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The Benefits a Coworking Office Space Has on Your Personal Life

As a freelancer or entrepreneur of some kind, you are by now acutely aware of the benefits of a creative work space that is neither your home nor a sterile, cubicle office environment. These types of spaces offer you the chance to work flexibly, network, and have a place to “go to work” without infringing… Read More »

Coworking Office Space is Where Happy Meets Hard Working

Do you remember the last time you were in a coffee shop? Maybe you only walked by but you could see the patrons, content and happy. Remember the that great aroma, that relaxed atmosphere? When was the last time you looked forward to going to work? No, I mean the last time you were honestly… Read More »

6 Ways Providers Tweak Coworking Office Space

Coworking office space has been on the rise in recent years. Why? Because they are extremely effective in promoting greater work efficiency, company morale and networking opportunities. If you are looking for ways to improve employee satisfaction and work performance even more, check out these six ways coworking office space providers tweak their spaces. Athletic… Read More »

Honest Office Space Virtual Tours? We Do That!

[panoembed]/VirtualTours/seattle/WorldTradeCenter/[/panoembed] Click Here to view in full screen (recommended) Interactive high definition 360-degree office space virtual tours are becoming more popular in the commercial rental industry. They provide an invaluable service to prospective tenants who want to ensure that buildings are a good fit before scheduling time consuming in-person walk-through tours. Virtual tours make it… Read More »

Great Metro Areas To Open An Office

The famous dictum is that when you see an opportunity, you go for it. With the advanced technology taking over and the improved economy and living standards; the deep-seated idea of running their own business and where to open an office has taken a new turn among business people. When considering where to open an… Read More »

Seattle’s Historic Pioneer Building Office Space Virtual Tour

I just completed the Pioneer Building Office Space virtual tour. Located in Seattle’s Pioneer Square, it is a historic building that was built in 1892. Fully updated, it provides all the modern conveniences businesses need. You need to see the atriums within in the building.  Architecturally unique and was used as a method to bring… Read More »

An Improved Office Rental Search Experience Through Office Space Virtual Tours

Viewing office space virtual tours will enhance your business’ ability to make sound office rental decisions. This is thanks to the benefits of high quality 360 degree panoramic photography, which greatly enhances the location features and provides you an understanding of what is offered thanks to visualization. Here is how office space virtual tours will… Read More »

Three Benefits of Using OfficeFinder’s Office Space Virtual Tours

Choosing the right office space for your business is vitally important. The location, size, layout and design of the space will have a major impact on how your company is perceived, and how productive you and your employees are. You can’t tell how a space will work for you until you’ve seen the interior and… Read More »

Top 10 Metro Areas with Biggest Office Rental Rate Increases

In the second quarter of 2015, the Seattle metro area — which includes the urban areas in King and Snohomish counties — led the nation’s metro markets in in office rental rate annual increases. While Seattle’s office rental rate increases are high, they are not the only office market in the US seeing significant increases… Read More »

Innovating in Seattle Office Space

New, innovative businesses looking for Seattle office space sometimes are unable to get off the ground for the most old-fashioned of reasons. Leaders with innovative ideas are usually focused only on the ideas, rather than recognizing the importance of the nuts and bolts of setting up an office, paying the bills, and otherwise creating a… Read More »

Great Seattle Office Space; Implementing Innovative Ideas

According to some experts, Seattle is an excellent place to experiment with innovative office space configurations and new priorities. With its relatively high cash flow and youthful work force, there is both the money to experiment with and employees who are more open to innovation. The culture in Seattle is also more informal and egalitarian… Read More »

Seattle Office Space Market Conditions

According to’s recent market report , office space in Seattle and the vicinity is still somewhat weak with an overall office vacancy rate of 15.6%. Even the Eastside, with all of it’s tech firms, has a vacancy rate of 16% when the sublease space is taken into account. As we are slowly coming out… Read More »