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Office Workplace Strategy: 3 Areas Impacting Productivity

When working conditions are right, the results are easy to see. Your employees perform better at their jobs, employee engagement is higher and so is productivity. You reap the rewards. The question is, how do you get there? How do you develop an office workplace strategy that will give you the outcome you’re looking for? We’ve compiled… Read More »

Office Rental Rates Predicted to Increase by 5.6% by End of 2015

Lawrence Yun, the chief economist at the National Association of Realtors recently reported that the “Growth in commercial real estate sectors continues at a moderate pace from a very slow pace of absorption, despite job additions to the economy. Companies appear hesitant to add new space.” The good news is that the pace of the… Read More »

Agile Workplace is Changing The Traditional Office Environment

Today the office workplace must be flexible enough to be able to quickly and easily adapt to change. These are important features of an agile workplace. It must be versatile and able to support individual ways of working. It’s a place that must be able to provide the opportunity for employees to do work wherever… Read More »

New Realities Impacting Office Space Workplaces

Maybe this is not a big surprise: The office space workplace has changed. People no longer want to work in cubicles or, for that matter, traditional private offices. This is the new workspace reality and it is impacting the workplace. To be able to recruit and retain the best and the brightest, businesses need to… Read More »

3 Tips For Organizing Your Office Workplace

When you started your business, you seemed to have plenty of office space. In fact, it felt like you even had room to grow. Now, perhaps it’s been five or ten years, and you’ve certainly grown, but it’s almost as if you’ve grown too much. You know that there are many tips out there to… Read More »

Case4Space Workplace Research Project : Why Change?

The goal of the Case4Space Workplace Research Project is to determine what drives productivity in the workplace. They are taking a look at change in the workplace and are finding out why the changes have taken place. What they found was that office space must be planned and designed to help businesses to “manage and… Read More »

The Agile Workplace: The Secret to Keeping Employees Happy

I found this great infographic (below) on which pretty much makes the case for Companies to move their office space and workplace strategy towards an Agile Workplace. What struck me the most was the Cornell University study that found small businesses that provided employees a choice in how they work, grew 4 times faster… Read More »

What Will the Office Space of the Future be Like?

Technology is changing the world we live in and the way we work. It is allowing much more flexibility in where and how we work. The Millennial, Gen X and Gen Y generations, now in the workforce,  have grown up in the digital age and have very different work / life requirements that have been… Read More »

Office Space: Creating a Welcoming Environment for Clients

When a potential client is sitting in a cold office lobby waiting for an appointment, they don’t have a chance to adequately warm to your services. In contrast, an inviting yet classic and clean office space draws potential clients in and makes them instinctively trust you. A barren space makes new clients feel uncomfortable, as… Read More »

Using Office Space Design to Boost Productivity and Improve Morale

While efficient use of office space is important, you should also keep in mind that it should be motivational as well as space efficient. You want high employee engagement and that comes when they are motivated. Office space design that includes comfortable and efficient use of space as well as fostering better collaboration and communication makes… Read More »

Best of the Agile Workplace

An agile workplace is one that is constantly changing, adjusting and responding to organizational needs. Agility requires a dynamic relationship between employees, management, work and the workplace as well how work productivity gets measured. Many companies are now finding that in order to attract and retain the best and the brightest, they need to rethink… Read More »