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How A Standing Desk Improves Your Workday

Standing desksAs long as most people can remember, office work and desk jobs have been synonymous with sitting all day. This might not seem like that big of a deal, especially for someone who is putting in eight to nine hours of manual labor all day long. What’s more relaxing than sitting down all day in a controlled environment? You’d be surprised at just how painful it can be, especially when you aren’t maintaining proper posture. Sitting at a desk hunched over a computer screen for long hours all day can cause back pains, neck issues, and tight shoulders that will only lead to other potential issues. Luckily, there are now products that can help with this and improve your entire work experience. One of these items is the standing desk. Want to learn more?

Burn More Calories

One of the worst things about working in an office environment is, you are limited to the amount of exercise you can get during a workday. When you are out there in the sun putting in manual labor, you don’t have to worry about exercising much because you are getting your exercise in while working. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said when you are sitting at a desk for a long period of time. Luckily, that is something you can change with a standing desk.

Even though you’ve been sitting for eight hours a day, it can still be hard to find the motivation to go home and exercise. Well, this is something you won’t have to worry about with a standing desk because you can turn your workday into a workout. A recent 2014 study found that employees can expend as much a 174 calories in a single afternoon by standing at their workstations. Throw in some movement and motion and you’ll likely end up burning twice as many calories. Now you don’t have to feel so guilty about having that extra piece of pizza at lunch,

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Not only is obesity a leading cause of unhealthy working conditions these days, but high blood sugar levels are becoming just as problematic. An electric standing desk could potentially change this. A small study produced in 2016 showed that replacing some sitting time with standing went a long way to reducing the average blood sugar level in obese people. Regardless of the situation and your current health conditions, this is something that you cannot overlook.

Promote Good Spine Health

A standing desk will not only do wonders for blood sugar levels, but it could potentially eliminate some of that stress you place on your spine when sitting for long periods of time. It was Kelly Greacen, a physiotherapist at spine health movement specialists Ten Health & Fitness that said when you are standing with the correct posture and even-weight-bearing on both feet, your spine will be placed in a neutral position, as opposed to the slouched position that you’d be in when sitting.

The reason for this is that even with the perfect desk set-up, you will still grow more and more tired as the day goes on. When the happens, you’ll automatically begin to slouch. Standing can reduce this by helping you place less and less pressure on spinal discs. Not only this, but when you are standing, you have the ability to tap into other muscles. You can use your legs and arms a bit more. It’s a great workout all around.

Improve Your Productivity

Of all the important things in the workplace these days, there isn’t much more important than productivity. With the number of other providers available, consumers can turn to just about any other company to have their needs served. Luckily, a standing desk is something that can help you and your employees enhance productivity. This is something that is backed by an actual study. A study that was published in the British Medical Journal. The study discovered that office workers who were given height-adjustable workstations felt more productive and engaged with their work. In addition to all this, there were fewer reported levels of anxiety, fatigue, and back pain.

These are all things that could go a long way to contributing to a better and more productive workplace.

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4 Tips to Collect Past Due Receivables

Past Due Receivables Are Frustrating For Business Owners

Fianancial Tool

For every business to operate efficiently, a consistent cash flow is very important. When there are many bills that are past the due date, trying to collect all the payments can be frustrating. As it is a very time-consuming procedure, many business owners don’t put in effort in the collection of receivable bills until they are way passed the due date. Sometimes, they even write it off as uncollected without making any effort to collect. This can cause serious problems in the company’s profits and cash flow.

Here are four tips that can help you as a business owner to collect past due receivables.

Hire Debt Recovery Services

This is a proactive step to ensuring that the payments are done on time regardless of the deadlines, amounts owed, and payment methods. When you hire business debt recovery services, it is then their work to collect past due receivables on your behalf. There is a  percentage charged as a fee that is determined by the amount of the debt. For example, if you have a debt of 1000 that is not paid by a client, then the debt collection company will pay you 800 and collect 1000 from your client.

Proactive Collection Staff

Make sure your staff or you are proactive in invoicing  to collect past due receivables. You can inform your clients in advance what the payment policy and terms are. Do not wait for the bills to go past the date before reminding the client that he needs to pay the due. Send weekly updates to clients whose payments are nearing the due date. Implementing a debt collection accounting software will be a helpful tool to remind you of the debts and keep track of all clients

Offer A Discount

Sometimes even a small discount can encouraged making payments to you. Offer the clients or customers a 2 to 3 percent discount if they pay within one week as compared to 30 days or the due date. However, if you are in the type of industry where your profit margins are very low then this discount could be a lot of money. If your business can afford it then offering a discount on early payment can boost cash flow.

Propose Payment Plans

Sometimes the clients themselves are in a bad financial situation and will inform you that they cannot pay the past due receivables. Consider offering them a flexible payment plan. This will be helpful for the clients and also build loyalty in the long term. Assure that the new terms of payment are in writing and detailed so the client knows how they have to pay and when. Writing off the debt will be more expensive to you, so it is better to offer a flexible plan. This way you are at least assured that the money will be returned eventually.

These tips can help you collect past due receivablesmaintain the cash flow in your business. To make sure that it remains consistent, consider on-the-spot cash payments for your services or products. If that is not possible, then you must be proactively involved in the collection process from the beginning itself. This will save you a lot of stress in the future when you do have a cash flow problem but your funds are stuck.

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4 Tips To Secure Access For Your Business

Don’t Overlook The Workspace Security

To safeguard the health and prosperity of your business, you must not overlook secure access to your business. Overlooking this may lead you to at times experience security breaches, break-ins, thefts, and so on. When your workplace is properly secured, the chances of such incidents will be significantly decreased.

When you take the right measures in advance then you will be able to safeguard sensitive information and also keep the property safe. This will make the employees working there feel secure as well. Below discussed are 4 tips that can help you secure your office.

Have A Strong Detection System

To prevent any unauthorized person from entering your office, you can put a strong detection system in place. The surveillance by commercial access control systems should be put in all the entry points of the workplace. Make sure they are positioned in a manner that all employees can access and only pass when they have declared the right ID card or fingerprint. This will prevent any unauthorized person from entering your workplace and in case they do so, an alarm system will notify you the same. When you restrict access, you reduce the chances of anyone who has bad intentions from entering.

Put Up Security Cameras

Setting up security cameras and CCTV can help you in a big manner if someone were to enter your office and steal anything. Make sure that the camera is positioned in a way that you can clearly capture anyone who intends to enter unauthorized. Such people will try to walk in a stealthy manner or cover their face, so their identity is not revealed. Therefore, the camera should be well focused to be able to identify such people.

Hire Security Guards

You can hire your own security team or take the services from official companies that provide the same. An extra layer of precaution can always come in handy. The security guards can be vigilant and help solve any issues caused by someone on the property instantly. Update them continuously on the company policies and staff hired. They can keep a watchful eye and when they get a hint of someone not behaving in a proper manner, they can proactively go to them and perform a routine check.

Cyber Security System

While you take all the measures to ensure the safety of the physical location of your workplace, you must not forget to provide safety nets for all the computer systems. Hackers are notorious when it comes to breaching the security of a company’s IT systems to gain sensitive information. Online software can be used to keep all company data secure. Also, strict measures against employees bringing their own devices to work should be put in place. Don’t forget to have a secure backup in case you do get hacked. You may lose a day or two of data, but better than losing it all.

By following these 4 tips, you will be able to maximize secure access for your business. It is very important to be proactive and have a watchful eye so that any such issues can be nipped in the bud. Sometimes, an unhappy employee or customer can cause a security breach just out of spite.

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Useful Office Cleaning Tips To Protect Your Employees

Office Cleaning Tips Workplace cleanliness is an indispensable measure that must be observed in any organization or industry. Cleanliness is not only essential in factories, processing plants, and laboratories but also the public and private offices. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic a year ago has taught organizations the significance of safeguarding the health of employees and gave a harsh reminder of never taking health and sanitation protocols for granted.

To help protect one of the most important assets – the employees –  in a business organization, we will share some office office cleaning tips to keep them safe and in good health.

Hire Commercial Cleaning Services

Hiring professionals, commercial or office cleaning services, will help you to regularly maintain the cleanliness in your workplace. Cleaning service professionals are trained and well-versed in performing cleaning tasks inside and outside the office building. They have specialized equipment and cleaning materials that can efficiently clean areas that need disinfection and regular sanitation.

Australia is an excellent example of a country where cleanliness is valued in the workplace. In various cities in the country, you will be able to find several office or commercial cleaning service companies. Their services are not just land-based, but they have made their presence online as well, where you can click the link to find out more about the best cleaning services available in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, and other cities in Australia. The importance Australians place on workplace cleanliness is one of the reasons that helped stem the spread of COVID-19 in the country. In other countries, more industries and businesses are appreciating the essential services of office cleaners.

Invest in More Trash Receptacles in the Workplace

Offices often tend to get messy when the work area doesn’t have enough garbage bins to throw food and office wastes in. By assigning specific bays, quadrants, or locations where you can place trash bins closer to the reach of employees. You help promote cleanliness in the office by sending a strong message of proper waste disposal.

Place Visual Cleanliness Reminders in the Office

Visual cues and reminders are also effective in reinforcing the practice of cleanliness in every employee. Guide employees with visual signs on where to put their trash, emphasize the importance of three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), or remind them to be considerate of others when using shared utilities like toilets, pantries, lounges, sleeping quarters, or cubicles (for those working in shift rotations) by cleaning them. Promoting personal hygiene and cleanliness is also an essential reminder, now that the COVID-19 pandemic has not yet dissipated.

Arrange for Regular Deep Cleaning and Disinfection Schedules

This arrangement should remain in place even if the pandemic eventually dies down. If your business already has deep cleaning and disinfection schedules before the pandemic, then you deserve a commendation for putting the safety of your employees first. You may need to set closer intervals for these specialized cleaning tasks due to the pandemic and you should keep it up for as long as your business operates within an office. For those who have not made such arrangements or those who occasionally plot deep cleaning and disinfecting schedules, it’s time to revise the program or arrangement and keep your workplace safe and clean to work in for your employees.

There are plenty of ways you can promote and enforce office cleanliness for your employees. As a wise and responsible business owner, you have to keep your employees safe, healthy and motivated to continue working and performing the best they can. Whether your business sells products or services, employees will be integral in the revenue generation and customer satisfaction in your venture. Show your employees that you care for their health and well-being by taking steps to keep office cleaning a priority and their workplace safe for them.

And if you are looking for an office that provides professional cleaning services to house your business, we can help. Our network of local tenant reps are intimately familiar with their markets and offerings and can help guide you to the perfect office for your business. Contact us today for more information. No Obligation and our services are FREE!

5 Office Design Tips That Will Help You Be More Productive

Office Design TipsMany underestimate the power of the workplace or office design. Most offices have fluorescent lights and a basic outlook. Therefore, the first thing that pops in our minds when we hear the word office is plain colors, brown or metal desks, and black office chairs. However, there is a strong relationship between office design and productivity. We spend at least 8 hours every day in our workplaces, so it only makes sense that they should be cozy and relaxing places as well. If you are a business owner and wondering how you can make the offices in your company a more appealing working environment to increase productivity, read on as this article will provide you with the top office design tips that would help you create a productive working environment.

Choose the Right Colors

It has been proven that colors have an effect on our brain and mood. Therefore, productivity and colors are connected to each other. Each color has a different effect; for example, blue and green have a calming effect on the brain and are easy on the eyes. On the other hand, yellow boosts creativity. So, mainly bright colors stimulate the mind, and soft colors induce relaxation. You don’t have to paint all the walls with bright colors if you want to inspire creativity, as adding bright colors in different areas in the office will do.

Add a Space for Relaxation

While many business owners are against creating a space for relaxation in the workplace, researchers have proved that employees are much more productive when they are provided with space where they can unwind, recharge, and take a break in when things get tough and complicated. Think of it as a power nap that recharges our bodies and freshens up our minds. Actually, if you allow power naps in these relaxation spaces, that would be a great idea, as sometimes we need to step back a little and unwind, so we can figure out solutions for problems. Adding a cozy space for relaxation is a guaranteed way for increasing productivity.


The less clutter, the easier things will get done. Moreover, clutter makes people feel stressed out and uncomfortable. Minimalism has a calming effect on the brain and would make your office look chic. The fewer items are in the office, the more positive energy will enter your workplace. Furthermore, minimal furniture and items in an office reduce or eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed. Even in open workspaces, you can apply minimalism. One of the ways to apply minimalism is by doing space partitioning with tool accommodation for a clutter-free desktop area. Also, applying minimalism is very cost-effective. When employees start their day in a simple, chic office, they feel more relaxed and become more productive.

Use Scents

Scents have the power to stimulate our senses, and the same with colors, each scent has a different effect on our brain. For instance, peppermint scent is energizing and refreshing and helps people focus more, citrus scents help in reducing stress and have an uplifting effect, and lavender promotes calmness and wellness. You can put essential oil diffusers around your office to avoid using scented candles to eliminate the risk of accidental fires.

Add Plants

There is no denying that plants have a refreshing yet calming effect on us. We always go back to our innate love for nature because we are natural-loving beings, and we are connected to plants and nature in a way or another. To bring good and positive vibes to your workplace, add potted plants and vases in the work area. Any kind of plant will do the trick. Moreover, other than increasing productivity, plants purify the air in the office.

You cannot expect employees to reach their full potential and do their best when they work in a boring, bland workspace. In order to make your employees happier and keep them motivated, you need to provide them with the right working environment. Everything in the workspace has a direct effect on the employees’ productivity like the wall colors, scents, and furniture. Adding greenery to the office creates a fresh, energizing feel and invites positive energy to the place. Moreover, creating a cozy space, where employees can take a break from work and recharge, is proven to increase the employees’ productivity. Besides, all of these solutions for increased productivity won’t cost you a lot of money, on the contrary, they might even cut costs.

And if you are looking for an office for your company where everyone can be more productive at work, let us know and we will show you how we can help you acquire your next office space. Our services are free to you.