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6 Tips To Help You Have A Clutter-free Office

clutter free office

The working environment of an office says a lot about the employees and the brand as a whole. When potential clients come to your office, you need to give them the best first impression of both your services and the organization of your office. A Clutter-free Office helps.

A good and clean work environment is a breeding ground for brilliant ideas and getting the job done. But not to worry, fixing and reorganizing your office doesn’t have to be a week-long process. There are several quick ways to make your workspace more effective. These include;

Get Rid of Old Papers

For some reason, people like to leave old and useless papers lying around in the office in cabinets and file folders. These unnecessary documents bulk up the room and make it harder for you to keep the surroundings tidy as one or two pieces of paper are always poking out. In this age and time, the use of paper is quickly phasing out as people are looking to store information more efficiently. Consider using an effective storage system like Dropbox, where you can scan documents and store them online. This method of file storage will save you a lot of space and unclutter your office.

Keep Cords in a Cable Box Organized

There is nothing more frustrating than tripping over your cable, getting hurt, and damaging your device at the same time. Exposed cords can be a real hazard in the office and a cause of clutter as well. A couple of power cords and cables splattered over the floor can make a semi-organized office room look disarrayed. This is why you should consider getting a cable box to keep all your cords and chargers in one safe device that comes with charger slots. There are several types of cable organizers available on the market, with a lot of them being relatively cheap. It’s well worth it to never get cables tangled again.

Get a Storage Unit

This is popularly used in many offices now, especially when there is so much clutter to be safely put away. Office supplies that need to be easily accessible can be readily stored in holders or containers that don’t occupy a large space. While the not-too-used supplies can be stored in a labeled container that could then be stored in a secure self storage unit. These containers or holders don’t have to cramp your office’s style as there are a variety of decorative versions available on the market. Using these containers will help you keep similar items in one simple location and create more room for new office items.

Make Use of a Label Maker

Label makers make your life a whole lot easier, especially if you work in an office filled with several items that need to be separated and stored. When using containers, you must label each holder according to the group of items placed in them. This will save you a lot of time looking through container after container and box after box for a stapler re-fill when you could have easily labeled it. Using a label maker is a good way to quickly update and add labels to any container in your office and keep track of supplies. They are relatively inexpensive, so you can get them now and begin reorganizing your desk.

Organizations rely heavily on compartmentalization

When you don’t decide where an item belongs on your desk, it will decide for itself where it belongs, which is everywhere. Supplies lying around your desk are anarchy, a jumbled up of tools that just make a cluttered mess. If you want to keep your desk organized and prevent anarchy, you need to map out a space for each item and be intentional about it.

Keep the papers at the mail station and the printer at your office’s printing station. As long as it has a use, it should have a designated spot decided by you beforehand to avoid disorganization.

For extra storage, use a rolling cart

The truth you need to learn about storage is that it is never enough. One or two sizeable additions later, and you may be searching for some space to store a label maker or extra files. This is where a trolley or roller cart can be a lifesaver, with these portable and moveable storage units you can store your supplies. They are great for added storage, and also if you need to move around all day, their in-built wheels give you unlimited flexibility.

The Importance of an Uncluttered Workspace

  • increased confidence: You know that feeling you get when you invite a visitor or guest into your previously untidy room, which you have just cleaned up? That confidence boost is the same when you receive a client or your boss in your office. You become more confident in your words and ideas, knowing that your office is spick and span. They can see you get the job done.
  • It improves productivity: There is a certain psychological effect to having your room in order when you’re in it. It is scientifically proven that your brain is only as organized as your working space. So, if you need to brainstorm or you are searching for extra vigor in your work, consider cleaning out the waste bin and organizing your office, you would be surprised.
  • Easy location: When you are in work mode and on the grind, you don’t want to spend unnecessary time searching for your supplies. When you keep your things in order, you know exactly where they are, and this helps keep you in flow while you work.

Finding a way to keep your office and desk tidy and organized is good practice for anyone looking to run an efficient business or be a good employee. Keeping your office space impeccable is a trademark trait of successful people, so it’s a trait you would like to have. You don’t have to overhaul everything at once, as that may be too overwhelming. A good way to start is by removing what doesn’t belong from the space and then moving up from there.

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A Guide for Creating Your Perfect Office Space

perfect office space?A happy, healthy workplace is the key to success, and creating the right office space can make all the difference in your company. It’s not enough to simply furnish your office; it needs to be functional. The design of your office should reflect your company’s values, culture, and personality. The office is the place where productivity, creativity, and collaboration happen on a daily basis, which is why it’s essential to set up your space so that it promotes these qualities. But how do you get started? Designing your perfect office space requires careful consideration of factors like budget, floor plan, ergonomic seating, lighting, and more. Fortunately, we have compiled this guide for designing the perfect office space that will help you get started on building your dream workspace today.


The first step in creating the perfect office space is the lighting. You should ensure that you have plenty of natural light coming into your office as this will improve the mood of your employees, which will lead to increased happiness, and, as a result, improved productivity. However, you should also ensure that there is artificial light to brighten up dark corners and make sure that during the colder winter months that the office doesn’t seem dank; this will ensure that your team is happy even when the weather outside is dreadful and dark. You should also consider providing desk lamps as this will help reduce the strain on your employee’s eyes as they look at their screens for long periods.


The next step is making sure you have the best furniture for your office. Consider adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs to improve the comfort of your employees as this will show you care and lead to more motivated staff members, which will boost the overall productivity of your team. As well as desk and chairs, you should also make sure your break and lunch rooms have comfy couches and tables where they can eat, which will give them the ideal space to get away from work and recharge for the next part of their workday.

Finally, you should always have spaces for meetings to take place, whether that’s for your staff to collaborate on projects or for you to entertain clients, and to achieve this you will need a conference room. When designing a conference room, you should consider the table size as it will need to seat enough people to be functional without making the space feel cramped. If you need help designing your conference room, you can get plenty of inspiration and expert advice from Branch Furniture’s article. This will allow you to have more of an understanding of what a conference room needs, as well as your office space in general.


While you may not be able to control the overall clutter throughout your office and on your employee’s desk, you should make sure you don’t overcrowd your space with too many pieces of furniture or accessories. A cluttered space will feel cramped, and this can reduce productivity, which means you need to consider the space you have when designing your office to ensure that the atmosphere is conducive to creativity and productivity.


Consider the color scheme of your office as the design can impact the overall environment and how your employees respond to their workspace. The perfect office space typically creates a light and airy aesthetic, which is ideal for productivity, but you shouldn’t be afraid to add some color. Your office should be balanced with neutral tones to improve the flow of natural light and colors to enhance your brand image, and by creating this balance, you will boost the productivity of your staff.


As well as ensuring you reduce clutter by not crowding your office, you should also provide storage for paperwork and other business-critical work. Storage in the form of shelves, bookcases, drawers, and filing cabinets will provide your staff with plenty of options to keep their desks clear of mess which will, in turn, increase their productivity as they won’t be spending too much time searching for what they need to finish any of their daily tasks or projects.


Boost the moods and productivity of your staff by providing refreshments around your office. Little details like this show your team that you care and give them something to look forward to during the day, as well as ensuring that they have eaten properly as a poor diet can lead to reduced energy levels which could impact productivity. You could provide coffee and tea for them to drink, as well as healthy snacks that will help give them a boost during longer portions of the day, which will help improve their happiness, energy levels, and productivity. Some companies provide refreshments daily, whereas others have special weekly events where they supply lunch or something special for their employees to enjoy. Whatever you choose, your team will appreciate the effort and look forward to enjoying the refreshments you provide.


Taking these 6 considerations into account will help in developing your perfect office space. Of course, you need to start with an office in a good location in which you can implement these suggestions. If you are looking for office space where you can create your perfect office, we can help with our network of 1,000 top local reps. Just let us know and we will put you in touch. No obligation and no cost.

Office Security: Access Control Systems

access controlOffice security should be a priority for all types of businesses. Access control systems are an excellent option if you want to upgrade your building security or shift from the usual key entry systems. They offer simple security management that is overly flexible and scalable. This ensures that the right people are granted access to the right areas of your facility. This guide outlines some important things to know about access control systems.

What Are Access Control Systems and How Do They Work?

Despite being a common trending term, most people and business owners don’t have a perfect description of “what is access control.” An access control system typically allows and restricts entry to a room, building, or designated area. Unlike key entry systems, access control systems are electronically powered to control access at a specific time.

Employees who want to access controlled locations should provide their credentials. This could be physical, such as key cards, or digital, such as mobile devices with cloud connections. The person submits an access or unlock request to the card reader, which sends information to the access control unit for authorization. The unit triggers the door or gate to open if the credentials are allowed.

Besides simplifying employee access, access control units have a simple management portal or dashboard. Office administrators, heads of security, and IT managers can regulate who can access specific areas through the dashboard. Managers can create or schedule access settings based on employee shifts, job title, employee rank, allowed access time, and more.

Benefits of Access Control Systems

Upgrading your security systems is important for ensuring that your business is secure. Regardless of the size of your business, installing automated control systems can protect employees while enabling administrators to identify who can access their premises. Key benefits of these systems include:

  • Ease of access – Access control systems allow administrators to streamline employee access to various areas of the business. Once they have given authorization, employees can easily access their workstations. This eliminates the complexities of juggling many keys to find the right one for a specific door.
  • Eliminating traditional keys – Using traditional keys in your business has several drawbacks. For instance, restricted areas require individual keys. Large buildings with many locks mean more keys. For janitors and other high-ranking officials, this means carrying bulky key rings that bring a lot of confusion. Using an access control system saves a lot of time and eliminates frequent visits to locksmiths.
  • Money-saving – Access control systems save money that would otherwise be spent on locks and hiring security personnel. The system can verify everyone’s credentials before granting access, eliminating the need to hire security personnel. You can also integrate these systems with lighting and HVAC systems, such that lights turn on when someone enters the room and shut off as soon as they leave.


Access control systems also restrict visits from unwanted visitors, help businesses keep track of who enters and leaves business premises, mitigate data breaches, and reduce theft, generally creating a safe working environment. The system is a great solution to your security needs and should be part of every business’ physical security network.

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How Landlords Keep Office Building Garages Clean

Office Building GarageEver wonder what Landlords need to do to keep office building garages clean? Your office building parking garage is a potential breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and fungus. These contaminants will not only affect your employees’ health but also their productivity! Landlords  take steps to clean the garage, but what do they do? We’ll share some best practices in this article.

Pressure Washers

A pressure washer is a great way to clean the garage. It will remove all of the dirt, dust, and debris from the surface. There are 4 kinds of gun pressure washers that are the most common. They include electric, gas-powered, cold water, and hot water pressure washers.

The best one to use for cleaning those hard-to-get spots in a garage is the electric pressure washer. It is more affordable than the other types of pressure washers and it is easy to use. You just need to plug it into an outlet and you are ready to go. The electric pressure washer produces a high level of pressurized water that will quickly clean the surface.

There are also truck mounted pressure washing systems that are eco friendly. Some even bring in their own water and vacuum up 98% of it at the end of cleaning, to be recycled for future use. Of course, a gun pressure washer will still be needed for the hard-to-get places that a truck can’t get to.

Grime Seals

Grime seal is a great product for cleaning the garage floor. It will make it look new again and protect against further staining or damage to the surface. This type of floor coating can be applied both indoors and outside. You just have to apply one coat with a roller, allow time for drying, then apply another coat in the opposite direction with a brush. The grime seals are available in several different colors so you can choose what color looks best on your garage floor depending on whether it is near an entrance or not.

Floor Coating

Floor coating is another product that will protect the garage floor against damage. It is made of a petroleum-based material which means it has great adhesive power to adhere to concrete surfaces. Floor coatings are available in several different colors, textures, and finishes so you can choose what works best for your needs depending on whether there is an entrance or not. This type of coating also does not peel up like regular paint when exposed to weather conditions over time because it adheres very well between layers.

Garage Door Cleaning

The garage door is often one of the dirtiest parts of the garage. It can get dirty from all of the dust and debris that accumulates on it over time. To clean it, you will need a ladder, bucket, hose, and soft-bristled brush. The best way to clean it is to start at the top and work your way down. Be sure to rinse off the brush frequently so that the dirt does not accumulate on it. This will make it difficult to clean later on.

Floor Mats

Floor mats are great for keeping the garage clean. They will trap all of the dirt and debris that falls to the ground as cars come in and out of it through the garage door. The best way to use floor mats is at each entrance into the garage so that people can wipe their feet before entering. This will keep any excess dirt or pollutants outside, where they cannot damage your floors indoors. It also creates a barrier between dirty shoes coming inside versus just having them touch regular flooring surfaces directly without anything to protect them first.

Brush and Dust Mop

A brush and dust mop is a great way to clean the garage floor after pressure washing it. You can use them together or separately depending on what works best for your needs. If there are areas that need more attention than others, you may just want to focus on those with the dust mop first before moving on to other surfaces. The bristles of the brush will get into any grooves in between tiles so that all loose debris is removed from them too. Then when you switch over to using a dry dust mop, this will pick up anything left behind like dirt particles and small rocks in crevices where they could scratch certain spots if not properly cleaned out beforehand.

A clean office building parking garage will not only will keep employees happy and healthy, but also impact the impression clients have when they come to visit. When you are negotiating a lease, make sure and inquire about the garage cleaning schedule.

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How To Perform A Comparative Lease Analysis

lease agreementPicture this: your office space is currently located in an area with a poor business environment, so you want to rent a new office space to enable you to run business operations efficiently and effectively.

You engage a tenant rep to look out for your needs. A few days later, they return and show a list of spaces based on your requirements. They also provide a comparison of the properties on the list, advising on which is a better match for you based on cost-effectiveness and your needs.

What the tenant rep will provide you is both lease analysis and comparative lease analysis. First, they carry out a lease analysis to come up with options that match your needs. Then, they compare these options to tell you which is more cost-effective.

What Is Comparative Lease Analysis?

Comparative lease analysis is comparing two or more lease options to see which has better advantage in terms of cost.

Imagine this: two friends, Mr. A and Mr. B, rent office spaces for themselves at different rates. Mr. A’s is priced at $150,000 a year, while Mr. B’s is at $180,000 per year. Two years later, Mr. A has already spent $450,000, while Mr. B, $410,000. On the surface, Mr. A’s rent is cheaper. But, here’s the catch: he pays for maintenance and repair, as well as all outside structures of his rental space. On the other hand, Mr. B’s landlord handles everything concerning maintenance and repair, and doesn’t require his tenant to pay for any structure while occupying the property.

You can see that if Mr. A had carried out a comparative cost and lease analysis, he would’ve made a more informed rental decision and wouldn’t have spent as much as he does. This type of scenario is why lease analysis is essential.

It’s much more efficient to semi-automate the calculation when you have a number of options to consider, which you can do in Excel by learning more advanced formulas in a training course like Acuity Training.

Factors of a Comparative Lease Analysis

While the overall cost of occupying a property is the major reason a comparative lease analysis is carried out, other factors could also influence the price of leased properties. A few of these factors include:

  • Luxury Level

How luxurious the property is will play out in determining its price. So, carrying out a comparative lease analysis, you can’t compare a property that has gold fittings with another that has gold-coated fittings. Their classes are different.

  • Location

It’d be wrong to compare higher quality properties areas with lower-class ones. Yes, they may have the same layout, the same size, and the same level of luxury, but the perceived value of the location will always be the main determining factor as to the price of the property. So, consider the location when analyzing a lease for office space.

  • Age

A brand-new property can’t be the same as another property that’s 23 years old in the same location. The newer property will turn out to be more expensive than the older one. Therefore, the duration of a property is another influencing factor for lease analysis.

  • Income Generation Capacity

If you’re looking for a property for business purposes, you’d have to know how viable the location is for your kind of business. Understanding how much your lease will generate in positive net income is a must.

Steps And Approaches When Performing Lease Analysis

While a comparative lease analysis compares two or more lease options, a lease analysis is the individual analysis of properties—it’s the step taken before comparative analysis.

A lease analysis is a process of using several tools and procedures to gather and organize economic and financial data that educate you on what type of lease would be of more advantage for you (the lessee) and acceptable to the lessor (renter or the party that receives payment from you).

Here’s are a few of the items to consider in a lease analysis:

  • Look Out For Basic Details

Details like the physical address, the renter’s name, and contact information can be used to perform lease analysis. The state and date the lease was signed, the date indicating the beginning and end of your stay for that particular lease fee, options for lease renewal, and policies that guide rent increments can also help when you’re comparing lease options.

  • Be Sure Of The Extra Fees

Knowing what you have to pay for aside from the rental fee can serve as a tool for lease analysis. Fees like upfront security deposits or parking fees should be clearly understood. As should any cost pass-throughs. You don’t want to be in a situation where fees you didn’t care about will be demanded of you and eventually cause unnecessary hitches between you and the landlord of the property.

  • Repairs And Maintenance

In the long run, you may end up spending a lot on repairs and maintenance. So, be familiar with the requirements when comparing lease options. The lease will tell you aspects of the repair and maintenance the Landlord will handle. If the proposition isn’t fair enough for you, consider other lease options.

  • Look Out For The House Rules

Make sureto read the rules and regualtions in the lease agreements. Some office space rules can be far-reaching, outlandish, and even discriminatory. Some of these rules could be maximum occupancy, parking and storage, property alterations, quiet hours, and insurance requirements, among others. Understanding these rules will keep you out of unwanted troubles and help you analyze your lease options.

  • Quit Notice

The lease should explain the grounds on which you can be served a quit notice, as well as the duration of the notice. Otherwise, analyze your lease budget and consider other lease options.

  • Involve An Attorney

Sometimes, the letter A doesn’t mean the letter A, and you may be misled by the landlord to believe otherwise as stated in the lease. That being so, get an attorney to read through the lease document and explain everything to you. You should understand the legal implications of the lease you’re signing.


Both lease analysis and comparative lease analysis are crucial steps in the process of renting an office space and improving productivity. We have mentioned a few items here, but a professional tenant rep can help with a fuller list of items to consider. A tenant rep will not cost you anything. They will save money and ensure you avoid costly mistakes. As in residential real estate, they will represent you, but be compensated by sharing a commission with the Landlord’s’ agent or be paid directly by the Landlord. Contact us today if we can help you find a great tenant rep.