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Secure and Efficient: Choosing the Right Medical Record Storage Solutions

Healthcare organizations know the importance of finding safe and efficient storage solutions when managing medical records. The safekeeping, accessibility, and proper management of these crucial documents are vital in delivering quality patient care. This blog post will explore the key considerations healthcare providers must consider when choosing the correct medical record storage solutions. Data Security:… Read More »

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Keys to Finding Medical Office Space for Rent, Lease or Sale

Are you a healthcare professional looking for the perfect medical office space for rent, lease or sale? The market for medical office spaces can be complex and challenging to navigate, especially if you are not familiar with the industry. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of finding the ideal medical… Read More »

7 Tips for Getting a New Medical Practice Up and Running Smoothly

If you’ve just transitioned from the public sector and you’re trying to open your own medical practice, you probably already anticipate this being a lot of work. And that’s because to get everything set up the right way takes time and planning. One of the main goals regarding setting up your own practice involves hiring… Read More »

Coworking Medical Office Space: A New Twist on an Old Model

Medicine is no stranger to the concept of coworking. For many years, it has not been at all unusual to find different medical practices renting space within the same building, at about 2,000 square-feet and a long-term lease apiece. However, according to a recent report from National Real Estate Investor, there’s a new twist to… Read More »

Avoid 5 Common Mistakes When Leasing Medical Office Space

Leasing medical office space has the potential to grow your practice, but also some pitfalls. Although it is difficult to define “right” since each business has different needs, there is a common thread that points to success as well as failure. Do you know how to avoid mistakes when leasing medical office space for your… Read More »

6 Reasons Renting Medical Office Space May be Better Than Buying

For many reasons, renting medical office space for your practice may be more practical and profitable than purchasing a building to house your practice. Both processes can be time-consuming and stressful, here are 6 reasons you may want to rent vs. buy medical office space for your practice. Lower Costs – If you can find an… Read More »

Pediatric Office Space Design Made Simple

While this subject is a little different than the office space design posts we have done in the past, I hope you find it of interest. Though many little ones fear the doc, there are many office space design choices that you can use to warm their little hearts and make them feel ten times more… Read More »

A Prescription for Leasing Medical Office Space

Selecting the right space to site a medical office is more than just knowing where to plug in the MRI. Today’s medical facility offers so much more than the traditional doctors’ office. With careful forethought, medical professionals can use the size and shape of their office space to enhance productivity and patient satisfaction in their… Read More »

Medical Office Space Design to Allow for Growth

As your medical practice grows you need medical office space space that will allow you to grow as needed. You want a space that will facilitate expansion; a space that will help you to feel empowered to grow, to develop your practice and all that you have to offer. Finding and leasing medical office space… Read More »

Tech Trends Affecting Minimalistic Medical Office Space Design

Medical office space design may seem bound by traditional concepts, a waiting room, reception area, exam rooms and offices, but the future holds more for these antiquated arenas than one might imagine. Let’s take a look at how some tech trends will affect new design concepts for future physicians and help to reduce medical office space… Read More »

Medical office space: The emergence and effects of master leases

If you’ve been looking for medical office space, then you must probably have noticed that the sector is changing with the emergence of master leases. In a master lease a large organization or institution will take the lease on several floors of office space and then sublease smaller spaces to healthcare providers. Once they have… Read More »

3 Reasons to Lease Medical Office Space vs. Buy

Many practices own their office space, but it’s surprisingly common for them to choose rental or leasing options instead. Here are a few of the top reasons to look for to lease medical office space instead of buying it outright: There’s no need for a substantial down payment. Even for established practices, the need for… Read More »

4 considerations in Leasing Medical Office Space in Non-Medical Offices

If you’re running a medical practice and decide for some reasons to relocate to a non-medical office building, then there are a few things that you and your landlord will need to clarify. This article discusses what you should consider before leasing medical office space. The medical practice industry is changing Over the past few… Read More »

Using Colors to Create a Feng Shui Office

Before you move into a new office space, deciding what colors to use for walls, furniture and accessories is important. Although it’s easiest to do, stark white walls and minimal decorating create a cold, institutional atmosphere. Instead, create a feng shui office to create a calm, welcoming environment that helps employees, clients or patients relax… Read More »

New Trends in Medical Offices

In a recent issue of Building Design + Construction magazine, senior editor Julie Higgenbotham outlined several ways that future medical offices will differ from typical medical offices of the 20th century. According to the article, the development model is shifting toward a leaner, greener and more digital medical facility. Architects and designers are eschewing typical… Read More »

Buy vs. Lease Medical Office Space?

Deciding whether to purchase or lease medical office space is a big decision. To help you, below are a few of the advantages offered by both purchasing or leasing medical office space. Leasing Advantages A lease requires less capital investment than buying. This can be a big advantage to new practices trying to get established.… Read More »

5 Ways a Medical Office Rental Could Improve Your Practice

What is almost as important as a building’s amenities and good neighbors? When you are ready to look at a medical office rental, there are some obvious pitfalls to avoid. That said, there are also plenty of advantages you can find even in buildings where no other physicians have set up shop yet. The right… Read More »