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A Prescription for Leasing Medical Office Space

Medical office spaceSelecting the right space to site a medical office is more than just knowing where to plug in the MRI. Today’s medical facility offers so much more than the traditional doctors’ office. With careful forethought, medical professionals can use the size and shape of their office space to enhance productivity and patient satisfaction in their current practice, as well as provide the foundation for their future growth and evolution.

 Prioritize Technology:

Growth in medical and computer science has triggered a sea-change in the design and use of medical office space. Computers now interface with patients, labs, pharmacies and other related providers, which dictates that the medical office also be technologically advanced. “Remote” access to physicians and other medical personnel requires not just clarity of voice and visuals, but also bulletproof security to maintain confidentiality requirements. The need for privacy has also created technological solutions to ensure accurate, reliable and protected records management.

Contemplate Future Practice Development:

On-site labs speed diagnosis delivery and may also provide a separate revenue stream. Interaction with other professionals for diagnoses, collaboration or research is often a stepping stone to innovative therapy development; keeping easy access to those resources may be crucial to patient survival or practice growth. Adding surgical suites, therapy spaces or educational classrooms may be next steps as the medical practice evolves.

Consider a Landlord as a Contractor:

Each of these potential practice aspects should be considered when determining where to establish a base medical facility. At the same time, management of the physical office is also paramount. If purchasing a site is an option, consideration should be made of the energy and cost necessary to manage it. If leasing medical office space is preferred, a landlord can act almost as a contractor for the medical provider. Potentially, a landlord can agree to provide essential property management services that would be designed to ensure the integrity of the practice. This option allows medical personnel to leave facility management concerns with those professionals and keep their focus on the medical practice, where it belongs.

Finding and leasing appropriate medical office space calls for knowledgeable, discerning real estate agents. Contact us to discuss how we can get your medical office facility set up for now and the future.

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Medical Office Space Design to Allow for Growth

Medical office space with stethascopeAs your medical practice grows you need medical office space space that will allow you to grow as needed. You want a space that will facilitate expansion; a space that will help you to feel empowered to grow, to develop your practice and all that you have to offer. Finding and leasing medical office space that fits your needs gives you all of the above.

Depending on the medical office space design needs you can find a space that is perfect for you and your practice. There is a medical office to lease that is available to meet all of your needs. With a little help, you will be able to find a space that will encourage you to expand and grow.

Sometimes you just need a little more space in order to achieve greatness, and we are here to give you that space. When you have the right amount of space available to you, when you have room to grow and breathe, you will find that expansion is easier to achieve than it once was. The correct medical office space design will be set up in a way that encourages you to move on to bigger and better things. Professional real estate brokers, who specialize in medical office space, understand what needs to be done to ensure you can grow unhindered. We are here to help you as you grow by offering you options for leasing medical office space.

If you would like to find out more about how you can grow through the help of a good medical office space design, simply contact us today and we will give you the information and support that you need.

Please contact us for more information on  medical office space.

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Miami is the Gateway to Latin American Business Opportunity

Miami Office Space SkylineFor any established or developing businesses that wish to take part in the available bounty of the stabilizing economies of Latin America the smart choice in leasing is in great Miami office spaces. In a recent article in Forbes magazine, Alex Sanchez, president of the Florida Bankers Association said,

“Miami is the unofficial capital of the hemisphere.”

This is due to the city’s rich diversity and it’s choice geographic location.

Many Central and South American nations and corporations have regional Miami office space, which facilitates international partnerships on U.S. soil. Miami’s southern location in the continental United States, and it’s established Latin-American community over decades, have created strong bonds and a capable bilingual culture that lubricates business ventures. In addition to feeling welcome and comfortable in this international capital, Latin American nations use Miami as a haven for asset management and as a touchstone with American financial markets, due to the U.S.’s stability and reliable system of laws.

In a story by BBC Capital, an increase in tourism and international traffic reflected that since 2013 a surge in the majority of visitors, 51 percent, are reported to be from outside the U.S. Miami International Airport is a big reason for this. A major flight hub for airlines such as American, provides numerous direct routes to major cities all over the hemisphere and at times makes it more convenient to fly to Miami, than to fly between Latin American nations. Once at the Airport, taxi and Metrorail services make connecting with Miami’s downtown, Brickell, and centric entertainment sectors, easy and affordable. Miami city officials are currently working on improvements to the airport’s infrastructure as well as taxi services for the city to further grease the wheels of a fertile and dynamic environment.

With Miami providing tech opportunities, film and entertainment production, wealth management, banking and diplomatic contacts, it is a clear choice for investment and business development. Miami’s wide open office real estate is desirable, attractive and poised for success. Contact us to guide you in finding Miami office space that is right and well situated for your business objectives.

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Key Principles of Office Space Planning

office space planningThoughtful office space planning will:

  • enhance job satisfaction and employee engagement,
  • foster recruitment and retention of top quality employees,
  • create a sense of community,
  • provide functional environments for staff performing diverse duties,
  • encourage interaction and teamwork,
  • convey a sense of workplace equality through consistent distribution of space,
  • provide flexibility in adapting to changing business conditions,
  • give the impression of consistency and professionalism,
  • simplify management of assets and better use resources.

Key principles of office space planning include:

  • There is an increased emphasis on natural lighting, privacy and comfort in the designs.
  • Computer technology has brought about a shift in the way office space is designed over the last 10 or 15 years.Probably the most important factor related to this is that offices have to deliver maximum connectivity. Consideration has to be given to adequate power, phone and data jacks and connectors.
  • Employees are often required to work in teams and collaborations so group spaces are often required. Co-location of related functions reduces walking. People in related jobs should be located close together. Assistants should be located near the personnel they support.
  • Space is often repurpose-able so the physical layout must allow for movement and change with changing needs. This is a part of developing an Agile Workplace. Modular furniture systems should be used to increase flexibility and reduce cost. In many cases, wall mounted and overhead storage systems can be used to improve floor space utilization.
  • Work stations can be closed and private for staff engaged in activities demanding more decision-making or solitary creative activity, and shared or open for employees in support roles. However, all office spaces should be designed to provide views and natural light where possible. Wherever possible, exterior corners should be allocated to conference rooms or multi-purpose rooms. Standard work stations should be equipped with at least one voice and data jack, three duplex power outlets for lighting, specialty equipment and general convenience.
  • Shared space should be available including conference rooms and breakout rooms, training spaces, reception areas, office machine spaces, kitchens and lounges.
  • To minimize noise, a majority of work spaces should be placed away from main traffic flow areas and reception areas. Work areas should be separated from each other by sound-isolating partitions where possible.

OfficeFinder, LLC can help you find optimal office space for your business and support you in  your office space planning. Please contact us for more information.

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