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5 Benefits of Designing Office Space for Teamwork

Designing office spaceThere are many benefits to designing office space for teamwork. The design of your office can have a major impact on your employees and bottom line. If your office layout is spread out and employees are seated away from each other, they can’t easily communicate. Seating employees together can help them work better together.

Here are 5 benefits of designing office space for teamwork:

1. Encourages Teamwork

The main (and most obvious) benefit of creating an office space designed for teamwork is your office space will naturally encourage teamwork. Office cubicles tend to make employees feel isolated and closed off from the rest of their colleagues. This isolation makes it difficult for people to work together. When teams are seated together, they are in a position to work together and discuss strategies and…

2. Inspires New Ideas

The best way to inspire ideas is to get people working together. With people sitting and working together, they can discuss ideas and share information which will help inspire new ideas. Brainstorming sessions are easy to do when employees are seated together.

3. Individual Development

For staff working in an office designed for teamwork, it’s very beneficial for their own individual learning. Employees can learn more from their colleagues around them. It’s a perfect opportunity for teams to share experiences and learn from mistakes.

4. Improves office morale

Creating an office designed for team work does wonders for staff morale. In general, employees are happier. Offices that are built with open spaces means employees can easily talk to each other and develop friendships. As employees spend over 40 hours a week at work, some social interaction is important for keeping up morale. Having happy employees is central for maintaining a positive workspace, increasing employee engagement and productivity. As well as decreasing the likelihood of employees deciding to suddenly leave.

5. Creates a community

As we mentioned before, work is a major part of employees’ lives. If they aren’t happy, they’ll move on. However, creating an office that is designed for teamwork will invite employees to form friendships and develop trust. This natural development will work towards creating a social community in your business.

There are many benefits to creating an office that is designed for teamwork; for your business and your employees. It’s important you encourage teamwork as employees can feel isolated and may struggle to be as productive as they can be otherwise.

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Office Space Design and Productivity

Your office space design can have a large impact on the overall productivity of the people who work there. It may seem odd at first, but design plays a big role in the overall psychology of a office. It can make a difference n employee engagement and turnover. Here ate a few tips to take into consideration when designing office space.

Rid Yourself Of The Cubicles

cubicleOne of the more popular trends in office design is to make a more open design. This means getting rid of the cubicles and trying to promote a more open exchange of ideas among employees. Entrepreneur.com mentions what some think of this idea,

Janet Pogue, a principal in Gensler’s Washington, D.C., office, where she co-leads the firm’s workplace practice is (unsurprisingly) not a fan of the cubicle model. “Having seated privacy is not a bad thing, but there are ways that you can do that without being boxed in from every side,” she says. “I think the Dilbert world is gone.”

The land of cubicles may be something that is looked back upon as something that we did in the past, but no longer wish to do.

Power To The Employees

Believe it or not, offering employees choices about where they work can be helpful. In other words, providing employees with the opportunity to have a say in their work environment is now being encouraged. It is possible to even consider allowing the employees to work from home if this is something that is possible within the field that you operate. It may also allow you to reduce the amount of office space you need to rent and save bottom line dollars.

Quiet Rooms

There are some offices that are so quiet that they almost sounds like a cemetery. No one is speaking, there is almost dead silence. Talk about a depressing place to work! Though it is important to keep the noise level down so as to allow employees to work, it is also nice to have at least a little background noise. Having designated quiet rooms that employees can go to if they need to really focus in is a nice design choice.

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By: James Osgood

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