Monthly Archives: May 2015

Creating an Agile Workspace; a Growing Trend

With large corporations like Google, Facebook, and Twitter leading the way, more and more businesses are leaning toward adopting a more agile workspace environment.  Eschewing the more traditional office format of individual offices and partitioned spaces, forward-thinking business owners are looking for open spaces which allow for greater flexibility of their creative teams and the… Read More »

Pediatric Office Space Design Made Simple

While this subject is a little different than the office space design posts we have done in the past, I hope you find it of interest. Though many little ones fear the doc, there are many office space design choices that you can use to warm their little hearts and make them feel ten times more… Read More »

3 Reasons To Adopt An Open Office Space Design

Although office space design often falls by the wayside when it comes to running an office, it is not something that should be completely overlooked. The design of an office space can convey powerful messages to clients, vendors and other businesses about the scale and function of the office itself as well as employees. Moreover, employees can… Read More »