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How to Help Your Team Comfortably Transition to Standing Desks (Part 2)

Welcome back to the second half of this two-part series on introducing standing desks into your office to improve both productivity and employee health. Last time, we covered why standing desks are the ideal solution to the myriad of health problems that tend to plague office employees and how to slowly introduce standing desks as your… Read More »

Your Business Profits: Investing In Markets Vs. Back Into Your Business

Business is never in black and white. There are endless different ways to make your annual profits; however, a very contemporary debate within the world of business concerns whether it’s more profitable to invest in emerging and current stock markets, or whether you should consider investing some of what you earn back into your business.… Read More »

How to Help Your Team Comfortably Transition to Standing Desks (Part 1)

Good employers have always done their best to promote health and well-being in their workers and not just because a healthy worker is energetic, has a better attitude, and needs to take less time off. Many companies are genuinely dedicated to being part of ‘the solution’ rather than ‘the problem’ and in light of recent… Read More »

What Millennials Appreciate About Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces can be very socially engaging, educational and informative if we choose the right environment. Millennials are looking for work environments that engage them at all these levels with little or no cost to them. Historically, as a group, millennials are the generation to have emerged from college with the greatest debt to date.… Read More »

Top Tips For Making Your Office Friendly For Those With Reduced Mobility

If you’re starting up a business, moving or looking to make renovations to an existing office, then taking into account employees and visitors with reduced mobility is imperative. Creating a diverse and encompassing workplace will not only help to tackle any problems with inaccessible access in the future, but it may also help to widen… Read More »