Comcast Center Campus consist of two skyscrapers. The Comcast Center was completed in 2008 and consists of 1.24 million square feet of rentable space in its 58 stories. Its partner, the 60 story Comcast Technology Center was completed in 2018 and has 1.566 million square feet of rentable space. Both among the tallest buildings in the US.

Explore The Rich Diversity Of Philadelphia’s Comcast Campus Center

Stand Alone Location

As some of the largest skyscrapers in the United States, the Comcast Center Campus also stands as the tallest buildings in Philadelphia. With 58 and 60 stories, you can’t miss the panoramic view of the city. The  58-story Comcast Center was proudly designed by A.M. Stern Associates. The 60-story Comcast Technology Center was wonderfully crafted by architect Lord Norman Foster and Foster + Partners, and debuted in 2018.

The Comcast Center is LEED Gold certified and the Comcast Technology Center is soon to follow. Both stories were designed with sustainability in mind.

Breathtaking Lobby Area

The lobby is the first area of the Comcast Center Campus that will capture your attention and is known as the the Comcast Experience. Their impressive video wall is featured in the lobby with 10 million pixels and over 2,100 square-foot screen. As one of the world’s largest video walls, guests can enjoy a 4-millimeter continuous video wall.  The public can enjoy free year-round programming with no ticket required. Residents have any opportunity to also enjoy the lobby during the holidays for the seasonal Comcast Holiday Spectacular. The event has phenomenally attracted over 2 million residents and tourist since 2008.

The Vernick Coffee Bar-Food And Drink

A partnership between James Beard, Award-winner Greg Vernick, and the Four Seasons presents the all-day brasserie on the upper-level of the Comcast Technology Center. The Vernick features a takeaway bakery and barista counter including a 40-seat cafe that offers full service. While one of Philly’s chefs offers a global combination of flavor and goodies.

What To Enjoy Below The Lobby -The Concourse

What’s below the lobby is one of Philadelphia’s best kept gems of the Comcast Technology Center. The Concourse is anchored by Philly culinary institution Termini Bros. Bakery and Di Bruno Bros. Guests enjoy a wide range of casual eats, a deluxe farmers market, and retail shops. The Concourse seats 400 and offers FREE Xfinity Wi-Fi. Residents and tourists can enjoy the easy accessibility by public transportation.

Philly’s Fanciest Hotel – The Four Seasons

What happens in Comcast land impacts all of Philadelphia. The Four Seasons has made recent headlines and is the top hotel in the area and home to the Comcast Center Campus. The Four Seasons in the Comcast Center Campus recently opened in March and is popular for having roundabout valet parking and a ritzy spa. With a super fast 11 mph glass elevator, guest get around the hotel with ease.

Other Four Season Features include: 

  • separate drive-up entrance (leads to the Vernick coffee bar)
  • Jean-Georges is open to the public
  • Vernick fish restaurant has a well rounded menu
  • spa has crystal walls
  • impressive (guest only) infinity pool
  • bathrooms with a view
  • digital do not disturb
  • meeting rooms galore

Recent reviews were of guests and tourist raving about the Comcast Center Campus Four seasons. The Four Seasons occupies floors 48 through 56 of the Comcast Technology Center accounting for 230,000 square feet. With 219 guestrooms, enjoy top-notch amenities and sleek furnishings at Philly’s fanciest hotel- the Four Seasons. The spa that measures 10,000 square feet with sophisticated meeting and event space.

The Art Of The Comcast Campus Center

The Comcast Campus Center offers art for everyone including the public. Their goal was to compliment their employees as well as residents and guests.

Public Art

A number of artist have contributed to the Comcast Technology Center. Two pieces by renowned artists grace the bi-level. While dozens of other artist have created dominating sculptures, furniture, and murals throughout the Comcast Center Campus. Residents and tourists are encouraged to enjoy fine art throughout the building.

Internationally renowned artist Jenny Holzer was able to create a striking piece of visual art that spans across the ceiling by leaving her mark on the Comcast Technology Center. In 2018, Holzer created a 17 hour scrolling ticker that can be seen from the street that features continous content. Enjoy thought provoking writings, poets, architects, and local Philadelphia public students and authors .

Another piece of interesting art in the Comcast Campus Center includes Humanity in Motion by Jonathan Borofsky. In the winter garden of the Comcast Center, suspended life-size figures walk across beams to invoke that every individual has a unique path to follow.

The Comcast Center Philadelphia Campus mixes technology and culture together. Their employees have an opportunity to work to imagine the future while there vertical neighborhood outstandingly features something for everyone. As Comcast’s global corporation, the Philadelphia Comcast Campus Center is estimated at $1.5 billion. Enjoy a rich combination of technology, art, food, hospitality, and culture from their impressive tower.

From the rooftop restaurant vistas, superb dining, public art, and world-class luxury accommodations of the Comcast Campus Center, you’ll find lots to do. In fact, they proudly welcome you to enjoy everything they have to offer. You don’t want to miss the activities behind the walls of breathtaking Comcast Center Philadelphia Campus. Each year millions of people grace their halls. You’re invited to visit the tallest buildings in the city and some of the tallest buildings in the world by stopping by the urban Comcast Center Campus.

If you’re interested in learning more about Philadelphia office space, contact us at OfficeFinder for more details today!

How to Make Your Office Space Greener

In big ways and small ways, many of us are looking for ways to make a positive impact on the environment. For some, that may mean installing low-flow water fixtures at home, or re-committing to becoming a great recycler in the kitchen. Others may grow an expansive garden as a way of encouraging wildlife, or even ditch the throw-away coffee cups. But when it comes to our actions, what we do at work may be an important part of the environmental equation. That’s because we spend a lot of time there, and do many of the things that we do elsewhere, such as throw away trash, cook and eat food, and rely on paper and other supplies.

So what can you do at work in order to boost how you’re saving on waste and being mindful of consumption? Well, it’s helpful to break an office space down into areas and tackle them one at a time, starting with the reception space. This graphic offers some ideas.

Green Break Room

Green Kitchen office space

Green Reception Area

Green office space

Info Graphic detals and more available at ZeroCater

Green Office Space Tips and Tricks

Going Green Office SpaceAre you willing to pay more for green office space? According to many surveys many companies are. Roughly 48% said they would pay as much as 10 percent more for sustainable (green) space, and 2% said they would expect to pay even more.

Owners on the other hand showed that 57% would expect payback of the investment with savings over a 1 – 3 year period and only 9% would consider a period of over 5 years acceptable.

In actuality, you can go green without having to breaking the bank. You save your money and you save mother earth! Nothing to lose.

Here are some of the tips and tricks to go green. Always remember, apply the 3Rs;

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Office Supplies.

  • The key here is to keep all office supplies organized. Keep all office supplies in one storage. Have someone in charge in tracking and supervising the usage of the supplies, in this way employees will be less careless or wasteful of supplies.
  • Use reusable items, one example is a reusable or refillable pen rather than the disposable ones. Reuse old or used papers blank page at the back and turn them memo pads, be careful with confidential documents though! Place a box in a common area where employees can put their scrap papers to recycle.

Go Paperless.

In larger or global organizations, papers are really out. Most of the conventional companies are still using papers to send around memos to departments or employees, emails are way too better, faster and cheaper.

  • Limit the access to the printers, most of the employees will just go trigger happy with printing if not being supervised.
  • Invest in HR Software tools, it is more environment friendly and more cost efficient in the long run. Getting signatures or approvals can be done online. You will not need to print papers to get approvals for your vacation leaves, pay slips, performance reviews and all other employee related documents. Can you imagine how many papers will be used per employee, per type of document, it will be tons. We have not talked about the space that these papers will occupy, can you imagine that? Use the “cloud” to store them!
  • Online billing is also an alternative for your clients (if applicable). Push your clients or customers for paperless by convincing them what this can do for our environment. Giving them rewards and discounts is a best way to convince them to go paperless billing.
  • If printing is necessary, make sure you use environment friendly papers. Look for chlorine-free paper or go with the papers that has recycled materials. Make use of the both sides the papers, use smaller fonts can save a lot of papers too.

The Bathroom and Kitchen.

  • Use hand dryers rather than paper towels in both bathroom and kitchen.
  • Reduce water consumption. Reduce the amount of water for flushing toilets, ask your office or building engineers about putting brick tank or low-flush models. There are systems too that you can recycle water used in washing hands, reuse it for flushing the toilets.  Again, this could be an investment, but you’ll benefit later.
  • In your pantry, do not supply disposable cups, coffee stirrers spoon and fork for your employees. Have them bring their own utensils and tumblers. Buy in bulk, less plastic consumption rather than buying individually wrapped coffee, creamer and sugar. Use bigger jars or dispensers that everyone can use, make sure it is being cleaned and maintained.
  • Drive BYO Lunch. Healthier but lesser plastic wastes from the fast food packaging.

Office Equipment, Maintenance and the Facility.

  • Buy Energy-friendly items
  • Use LED lamps, it uses less power.  Replace inefficient and high energy light bulbs with lower wattage.
  • Use multi-purpose machines, smaller and lesser machines you buy, the smaller footprint will be. One example, printer that can also be used for photocopying, faxing and scanning.
  • Consider buying second hand. It is understandable that sometimes you have to keep an attractive and great appearance for your clients. But if you consider getting a second hand, your company will be a great help in reducing wastes and you’ll save almost 50% of your money.
  • Control and maintain comfortable temperature in the office. Most of the employees keep sweater and extra clothing inside the office as temperature in the office is colder than outside. You can implement a business-casual clothing policy as they can wear comfortable clothes they want than getting suit up.
  • Use environment friendly cleaning products. You can also recycle some items to eliminate odors, like used coffee grounds in your pantry. It’s sets up the mood of your employees plus it more environment friendly than using the chemically produced one.
  • Get indoor plants, they absorb pollutants and clean air, some are also can naturally repel insects. It’s will also make the office’s ambiance relaxed.
  • Put up reminders in every wall, bulletin boards or even at the back of the toilet’s door. Make it creative to appear more interesting for the employees to read, put quotes, trivia and info graphics about saving mother earth at work.
  • Segregate Trash. Put a separate trash bins for biodegradable, for pet bottles and tin cans and all other non-biodegradable. This way, it will be much easier to recycle. Partner with a non-profit organization/community that uses recycled materials to make money out of it, donate your recyclable waste products (such as tin cans, pet bottles, newspapers, plastic wrappers) to them regularly. you help mother earth, you helped the community.

Power Savings.

  • Set a power down time, for example during lunch breaks, turn off some lights, lamps and computer monitors for one hour every day.
  • Procure motion-detecting switch for lights in the meeting rooms or bathrooms. Sometimes, employees tend to forget the number one rule in energy saving even at home – TURN OFF LIGHTS IF NOT IN USE.
  • Set up your computers and do not allow screensavers, it consumes a lot of energy even not in use.
  • Carpool or commute going to office every day, it is a big help to lessen the carbon emission. Saves your pocket too with parking fee and gasoline. Consider biking going to the office that will give health benefits too.

Raise Awareness.

Organize a team or a committee that will drive programs for eco-friendlier environment in the office.

  • This is the most important part, you need people to explain to your employees the objectives and goals of this. It will also project that your company is serious about going green.
  • Have this committee to put up rules and policy to implement.
  • This team can also make fun events with “Go Green” themes such a fashion show contest where they will be judged according to the recycled materials they used. Give good prizes, everyone will be excited and will have fun. Make fun events where the employees get to enjoy while you deliver the message to go green and love mother earth.

Here are a few more questions to ask and things to consider if you want to think green when seeking office space.

  • Is there any active or passive solar built into the construction of the building? Active solar would be solar collectors for generating electricity or heating water. Passive solar is building construction that takes into account the building’s orientation, so that the sun’s effects (such as heat and light) are minimized in summer and maximized in winter. Buildings that have a central atrium built into them also make a big difference for bringing light into the entire building, thus lessening your portion of the cost to light common areas in the building.
  • If you are looking at a newer building, ask if it is LEED certified. According to the US Green Building Council, LEED buildings lower operating costs, reduce construction waste, conserve energy and water, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and qualify for tax rebates, zoning allowances and other incentives in cities around the country. LEED certification also is better and safer for tenants, because of healthier indoor environments.
  • Find out if your prospective office building is paying attention to their use of water. Do they have low flow toilets and faucets? Do they have reclaimed or grey water systems? These will take water from sinks and filter it for use in toilets and landscaping.
  • Ask if they are doing anything less common in the area of green building, such as a vegetative roof, which increases insulation and helps filter pollution. (If there is one, find out if tenants can eat their sack lunches on the roof!)

From an article published by The University of Berkley, they discovered that the development of an active environmental policy actually has a positive impact on a company’s competitiveness in the marketplace.

How can you benefit from this green office space trend when it comes to finding the perfect office rental for your company?

Green Construction Cuts Down on Operating Costs

The cost savings associated with already installed active solar collectors are not negligible. They greatly decrease the amount of money your company spends on daily electricity. When your targeted office building also falls into the passive solar collection category, you know that its positioning will greatly decrease the need for daytime artificial light usage and winter heating expenditures. A central atrium is a big plus when you look for an office that receives natural light from all sides.

Green Landscaping Reduces Water Costs

When you rent office space, the overall operating costs of the property are built into the square footage price Choose a green building that has environmentally friendly features, which extend to the choice of landscaping. While a nicely manicured landscape provides excellent curb appeal and increases the suitability of the building as an office address, the choice of exotic flora can greatly increase the water costs. Pick an office building that uses native plants in its landscape, which cuts down on the watering cost significantly.

Green Office Space Reduces Employee Absenteeism

Whether you have 10 employees or 100, the absence of even just one worker creates a drain on your company’s productivity. A study by the City of Seattle proves that a decrease of indoor pollutants has made it possible for one company to reduce its absenteeism rate by 40 percent. In addition, productivity went up by 5 percent. When you combine the use of green building technology with the choice of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and companies, it is clear that this is a result your company could imitate.

Going green is easy. Be passionate about green office space and be true about your care for our environment. We do not need to spend so much to achieve this environment-friendly office goals. A few small steps and actions by each of your employees will create a green office space for your company, if we all try this together, it will create big impact for the environment. Whether you have a large, small or even home office, let’s love mother earth for our future.

If you need help finding green office space, contact us. It is what we do.

Going Green: Key Features of an Eco-Friendly Office Space

Target a green eco-frienldy office spaceWhether currently searching for new office space or seeking climate-friendly renovations for your current property, “green”  eco-friendly office space provides innovative solutions for greater productivity and employee well-being.  Although many companies and representatives may give the impression of being “earth-friendly” not every building automatically fits the strict parameters for a “green” office. Unlike traditional offices, “green” offices take full responsibility for their waste and environmental effect. These office also actively seek to minimize their carbon “footprint.”  As you seek a healthier, eco-smart workplace, consider these key features in green offices.


For an office to be truly “green,” it must carry strict certifications from organizations such as The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  This independent organization carefully grades buildings based on their infrastructure, resource efficiency, pollution output, and overall employee health.  Investing in an LEED-certified building provides a safe, sustainable environment to maximize workplace efficiency.

“Living” Infrastructure

Green offices are built with far more than simple wood and metal.  Sustainable offices recognize the value or bringing the “outdoors” inside with innovative features such as “living walls” and indoor gardens. Office plants and greenery provide natural air filtration, boosting employee health and well-being while also creating a more restful, natural atmosphere.

Rejuvenating Work Space

Green offices often stray from the traditional office “cubby”design.  Employees in green offices enjoy open office space with minimal segregation and walls.  These open offices allow greater use of natural light and air filtration without necessary walls and cramped work spaces.  Green offices such as  The American Society of Interior Designers employ “human-centric” floor plans that improve natural employee collaboration, creativity, and workplace moral.


Although green office space can be created nearly anywhere, these healthier, earth-friendly havens are often found in “ecodistricts,” designated areas that actively push sustainable energy and “green” principles.  Many cities, particularly in Washington, Colorado, and California are passionately supporting the creation of more ecodistricts with greater emphasis on clean public transportation and electric energy use. If looking for new office space, start your search in a clean, ecodistrict first.

Although creating a completely “green” office may appear challenging, creating a climate-friendly work space begins with small but meaningful changes anyone can make. Going green begins with managing your office’s power, water, and carbon output.

For information on finding a new, eco-friendly office space opportunity, please contact us today.

The Office Scene – Going Green!

Going Green Office SpaceIf you recycle at home you have to admit, it’s a pretty good feeling to know you’re doing your part to help the environment. Even if the reason you started is because it’s required by the city, once you got the hang of Going Green, reducing your carbon footprint is totally do-able.

Have you thought about going green at the office? Some simple changes can make a huge difference in the impact your business has on the environment, too. Treehugger lists 10 tips to get green at the office. They won’t just help the environment; they will help your bottom dollar! The article is worth the read, but we’ll highlight 5 for you.

  • Energy-Saving Settings Save Energy – Set computers and other devices used in the office to the Energy-Saving Feature. Turn them off when you leave for the day.
  • Less is More Where Paper’s Concerned – Use digital storage instead of a file cabinet. Send emails instead of letters. Delete blank pages when printing documents using new software, like Greenprint. This software will, also, convert documents to PDF for onscreen viewing.
  • Use Recycled Paper – And, save any shipping boxes and packing materials to reuse.
  • Telecommuting or 4 10’s – If either are do-able, give them a trial run. Employees will appreciate the extra time at home. Happy employees equal productive employees!
  • Redesign Your Space – Eco-friendly furniture, lighting and air quality (Plants!) are, also, ways to invest in going green resulting in a healthier environment.

Going green is more than a popular trend. The world needs our help! We should all do everything we can to clean up the mess we’ve made of it.

Are you thinking about finding a better environment to house your business? OfficeFinder can end your search for your new space. It’s what we do! ☺ Contact us today!

Creating Healthy Green Office Spaces

healthy green office Our relationship with nature (biophilia) is crucial to our creativity, health, and performance in all aspects of our life. In a recent study by Human Spaces, measurable improvements of up to 15% were detected in the well-being of employees that work in spaces that incorporate nature. According to the study, overall employee productivity rose by 6% when green elements were introduced into the work place. If your office is devoid of earthy influences, consider these opportunities to improve employee welfare and start to create a healthy green office.

Natural Light. In the Human Spaces Global Report, employees requested natural light more than any other element in the office. Adding windows, skylights, or solar tubes is the most effective way to improve a work place. Interior glass divisions and transoms can also help spread that sunlight to hallways and interior spaces that haven’t the possibilities of a perimeter area.

Color and Texture. When choosing colors for your office, stay bright, neutral, and natural. Weathered wood, stone, and contemporary designs that pay homage to nature are also helpful in creating that outdoorsy feel. Reception areas, places where employees gather, and common rooms should be focal points for natural color and textures.

Accents. Bring the outdoors in, literally. Adding plants improves both mood and air quality. Peace lilies and ficus trees are good choices for longevity and ease of maintenance. Add art pieces that feature natural subjects or colors. And don’t discount shape. A large horizontal panoramic photo emulates the outdoors better than a series of square pictures.

Practices. Looking the part is important for the health of your staff, but it is important to extend that treatment into the best practices of your office. Think about limiting paper, creating designated and specific recycling stations, and choosing products that minimize the impact on your employees, clients, and the planet.

Office Finder is ready to work with employers that want to improve productivity by bringing the outdoors in. If you want to find a healthy green office, contact us. We are available to help you navigate your project from start to finish.

Green Office Space: Healthier Employees and Healthier Planet

Target a green office spaceEvery day you see news of large businesses going green in big ways. Anheuser-Busch is switching to 100% renewable energy. Home Depot is putting solar panels on top of some of their stores. There are many motivations behind this trend. While doing something good for the planet is possibly among them, these giants are also improving their public image and saving big money. How can you, as a small business owner, do your part while showing employees and customers you care.

  1. Green Transportation. Encourage employees to carpool, or subsidize bus passes to reduce greenhouse gases from the daily commute. Provide a plug-in station for those first electric car owners, and create a space for bikers to safely store their bikes.
  2. Green Power. There are a lot of ways to reduce your power usage. Be sure computers, equipment, and lights are off at the end of the day. Use as many compact fluorescents and LED lights as possible. Install motion sensors for lights in less frequently used areas. Arrange office furniture in a way that maximizes the natural light you get. Open windows instead of turning on the air conditioning when possible. Solar power is also still sometimes an option when renting an office space. Contact the utility company about buying the solar they produce. Some communities also have very innovative solar power sharing initiatives for renters.
  3. Green Air. Indoor air pollution is bad for the environment and employee health. When painting the walls or replacing carpet, look for more natural, low VOC options. Look for office furniture made from real wood, as opposed to particle board. Use non toxic cleaning supplies, and ensure your cleaning service knows this is your preference.
  4. Green Supplies. Paper is obvious, but it’s worth saying again because many offices still use a lot of it. Go digital as much as possible. Use projector screens for meetings and encourage your staff to make notes on a digital device instead of paper. Avoid printing whenever possible. When you must use paper, buy recycled with the maximum post-consumer content you can find and look for chlorine free. Print on both sides, and use misprints for notepads. Of course always recycle, and make it very easy for your employees to do the same by placing bins in convenient spots. There are also less toxic options for printer cartridges, including recycled ones.
  5. Green Lunch. Providing a fridge and a microwave will go a long way in encouraging employees to skip going out. It reduces car emissions and waste from takeout containers. It’s also almost always healthier. Install water filters to discourage plastic water bottles. Provide a compost bin for food waste. It’s a major source of methane if it goes to the landfill, and most cities now have companies that come pick it up and turn it to rich compost.

Many of these initiatives will save you money. They also result in happier employees and a better image for your brand. Contact us, and we will help you find the perfect green office space.

6 Reasons to Lease Green Commercial Real Estate

green office buildingThe green building market is growing at a rapid pace in the U.S., accounting for an estimated 20 percent of all new commercial construction. What’s more, commercial building owners worldwide are expected to invest $960 billion in making green improvements to their buildings between now and 2023. For commercial tenants, this means that there are an ever increasing number of opportunities and reasons to lease green Commercial real estate in LEED-certified, green buildings.

So why should you lease green commercial real estate? Here are some of the top benefits to tenants:

1. Savings on Utilities
By definition, LEED-certified buildings are more efficient than their traditional counterparts. These buildings are equipped with technologies and equipment that conserve water and electricity. As a tenant in an LEED-certified building, you can expect to use 25 percent less energy, according to studies, and you can also expect lower water bills and reduced heating and cooling costs. One study found that the annual cost for utilities in green buildings was $675.26 cheaper per employee.

2. A Greener Brand
Studies have shown that when given the choice between two companies that are otherwise equal, consumer and B2B customers are more likely to choose the company that has an established a sustainability policy. Leasing space in an LEED-certified company is something that you can promote to show that your company is Eco-conscious. This can be a major differentiator between you and your competitors.

3. Support for Sustainability Initiatives
Many companies today are greening their corporate culture through green initiatives to satisfy stockholders and simply do what’s best for the planet. A move to a green LEED-certified office space can bolster these types of sustainability initiatives and bolster your efforts.

4. Improved Productivity
Green buildings help to boost employee morale, and that has been proven to impact productivity. One study found that employees in bank branches situated in green buildings were more productive than those in other non-green branches. Another study found that employees in bright office spaces with more windows and clear views performed 10 to 25 percent better on memory recall and brain function tests.

5. Fewer Sick Days and Lower Turnover
Green buildings aren’t just healthier for the planet; they’re also better for the health of employees. Improved air quality within LEED-certified buildings has been linked to improved health in employees. Studies have found that employee retention rates in green buildings are significantly higher due to improved employee morale.

6. A Better Position in the Community
Typically, local communities and cities are involved in or at least interested in promoting green commercial development. Leasing green office space can send a positive message to the community where your business operates, casting you in a favorable light with local lawmakers and neighboring businesses. These relationships can be invaluable as your business grows and develops.

When you consider these benefits, it becomes clear that green commercial real estate isn’t just good for the planet; it’s also a boon to businesses who choose to lease in these eco-friendly, sustainable buildings. While rents are often higher in LEED-certified buildings, the benefits often outweigh the increased costs.

A guest post courtesy of REoptimizer
REoptimizerREoptimizer® was founded on the principle that lease administration shouldn’t be complicated. We help minimize occupancy costs and increase the ROI on owned and leased properties. Visit their Blog.

4 Benefits of Having a Green Office Space

Target a green office spaceWhen people hear the phrase “going green,” they tend to think of what people do at home. However, office buildings are getting in on the environmentally friendly lifestyle as a way to cut costs, improve their reputations, and provide a better workplace for their employees. The following benefits of green office space are brought to you courtesy of Tree Hugger and one of our members, NYC Office Suites.

The Benefits of Green Office Space

Benefit #1: Lower Bills

Going green isn’t an inconvenience businesses suffer through to help the environment; it’s a way to save money. Windows that let in more natural light mean there’s less of a need to turn on overhead lamps. LED lights use less power, last longer, and overall are less expensive to use. Most green steps that an office space takes, from bringing in plants to recycling leftover lunch into compost, has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Benefit #2: Healthier Employees

A standard office is full of all kinds of health concerns, from unhealthy air in the ducts, to depressing color schemes that can suck the life out of a day. Going green can help alter the atmosphere, and keep everyone healthy. Office plants, particularly if they’re abundant, can trap contaminants from the air, and keep moisture flowing. Flowers can add a touch of perfume, and the bright colors can have a positive effect on workers’ moods. While putting hanging tomato plants up might seem a little silly, there’s nothing quite like plucking a snack from your hanging planter while you’re going through quarterly returns.

Benefit #3: Increased Productivity

Green office spaces have shown, when compared to their less-green brethren, increased productivity from employees. There’s just something about working in a green office space that helps lubricate the mind, and keep results going strong. Employers know this, and it’s why more and more of them are getting onto the green office space bandwagon as a way to get the best possible performance out of their work forces.

Benefit #4: Positive Company Image

Not only do the younger generations of employees take green office space into consideration when selecting their employers, but clients appreciate the efforts you make in going green. Your company will be perceived as on the leading edge. After all, we all want to make sure that we live and work in a safe environment and going green is a step in that direction. It is the “right thing to do.”

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