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How A Coworking Office Can Be A Major Boost To Your Company

coworking office spaceIs your business struggling to keep up with its competitors or are you looking for a way to stand out in a crowded field? Then consider a coworking office space. This surprising concept has spread wildly across the business world and it may inspire your company to greater heights.

What is A Coworking Office?

These intriguing new work ideas are based on the idea of sharing working areas with other people and businesses. You can rent these places out and will work beside and along with other people. It is a fairly novel concept and one that many people are arguing for and against. We believe it will seriously improve your business by offering you a variety of benefits.

The Benefits of Coworking Office For Your Business

When you invest in a coworking office, you receive many great benefits, including:

  • Improved interaction between your coworkers
  • New interactions with potential partners and business associates
  • Boosted performance caused by focusing on boosted capacities
  • Stronger trust between your coworkers and other companies
  • Better grasp of how your coworkers work and obtain their goals

These many benefits are a big part of why coworking spaces are such a wise investment. However, there are a few negatives that should be discussed. The most problematic of these is knowledge leakage.

The Risk Of Knowledge Leakage

While coworking spaces allow you to meet new people and new potential partners, they also cause the possibility of knowledge leakage. Think of this problem of a potential loss as a business advantage. For example, let’s say your company has information that could help it outperform its competitors.

Unfortunately, this information is found by somebody sharing office space with you, and they use it instead. While these instances are very rare in most coworking spaces, it is important to acknowledge the fact that they could happen.

If you are interested in learning more about finding a coworking office, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

3 Ways to Maximize The Benefits of Millennials in the Workplace

Millennials in the workplaceFor quite some time the word “millennial” has carried somewhat of a negative connotation. But when employers can begin to recognize the positive qualities of this controversial generation, they can start to maximize the benefits and ROI of fostering a productive work environment for millennials. Millennials are on track to comprise fifty percent of the workforce worldwide by 2020. If you want a good workforce in the workplace, now is the time to gear up as the impact of the millennials in the workforce  continues to grow.

Three key ways millennials in the workplace will help your company grow

  1. They’re Outside-The-Box Kind of People: It’s been recognized that millennials contain a lot of unconventional types. They can evolve quickly with the changing pace of the world and are highly adaptable. So at work, it is a good idea to set up an outside-the-box kind of environment for them. Literally. Nix the cubicles and set up an open space work setting. Allow millennials to work where they need to work in the office in order to get the creative juices flowing and offer a bigger contribution to your company.
  2. They’re Collaborative: Most millennials don’t have the “me too” attitude when it comes to succeeding in the workplace. To them, they succeed when their peers also succeed. Millennials are a collaborative bunch so it is imperative to set up a work environment that’s congruent with this mindset. One way to do that is to put in more long table areas for meetings and co-working. Encourage think tanks and reward collaborative projects.
  3. They’re Flexible: As mentioned above, millennials are good at adapting. They’re flexible people and that means to really optimize their productivity at work, they need to work in a flexible setting. Don’t confine your millennial employees to one setting. Install varied kinds of seating including chairs, long tables, and sofas. Create a setting that prioritizes flexibility.

Taking these three key ways millennials in the workplace can help your company grow and help create a more agile workplace for all generations in the workplace.

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The Office Scene – Going Green!

Going Green Office SpaceIf you recycle at home you have to admit, it’s a pretty good feeling to know you’re doing your part to help the environment. Even if the reason you started is because it’s required by the city, once you got the hang of Going Green, reducing your carbon footprint is totally do-able.

Have you thought about going green at the office? Some simple changes can make a huge difference in the impact your business has on the environment, too. Treehugger lists 10 tips to get green at the office. They won’t just help the environment; they will help your bottom dollar! The article is worth the read, but we’ll highlight 5 for you.

  • Energy-Saving Settings Save Energy – Set computers and other devices used in the office to the Energy-Saving Feature. Turn them off when you leave for the day.
  • Less is More Where Paper’s Concerned – Use digital storage instead of a file cabinet. Send emails instead of letters. Delete blank pages when printing documents using new software, like Greenprint. This software will, also, convert documents to PDF for onscreen viewing.
  • Use Recycled Paper – And, save any shipping boxes and packing materials to reuse.
  • Telecommuting or 4 10’s – If either are do-able, give them a trial run. Employees will appreciate the extra time at home. Happy employees equal productive employees!
  • Redesign Your Space – Eco-friendly furniture, lighting and air quality (Plants!) are, also, ways to invest in going green resulting in a healthier environment.

Going green is more than a popular trend. The world needs our help! We should all do everything we can to clean up the mess we’ve made of it.

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