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led light signs

Enhancing Office Spaces with Custom LED Signs and Creative Decoration

Creating a vibrant and inviting office environment is crucial for boosting employee morale, productivity, and overall satisfaction. One effective way to achieve this is by incorporating custom LED signs. These signs not only add a modern and energetic touch to the office interior but also serve as an excellent advertising tool if visible from outside.… Read More »

Leasing Office Space

Office Space: Tips For Maximizing Productivity and Organization

For business owners to successfully carry out their business operations, they need skilled workers. However, employees need functional office space to be productive and meet expectations. With office space trends constantly changing, most business owners find it challenging to choose the right design. Yet, business owners can afford to ignore this aspect, considering the benefits of… Read More »

Solar Energy Supplier

Factors to Consider When Selecting an Energy Supplier for Your Business

Are you trying to find an energy supplier for your business? Whether you’re running a small family-owned store, a large multi-national corporation, or something in between — finding the right energy supplier is a step you should never overlook. But before making your final choice, we will go through all the factors you should take… Read More »

Benefits of Indoor Plants for Your Office

Eco-Friendly Office Ideas: A Green Guide to a Sustainable Workspace

In the wake of escalating environmental concerns, businesses globally are spearheading sustainable initiatives to create greener workspaces. Every organization has a vital role to play in mitigating the effects of climate change, and transforming the traditional office into an eco-friendly hub is an excellent place to start. This article explores several strategies to achieve that… Read More »

Going Green

How Going Green Can Improve Your Office 

Companies everywhere are looking to incorporate the green initiative by going green. For some people it means going all digital and for others it can look like remote working to cut on the transport and extra costs of having a physical workplace building. However, there are some great benefits to making a switch to going… Read More »

Benefits Of Green Offices On Employee Health And Productivity

Benefits Of Green Offices On Employee Health And Productivity

Today, many people spend long hours at the workplace and will do so throughout their lifetime. Several studies have found that the overall design or structure of a workplace significantly impacts various factors, including employees’ physical, mental, well-being, and productivity. Companies of different sizes worldwide are transforming outdated workplaces into sustainable environments, green offices, to… Read More »

4 Great Home Office Plant Inspiration Ideas

4 Great Office Plant Inspiration Ideas

Do you want to enjoy a bit of nature in your office? Look at creating a lovely space in your office using plants. There are so many different kinds of plants, the possibilities are endless. If you are thinking about adding some plants to your office, check out this list for some office plant inspiration. … Read More »

Eco-Friendly Business: A Quick Guide To a Sustainable Office Design

The most sustainable office design integrates with the natural environment – not just in energy conservation but also in aesthetic design. The goal is to create a space that feels like part of nature, where employees would want to spend time and do their best work. This can be achieved by incorporating plants and trees,… Read More »

5 Environmentally Friendly Online Services For Your Business

Most people are joining in the fight for a better environment and with good reason. The earth is polluted, and everyone has a part to play to make it cleaner. The issue is so prominent in today’s world that governments, organizations, and businesses are creating and enforcing policies for a better environment.   Some businesses may… Read More »

How to Make Your Office Space Greener

In big ways and small ways, many of us are looking for ways to make a positive impact on the environment. For some, that may mean installing low-flow water fixtures at home, or re-committing to becoming a great recycler in the kitchen. Others may grow an expansive garden as a way of encouraging wildlife, or… Read More »

Green Office Space Tips and Tricks

Are you willing to pay more for green office space? According to many surveys many companies are. Roughly 48% said they would pay as much as 10 percent more for sustainable (green) space, and 2% said they would expect to pay even more. Owners on the other hand showed that 57% would expect payback of… Read More »

Going Green: Key Features of an Eco-Friendly Office Space

Whether currently searching for new office space or seeking climate-friendly renovations for your current property, “green”  eco-friendly office space provides innovative solutions for greater productivity and employee well-being.  Although many companies and representatives may give the impression of being “earth-friendly” not every building automatically fits the strict parameters for a “green” office. Unlike traditional offices,… Read More »

The Office Scene – Going Green!

If you recycle at home you have to admit, it’s a pretty good feeling to know you’re doing your part to help the environment. Even if the reason you started is because it’s required by the city, once you got the hang of Going Green, reducing your carbon footprint is totally do-able. Have you thought about going green at… Read More »

Creating Healthy Green Office Spaces

Our relationship with nature (biophilia) is crucial to our creativity, health, and performance in all aspects of our life. In a recent study by Human Spaces, measurable improvements of up to 15% were detected in the well-being of employees that work in spaces that incorporate nature. According to the study, overall employee productivity rose by 6%… Read More »

Green Office Space: Healthier Employees and Healthier Planet

Every day you see news of large businesses going green in big ways. Anheuser-Busch is switching to 100% renewable energy. Home Depot is putting solar panels on top of some of their stores. There are many motivations behind this trend. While doing something good for the planet is possibly among them, these giants are also… Read More »

6 Reasons to Lease Green Commercial Real Estate

The green building market is growing at a rapid pace in the U.S., accounting for an estimated 20 percent of all new commercial construction. What’s more, commercial building owners worldwide are expected to invest $960 billion in making green improvements to their buildings between now and 2023. For commercial tenants, this means that there are… Read More »