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Creating an Agile Workspace; a Growing Trend

Designing agile workspaceWith large corporations like Google, Facebook, and Twitter leading the way, more and more businesses are leaning toward adopting a more agile workspace environment.  Eschewing the more traditional office format of individual offices and partitioned spaces, forward-thinking business owners are looking for open spaces which allow for greater flexibility of their creative teams and the ability to change as different business needs arise.

An Agile workspace is generally mostly an open floor plan that will creativity, community and promote intuitiveness within the company.  An environment which supports the generation of fresh ideas and open communication will foster increased productivity, ultimately translating into innovation which can greatly profit the bottom line of any enterprise.

What are some common characteristics of an agile workspace?  Perhaps most important is adequate square footage.  While an agile office design can be achieved with up to 50% less square footage than its more traditional predecessor, there is still a need for space for employees to move about freely and to come and go as the need arises. There are many “office hoteling” software solutions to allow for easy management of who uses what spaces when.

Not to be overlooked is the need for quiet rooms and private meeting spaces.  Though the main function of an agile workspace is group collaboration and interchange of ideas, there is still a need at some point for a quiet space for certain tasks and privacy when needed.

The ideal agile workspace also includes computer desks where devices may be plugged into existing outlets or simply rested on open desks for use with wireless technologies.  Optimally, fixed computer stations will include anti-glare monitors, as one of the most attractive features of many agile workspaces is the use of natural light.

With more natural light available, it is encouraged that such office spaces will do well with real plants. Studies indicate that live plants help reduce stress levels for employees, thereby contributing to a more positive work environment.

Many agile workspaces also include swivel chairs which can easily be moved from individual workstations to the center of the room for spontaneous meetings and conversations.  When more formal meetings are called for, a dedicated space with a large conference table and white board is often effective.  Along with this, it is a good idea to display a task board, which helps employees track progress toward specific daily, weekly, or monthly goals.

If you feel that your business can profit from such a collaborative environment, please contact us.  We can help you find the perfect space for maximizing the potential of your employees by use of an agile workspace today.

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Pediatric Office Space Design Made Simple

While this subject is a little different than the office space design posts we have done in the past, I hope you find it of interest.

Though many little ones fear the doc, there are many office space design choices that you can use to warm their little hearts and make them feel ten times more comfortable during their visits. Though most physicians don’t have the time or the means to turn their office into a replica of the latest Pixar movie, there are simple ways to give your office that feeling of wonder and whimsy that can make any child forget his or her fears, and feel like the doctor is sometimes kind of a place for,…well,

The Color Pallet

ChanceColor Pallets are, your local home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowes has done the work for you when it comes to choosing a color scheme. Simply give the office space you plan to use a once over. There will typically be a base color in the carpeting or wall paper you will see like grey or tan.

Simply find a color card that matches that base color and take it to your local home improvement store. There will likely already be a child-like and whimsical color scheme worked out in a paint pallet brochure that coordinates perfectly with that base color. Choose one or several of the colors on that brochure, (depending on how much work you feel like doing or hiring someone else to do), and create a few accent walls. There is no need to paint your whole space.

Comfortable Furniture Options

Though every medical waiting room needs standard chairs and magazine tables etc., it’s a great idea to have a few couches and basic lazy-boy type chairs in your waiting room for kids to cuddle up in with a good book or magazine. Having a few cozy furniture pieces in your office will instantly make kids feel more comfortable.

Make-Believe Toy Area

One of the most exciting things about being a child is that your imagination works in an amazing way. Though most toys are interesting to children, when you activate a child’s imagination with the type of toys that they can use to act out characters, (like capes, pretend crowns, pretend tool belts, pretend kitchens and food etc.), you will help your little patients forget where they actually are. After all, make-believe is really the top game that kids play, when you really think about it.

Murals & Fatheads

Though you could invest in tons of expensive and/or miscellaneous decor items to create your office theme, one large, well-placed mural or a few large Fathead wall stickers, can completely give your space the theme you’re looking for.

With all the Disney and children’s movie and TV characters out there, it would be way too expensive and tedious to try to include every one of your patients’ favorite characters in your office theme. However, there are generic themed Fathead stickers that appeal to all kids; and for a more powerful and realistic effect, you can consider one of Fathead’s business or total coverage solutions.

Alternately, you can hire a professional artist to paint 1-3 large murals in your office to create the same effect in your space. Oddly enough, this might even be a less expensive idea, if you find an artist or college student that really needs the money through Craigslist or a similar site.

Take Home Toys

In addition to your pediatric office space design, you can do other things to distinguish your office visits in a pleasant way for kids. Instead of only giving away stickers or lollipops, why not give kids a choice of stickers, lollipops and small safe toys. There are many teacher supply magazines like Oriental Trading where you can buy many cool and interesting doctor’s visit favors for your patients.

Let us take the guesswork out of your search for a new medical office. Contact us today to find the perfect space for your office, in a prime community location.

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3 Reasons To Adopt An Open Office Space Design

Designing open office space Floor PlanAlthough office space design often falls by the wayside when it comes to running an office, it is not something that should be completely overlooked. The design of an office space can convey powerful messages to clients, vendors and other businesses about the scale and function of the office itself as well as employees. Moreover, employees can thrive with full productivity in a conducive office environment with the right design. An open office space design may be right for your company.

There are a myriad of ways in which an office space can be designed, and a popular method has become the open office space design. Simply put, many businesses are eschewing small, enclosed rooms for large and open office spaces. There are many advantages for adopting an open plan and it is best to explore these before deciding on an office space design.

1) Improves communications between employees:

A lack of traditional barriers (such as high-walled cubicles, walls, doors etc.) and having desks in an open space can lead to higher rates of collaboration amongst employees. Employees can feel free to approach one other to suggest ideas, innovate and grow without any blockage. Many businesses have found that open offices have increased communications and lead to internal growth within the company – you can read more about this here.

2) Reduction in office equipment costs:

By adopting an open office plan, businesses can forego costly office equipment and construction costs. Rather than investing heavily in office materials, businesses can redirect finances towards increasing their growth and scale. As this articles discusses, open office plans can reduce utility costs such as heating and cooling among other things.

3) Can Benefit Management & Supervisors:

Managers and supervisors can work better with an open office plan and it serves as a good thing for both employees and their supervisors. Supervisors are able to better understand workplace problems and work on solving them since they are able to observe it in real time versus receiving emails and scheduling appointments. Both employees and management become more approachable this way and an open office can foster a sense of community within the workplace.

Ultimately, it is important to understand employees and their needs when considering what space will be best. An open office can be advantageous for businesses in many ways, and is an option definitely well worth exploring when designing office spaces. We can help with finding the perfect office space for you and your business needs, so do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Three Office Space Design Ideas That Make Employees Happier and More Productive

Office Space Design for Happy EmployeesIt not only feels satisfying, but is also financially rewarding to be able to look around your office, seeing the smiling faces of your employees. Their happiness lets you know that you’re doing something right and that they’re glad to be under your employment. Odds are, if your employees are happy, they are engaged in their work and more productive, which usually means your company will be more successful. If you’re not experiencing this in your office, it’s time to make some changes, starting with the office decor. Here are three office space design ideas that are sure to increase the happiness and productivity of your staff.

1. Impromptu Meeting Spaces

In the not-so-distant past, if an employee was away from their desk, they simply weren’t getting any work done. Conversations held around the office water cooler were discouraged because employers were sure that their staff was wasting time. These days, however, the impromptu meeting is highly encouraged by some of the biggest companies in the world. It’s a matter of allowing the free flow of ideas and information, not micro-managing every minute of the day. Create areas within your office that are conducive to these types of interactions and you’ll see a dramatic change. Your employees will spend more time brainstorming solutions to problems and coming up with new innovations.

2. Group Work and Quiet Space

In many offices, employees work in large, open spaces so that they are able to collaborate on projects and encourage each other. If you haven’t transitioned to this type of office space  design, you should seriously consider it. Some of the biggest, most successful companies on the planet have gone to open office work spaces with great success. Taking down partitions opens up dialogue and creates a stronger, more connected community feeling among employees. It can also create a noisy, disruptive environment at times. Therefore, it’s also important to create quiet spaces so that individuals can have confidential conversations, or work on projects that require a higher level of focus.

3. Foster Company Culture

The culture of a company is an intangible asset that is worth more than you may realize and is directly linked to your office space design. It’s the glue that holds everyone together and the fuel that propels you all forward. One of the best ways to highlight your company culture is to create spaces of recognition. This can be a wall full of shelves where the product innovations and kudos received for them are displayed in the main entry area. Don’t stop there, carry the theme throughout the office space for an even bigger impact. They’ll act as encouragement for employees and make an impression on clients too. Likewise, allow your employees to decorate their own area with personal accomplishments to help bolster their confidence.

Your old office space may not be able to accommodate the office space design ideas we’ve listed above and a new space is in order. If you’re ready to change things up and create a space that keeps your employees happy and productive, contact us. We’ve helped countless businesses, like yours, and we welcome the opportunity to help you as well.

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