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Navigating the Shifting Landscape: The Chicago Office Space Market in 2024

Chicago’s skyline, once a bustling symbol of the Midwest’s economic might, has entered a period of change. The pandemic’s lasting impact and evolving work trends have cast a long shadow on the city’s once-thriving office space market. So, where does the Chicago office space market stand amidst these transformations? Let’s dive into a snapshot of… Read More »

Under-utilized office space

5 US Cities With the Most Empty Office Buildings

Many cities across the US are experiencing high vacancy rates with Empty Office Buildings due to the pandemic’s impact. With remote work and downsizing becoming more common for businesses, the demand for office space has decreased, leaving many buildings empty. So, we need to explore the factors that have contributed to this trend. Additionally, we should… Read More »

Vibes’ Great Chicago Office Space

From the multi-colored pinstriped wall to the meeting rooms named for colors, there’s no question that Vibes’ corporate headquarters in Chicago are designed to be high-energy. This mobile marketing company has given a lot of thought, not just to color, but also how to sustain the energy level and support the creativity of this technology… Read More »

Great Chicago Office Space: Feels Just Like—or Better Than—Home

When it comes to Chicago office space there are some unique offices that help in making employees stay engaged and feel like sticking around by making the workplace irresistible. Most of us have heard about Google’s slide, and imagined what our own offices would be like if they came with a game room. But what… Read More »

Innovative Chicago Office Spaces in Historic Universal Building

In Chicago’s West Town area, a former stove manufacturing building has become a hot spot for experimentation with innovative office space. The Universal Building is now home to some innovative Chicago office spaces. The employees at Kaleidoscope, an integrated brand design and realization agency, must work in a collaborative fashion in order to achieve their… Read More »

Chicago Office Space Market Update

Perched on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan, Chicago, nicknamed The Windy City, is home to nearly three million residents, making it the third most populous city in the U.S.  Chicago started as a trading post and later was incorporated as a city in 1837.  In 1871, The Great Fire claimed the city, due in… Read More »