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Top 5 Office Space Leasing Tips You Need to Know from the Onset

Renting a first office space, or relocating your business to a new office, is a time of excitement and planning. When you talk to other professionals in your niche, they probably have plenty of office space leasing tips that stem from their experiences. Yet did you know that there are tips that tenant representatives have,… Read More »

Workplace Strategies for a Competitive Environment

Much is being said about collaborative office space designs and workplace strategies. Looking at the open office design with an absence of cubicles and plenty of ad hoc meeting places, some critics suggest that this type of setup is more akin a kaffeeklatsch than a serious business setting that keeps the company competitive. The truth… Read More »

Avoid 5 Common Mistakes When Leasing Medical Office Space

Leasing medical office space has the potential to grow your practice, but also some pitfalls. Although it is difficult to define “right” since each business has different needs, there is a common thread that points to success as well as failure. Do you know how to avoid mistakes when leasing medical office space for your… Read More »

How to Turn Office Space for Employees Into a Perk

When discussing the perks and benefits your company might offer, the office space for employees is most likely not at the top of the list. Well, it should be! If you apply common sense, personal experience and a firm understanding of your workforce’s age range, you, too, can present an office experience that keeps your… Read More »