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Avoid 5 Common Mistakes When Leasing Medical Office Space

Medical Office SpaceLeasing medical office space has the potential to grow your practice, but also some pitfalls. Although it is difficult to define “right” since each business has different needs, there is a common thread that points to success as well as failure. Do you know how to avoid mistakes when leasing medical office space for your practice? Do you know what the five most common mistakes are?

  1. Out-of-the-way location. You may find the office space advertised as a “gem in the rough” or “situated in an up-and-coming neighborhood.” If your office is located in a place where consumers would not usually go, you miss the walk-in business. Depending on your kind of practice, this can be problematic.
  2. Too many competitors nearby. The other side of the coin is a space in a medical office complex or building where you have plenty of competition that consists of professionals practicing your specialty. The trick here is to find complementary disciplines, not identical ones.
  3. Extensive build-outs. The building management company expects that you need to do some work on your space so it suits your specialized needs. You, too, understand that some changes to the space need to be made. Negotiating a build-out allowance therefore makes sense. Problems arise when the scope of the build-outs is far more extensive than you had anticipated. When the work eclipses your budget and your schedule, you lose money before even opening your practice.
  4. Signage restrictions. You need building signage to let patients know where you are. When a management company has restrictive rules on the types of signs that you are allowed to use, it may hamper your ability to position your brand at the new location.
  5. Biting off more than you can chew. Although you and your office manager are good at what you do, remember that adding the load of negotiating the treacherous waters of finding the right new office space might be more than both of you can handle. Enlisting the help of a professional tenant representative is a good idea.

To avoid these mistakes when leasing your next medical office space, contact us today to learn more about the difference that a seasoned office-leasing broker makes during this time.

A Prescription for Leasing Medical Office Space

Medical office spaceSelecting the right space to site a medical office is more than just knowing where to plug in the MRI. Today’s medical facility offers so much more than the traditional doctors’ office. With careful forethought, medical professionals can use the size and shape of their office space to enhance productivity and patient satisfaction in their current practice, as well as provide the foundation for their future growth and evolution.

 Prioritize Technology:

Growth in medical and computer science has triggered a sea-change in the design and use of medical office space. Computers now interface with patients, labs, pharmacies and other related providers, which dictates that the medical office also be technologically advanced. “Remote” access to physicians and other medical personnel requires not just clarity of voice and visuals, but also bulletproof security to maintain confidentiality requirements. The need for privacy has also created technological solutions to ensure accurate, reliable and protected records management.

Contemplate Future Practice Development:

On-site labs speed diagnosis delivery and may also provide a separate revenue stream. Interaction with other professionals for diagnoses, collaboration or research is often a stepping stone to innovative therapy development; keeping easy access to those resources may be crucial to patient survival or practice growth. Adding surgical suites, therapy spaces or educational classrooms may be next steps as the medical practice evolves.

Consider a Landlord as a Contractor:

Each of these potential practice aspects should be considered when determining where to establish a base medical facility. At the same time, management of the physical office is also paramount. If purchasing a site is an option, consideration should be made of the energy and cost necessary to manage it. If leasing medical office space is preferred, a landlord can act almost as a contractor for the medical provider. Potentially, a landlord can agree to provide essential property management services that would be designed to ensure the integrity of the practice. This option allows medical personnel to leave facility management concerns with those professionals and keep their focus on the medical practice, where it belongs.

Finding and leasing appropriate medical office space calls for knowledgeable, discerning real estate agents. Contact us to discuss how we can get your medical office facility set up for now and the future.

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