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Vibes’ Great Chicago Office Space

From the multi-colored pinstriped wall to the meeting rooms named for colors, there’s no question that Vibes’ corporate headquarters in Chicago are designed to be high-energy. This mobile marketing company has given a lot of thought, not just to color, but also how to sustain the energy level and support the creativity of this technology company and employee engagement. Here are some of the many ways that Vibes has a great Chicago office space.

Their corporate culture is about empowerment, and also enjoyment, so they invested in making their workspace into someplace that employees would enjoy hanging out. As one staff member puts it, “there’s plenty of places to go and just kind of clear your mind.” Some of those places include relaxed breakout spaces with comfortable furniture to relax on and huge whiteboards prepared for doodling, charting and outlining the next great app.

Unusual amenities in this office space include a kegerator in the bright, airy kitchen, ping pong and pool tables in the break room, a shower for those who bike to work every day, and hammocks on the balcony (which also comes with its own staff-created anti-pigeon device). A favorite space for employees to hang out is the “hot tub time machine,” which is a low, oval couch in which staff can sit together, relax, and brainstorm.

Design elements included in the construction of the space itself include a bridge that everyone must cross between the elevator and the workspace itself, crossing high above an interior courtyard and creating “the wow factor” for visitors and clients. The design of the office spaces incorporates the Golden Spiral, which is a 3D illustration of the Fibonacci sequence. The spiral arcs, which employees traverse on scooters, lead to the War Room where that energetic creativity is turned into mobile technology.

Vibes Office Space

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So if you’re looking to increase the color and energy levels in your office, think about what Vibes has done with their offices. And if you’re looking for great Chicago office spaces in which to make those energetic transformations, contact us today.

More information on the latest in office designs and The Agile Workplace.

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Great Chicago Office Space: Feels Just Like—or Better Than—Home

When it comes to Chicago office space there are some unique offices that help in making employees stay engaged and feel like sticking around by making the workplace irresistible. Most of us have heard about Google’s slide, and imagined what our own offices would be like if they came with a game room. But what if your office came with perks even greater than a game room? Today we take a peek into a couple of extremely well-equipped great Chicago office space and imagine what it would be like to work in them.

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The national headquarters for this successful residential mortgage company is conveniently located in North Center, and has everything you can think of to make an office feel like home—if your home was a very well-equipped place indeed. For starters, there’s a great rooftop with herb garden to relax in, complete with comfortable couches, fire pits, satellite radio and “yoga on the roof” classes. When you’ve completed your rooftop meeting schedule for the day, head downstairs to the fully equipped gym to take a fitness class or bike while watching the latest on HBO. If you pull a muscle at the gym (or spend too much time at your computer), there is a full-time masseuse available for getting the kinks out of your muscles. If you don’t feel well after all that exertion, stop by the office of the nurse practitioner for a quick checkup. Then you can finish up your day by checking out what the gourmet chef has to offer….  See and Read More>>


The headquarters for this dozen-year-old digital ad technology company is on W. Hubbard, and while it’s got the requisite exposed brick and bright colors, it’s also got a kitchen that makes you feel right at home, a yoga studio, and happy hours complete with karaoke. They also understand that the best work doesn’t happen in meetings; their large conference room is called the “bored room.” They have clearly created an ambiance which makes for happy employees, because Crain’s Chicago Business named Centro the best place to work for four  years (2011 – 2014) in a row.

Watch what makes a great place to work:

If you’re looking for great Chicago office space to call home, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help you create the perfect home-away-from-home for you and your staff.

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By: James Osgood

Innovative Chicago Office Spaces in Historic Universal Building

The Universal Office Building, in Chicago’s West Town In Chicago’s West Town area, a former stove manufacturing building has become a hot spot for experimentation with innovative office space. The Universal Building is now home to some innovative Chicago office spaces.

The employees at Kaleidoscope, an integrated brand design and realization agency, must work in a collaborative fashion in order to achieve their cohesive, integrative goals for each client. In order to achieve this, they have spent significant time in redesigning their spacious loft offices to focus on “I, we and team” type spaces. The “I spaces” have bench style seating and long tables, creating one large space, called “home base,” that is conducive to collaborative work. (They have also set aside some private spaces to which individual employees can move in order to work without interruption on a particular task.)

The “we spaces” at Kaleidoscope include kitchen and lounge spaces that allow for informal connecting and conversations. This supports a sense of community as well as collaboration. The “team spaces” includes breakout and conference rooms with adjustable walls for maximum flexibility. There is also a nap room for when employees need to recharge.

Another tenant in the Universal Building needed much more than a lofty design space; they also needed the inherent strength of a former manufacturing building to house not just their offices, but examples of the work that they do. Aquamoon, which creates aquatic and educational displays, needed office space that could hold both dry and wet aquariums as well as the desks where those aquariums were being designed. Since they have to house both animals and plants on site, their work space is divided into two areas: a design studio and a lab. Access to the industrial-strength loading dock has also been a boon for their business.

Whatever your business might need in terms of particular office spaces, Chicago has it. For assistance in finding the perfect office space for lease or purchase, contact us today.

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By: James Osgood

Chicago Office Space Market Update

Perched on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan, Chicago, nicknamed The Windy City, is home to nearly three million residents, making it the third most populous city in the U.S.  Chicago started as a trading post and later was incorporated as a city in 1837.  In 1871, The Great Fire claimed the city, due in part to the buildings, streets and sidewalks being made of wood.  Most of the debris from the fire, dumped into Lake Michigan, has become the foundation for Grant Park, Millennium Park, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

During the rebuilding of the city, previous wooden structures were replaced with steel and stone, setting a worldwide precedent for construction.  In 1885, the world’s first skyscraper was constructed using steel.  During this time, Chicago was becoming the leader in the improvement of public health.  As part of this movement, the problem of sewage contamination in the city’s primary fresh water source, Lake Michigan, needed to be addressed.  In 1900, the city resolved the contamination problem by reversing the flow of the Chicago River away from Lake Michigan and toward the Illinois River and Mississippi River.

Consisting of 26 miles of lake front, 15 miles of bathing beaches, and 19 miles of bicycle paths, the city of Chicago is a mecca for the outdoor lover and tourists alike.  Chicago attracts nearly 40 million visitors annually, making it the “most-visited” city in the midwest.  Offering world-class dining, entertainment, shopping, and five star hotels, Chicago has something for everyone.  Tourism contributes over $11 billion annually to Chicago’s economy.

There are four major sections of the city:

  • The Loop (Central Business District), North, South, and West sides.  The financial and cultural center of Chicago is located in The Loop. It is the second largest central business district in the U.S. and is the headquarters for eleven Fortune 500 companies
  • The North side is home to many high-rises along the lakefront and is the most residentially dense section of the city.
  • The South side is where the University of Chicago is located and most of the facilities of the Port of Chicago.
  • The West side plays host to the Chicago Bulls and the Chicago Blackhawks, The University of Illinois at Chicago, and Harpo Studios.

The Chicago Central Business District office market showed stabilization in the third quarter of 2013.  The overall vacancy rate declined to 15%.  The asking rental rate increased from the second quarter to $33 per square foot.  Looking forward, a stronger office market is expected, which could lead to an increase in rental rates.

The Chicago Suburban office space market saw a positive absorption, causing a drop in the vacancy rate to 20% from the previous quarters 20.5%.  The third quarter asking rental rates increased to $21.00 per square foot.  Leasing activity has become sluggish, and if the trend continues, it could put a halt to positive absorption and declining vacancies.

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