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How to Give Your Office Reception the Wow Factor

office receptionYour office reception area will provide your guests with a first impression of your business. If it is dull, unloved, and uncomfortable, they might be tempted to walk straight back out the door.

To convince a client you’re worth their time and money or prove to a talented candidate that they will join a flourishing business, you may need to make improvements to your waiting area. Read these tips on how to give your office reception the wow factor.

Comfortable Yet Stylish Furniture

Comfortable, stylish furniture cannot only transform a reception’s interior design, but it will prove to visitors that you’re a caring company. Rather than invest in cheap, worn seats, you must invest in stylish sofas, tables, and chairs that will impress clients, job applicants, and other visitors.

You also don’t need to worry about paying expensive prices for furniture, either. If you look for your sofa online, you could take your pick from various retailers who offer stunning designs for reasonable prices.

A Splash of Color

Bright white walls can appear cold and clinical, which could make your visitors feel as if they’re waiting for a dental exam or doctor’s appointment. Add some warmth and vibrancy to your reception by adding a splash of color onto your walls. You can take a step further and install outdoor wall fountains.

For example, you could decorate the walls and accessories in your brand’s synonymous color scheme. It is, however, important to remember that the color you choose can set a mood. To help your visitors to feel relaxed and at ease, decorate your reception in a serene shade, such as pale blue, light gray, or sage green.

In addition to deciding on a color, you will also need to make sure you pick the right type of paint. For most reception areas, emulsion paint should be fine. It’s water-based with vinyl or acrylic added for durability. It comes in a range of finishes including gloss, satin, eggshell, silk, flat matt or matt so you can get the look you want.

Add Useful Amenities

Prove to visitors you’re the type of company that goes above and beyond by providing fantastic amenities in the reception area. For example, a client, customer, or job seeker might appreciate a cup of joe from a coffee machine or a glass of water from a fountain.

You also could add sweets into a bowl on the reception desk or near the sofas and provide fresh newspapers and a stack of magazines for them to read while they wait. It’s a sure-fire way to impress your visitors.

Install Impressive Light Fixtures

Wow a visitor from the moment they step inside the building by installing an impressive light fixture in your reception area. The statement lighting must grab their eye and should match your brand’s image. Choose the right shape and size for the room and height of the ceiling, which will help a client, business associate, or potential employee to form a great first impression of your company.

Incorporate Your Logo

Adding the brand logo onto the reception wall will not only inform a visitor that they’ve arrived at the correct office, but it will prove you operate a thriving business that has great attention to detail. It is for this reason why you must update the signage if you rebrand your business. It is a small addition that can have a huge impact on your visitors once they arrive at your office for a meeting or job interview.

And if these tips can’t do the trick, contact us to find the right office space at the best price.

5 Tips on Choosing the Right Office Cleaning Service

Office Cleaning CrewA clean office invites more clients, keeps employees happy and it’ll reflect the reputation of your business. For these reason, it’s important to choose the right office cleaning service since it will also ensure the health and safety of everyone coming in and out of your office or business establishment. So, how do you choose a professional office cleaning service?

Here are some useful tips that can help you select the right office cleaning service for you:

  1. Meets Cleaning Standards 

A good office cleaning company always makes a good impression by following the set cleaning standards by respected organizations, like the World Health Organization (WHO). Shine Cleaning Solutions explains that a good cleaning service should maintain general hygiene and high cleaning standards in the workplace.

Check the following cleaning standard criteria in commercial establishments:

  • Physically Clean: The surface must be free from apparent dirt and dust when wiped by hand.
  • Chemically Clean: The surface area must be free from harmful chemicals and in the surrounding air.
  • Bacteriologically Clean: To eliminate harmful microorganisms causing infection or disease, all surfaces should be cleaned. This is a ‘clinical standard’ followed by healthcare facilities.
  • Entomologically Clean: The area should be free from pests or harmful insects.
  • Osmologically Clean: It demands areas and surfaces free from any inorganic or organic matter that emits odor.
  • Terminally Clean: It pertains to the cleaning standard in operation where surfaces need constant sanitizing against pathogenic microbes.
  1. Choose A Cleaning Provider Offering Wide Range of Services

Whether you have a small or medium-sized office space or a building, make sure to hire a cleaning service provider that can customize their services according to your needs. For instance, seasonal businesses might only need part-time or contract cleaning services for a few months of service.

For a large office space or business establishment, you might want to avail a cleaning service that includes the following services:

  • Commercial builders cleaning
  • Cladding and external cleaning
  • Commercial window cleaning
  • Event cleaning
  • Commercial carpet cleaning
  • Hard floor cleaning
  • High-level cleaning
  1. Avoid Cleaning Services Hiring Mistakes 

If you don’t want to end up hiring a cleaning service company that’ll waste your money because it doesn’t live up to your expectations, avoid committing the following hiring mistakes:

  • Choosing the Cheapest: While you want to set an affordable budget for cleaning services, make sure not to compromise quality services. However, choosing the cheapest option may lead to more money wasted.Check the company’s track record and find out what clients have to say about their cleaning services. Choose a cleaning service provider that offers a reasonable price at the same time offering excellent cleaning services.
  • Being Misinformed: Every cleaning service provider has a specialty service. While some specialize in cleaning offices and warehouses, others focus on cleaning restaurants, event centers, and other commercial establishments.It would help to determine the best cleaning company that caters to their services to the type of business you have.
  • Not Looking For Licenses and Certifications: Licenses and certifications make up a cleaning service provider’s expertise and reputation. They reflect the amount of time that the company spent to develop their cleaning skills, elevating the cleaning company’s craft.
  • Not Fully Comprehending Service Agreement: Analyze the company’s cleaning services, including the inclusions and exclusions or what services would warrant extra fees. Never assume all verbal agreements are final. Carefully read the contract before signing.
  1. Search For Proof of Insurance

One of the basic requirements you should demand before hiring a cleaning service provider is proof of insurance. Make sure that the company has liability insurance and offers workers’ compensation to its employees.

Liability insurance is important because it protects you against all possible incurred costs in the event a cleaner becomes injured while cleaning your office or business establishment. On the other hand, workers’ compensation benefit is essential to ensure that cleaners are fully compensated when they meet an accident while performing their duties, including lost wages.

  1. Ensure Ease of Communication

Never underestimate the importance of ease of communication, which is incredibly imperative when selecting a service provider. The cleaning company should understand your needs to maximize the benefits of your business.

Determine the mode of communication the company offers, such as having a customer service hotline number for concerns. Chat support, email, and text messaging are other options available, depending on your preference and needs.


Choosing the right office cleaning service involves ensuring that the company meets cleaning standards and one that offers ease of communication. Also, avoid hiring mistakes such as not looking for credentials and choosing the cheapest option. Lastly, look for insurance proof, such as liability insurance and workers’ compensation benefit.

Understanding the Types of Business Insurance Coverage: Which Policies Do You Need?

Stay Open with Business InsuranceEvery small business needs business insurance for protection against the many threats your business will face while operating. In a perfect world, you wouldn’t need business insurance, but just like health and auto insurance, it’s always good to have in the event that something unexpected happens. Having this type of protection for your business is what can ultimately determine if your business will have a flourishing future or come to a screeching halt.

But the real question, in reference to business insurance, is what type of business insurance policy do you need?

Well, a good rule of thumb to follow when seeking business insurance is that it’s recommended for all business types to invest in a general liability policy. A general liability policy is going to protect your business against property damages, bodily injuries, various marketing/advertising damages, and any type of incidents involving your clients or customers.

Once you have general liability insurance, you can then start looking at the other types of policies you may need based on the type of business you’re running and the risks involved.

Having proof of business insurance is actually one of the major requirements to lease an office space. But all too often, business owners fail to read the fine print and forego business insurance, thinking they’ll be able to rent without it… This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when renting an office space.

But that’s the way business works, right? Trial and error, and hopefully learning from your mistakes. But the one mistake you can always avoid is running a business without business insurance… You want to always have that coverage… And remember, your business may require you to have multiple policies.

Business Insurance Policies Explained

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

If you have employees, your business is required by law in most states to carry worker’s compensation insurance. This type of insurance provides coverage in case one of your employees suffers an injury while on the job.

According to, the top three leading causes of work-related injuries are:

  1. Overexertion and bodily reaction: This injury is a result of excessive physical effort including lifting, pulling, pushing, turning, and holding. It’s a strain or type of stress on the body.
  2. Slips, trips, and falls: These types of injuries are typically accidental and involve everything from falling from structures or against objects to slipping on liquids and tripping over misplaced objects.
  3. Contact with objects and equipment: This injury can be the result of bumping into equipment, being squeezed or compressed between heavy or shifting objects, or a worker getting struck by a moving object.

All of these injuries are very common when you have employees, regardless of the type of business you’re running. To protect yourself, your assets, and most importantly, your employees, you want to make sure you have worker’s comp insurance before you take on a single employee.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is the coverage you need for any type of mistake you make while running your business, which is perfect for all businesses, especially if you’re running a business where you’re providing services of any type.

Using professional liability, for example, you’re going to be protected against claims of:

  • Misrepresentation
  • Giving wrong or inaccurate advice
  • Negligence

In your mind, you’re thinking it was an accident or mistake, and though your intentions were good, your mistakes have the potential to cause businesses and clients major financial losses. Because of that, they have every right to sue you for the financial losses and other damages they incurred due to your mistake or “mishandling” of your services.

Product Liability Insurance

How many times have you seen in the news various product recalls for big brand companies? You see it all the time! Do you recall back in 2016 when Samsung had to recall all the Galaxy Note 7 phones because there was a defect in the battery of the phones causing it to get too hot, which then led to the phone catching fire and exploding? Samsung faced serious lawsuits from those injured from those phones.

Those defects were unintentional but because the phone was defective, injured customers sought damages for their injuries. In running your business, you can’t guarantee that the products you’re selling won’t be defective either. And because of that uncertainty, you want to make sure your business is protected with product liability insurance… just in case a product or two goes haywire.

If you wnat to keep your business healthy, you better pay attention the types of business insurance you need.

5 Signals It Is The Right Time for An Office Redesign

office redesignThanks to the pandemic many businesses are finding they need to have an office redesign to keep employees safe. Office redesign may be an intimidating project, but it is a great way to beat improve employee engagement and productivity in the workplace. A change in your office interior design needs to be carefully planned and be in accordance with your budget and space needs. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to seek expert advice. Nowadays, with the help of interior designers and online Interior products sourcing platforms, you can optimally redesign your office space within your budget.

Of course, one of the main questions you will ask yourself is, “Is this the right time for an office redesign?” Sometimes an office redesign project can feel like a massive investment of time and money with little return. But if the time is right, your office redesign may be the best decision you make.

Here are five signals that help you know the right time to of an office redesign:

  1. Improve Productivity Levels – Your office design could be a reason for the lower productivity levels of your workforce. Especially if employees are having to work from home due to the pandemic. Look for ways in which your office layout hinders your employees from working safely and efficiently. Find a modern office design that improves productivity levels in your workplace.
  2. Unused Office Spaces – Take a look around and think about the underutilized spaces in your office. It’s time to re-purpose those areas of your office to optimally utilize the complete area. Restructuring your office space can help you get more out of the same space at a small cost.
  3. Reflecting Your Brand Image – Your office interior design is an important part of your brand image. Designing your office using the same colors and themes as your brand gives people the right idea about your company. But when there is a mismatch; it might be time to redesign your office space.
  4. It Looks the Same as Before You Moved In – Think about it, what changes have you made since you moved into your current office? There have been a lot of changes in workplace design to improve productivity over the past few years. Consider redesigning your workspace according to modern office design ideas that fulfill your needs and reflect your brand personality.
  5. Evolving Business Needs – As your business grows, your needs from your office space also change. As your company grows – you may need to create space for more people or equipment.

Similarly, office designs after the pandemic will need to accommodate lesser people. Choose a modern design that can easily be changed to accommodate more or fewer people as required. Workstations should be easily moveable to change the layout.

Things to consider while redesigning your office space:

  1. Finalize Your New Office Design – Before you begin restructuring your office space, you should finalize the new design. Work with an excellent online interior design agency to get a professional consultation and be clear about the new layout before you begin.
  2. Keep a Checklist of All the Materials/Objects You Need for the Redesign – Make sure to have a list of the materials, equipment, furniture, and products that you need to complete the renovation. Find out where you can source these things from at the best price. You can search for the local or online sourcing agents who can help you with your product sourcing needs.
  3. Procurement Company – Hire a good procurement company to source the required materials and objects for your new office design.

The decision to redesign your office may be tough, but the new design must fulfill your needs, motivate your employees, and not add unnecessary costs. Office redesign requires careful planning so that your employees can continue working with ease even during the transitionary period. And finally, always seek professional help wherever needed. This will help you create the office design you want without overstepping your budget.

If you decide that you would rather move than redesign, contact us. We can help!

How Smart Working Helps Your Business Achieve Greater Success

Smart working

The workscape today varies vastly from 10 or 20 years ago, with around eight million people working from home part of the week — a fact that is indicative of the big changes that ubiquitous connectivity have brought to all sectors. The Internet, new software and new hardware have made it easier for companies to work in a ‘smarter’ fashion (i.e. more efficiently, more speedily, and with a lower rate of errors.) Whether you have a small or medium-sized business, you may wonder what steps you can take to improve procedures. If so, discover a few tips for taking the leap to smart working methods.

Smarter Office Space

Smart office design takes into account the different needs that different employees and procedures have. A simple ‘open office design’ won’t do, for instance, in companies in which sales or management have to meet privately with important clients, or where some employees require complete silence to do their job. However, because the aim of smart working is to achieve goals in the quickest, most efficient way possible, it may also involve investing in employee’s home offices; providing them with the equipment they need to take part in video conferences and to liaise via professional networking platforms. Smart companies can go the extra mile by ensuring home-based employees have ergonomic equipment and tools, so they can perform at their best but also protect their health.

Relying on Technology

There are a bevy of tools available to enable teams to achieve goals in a more evidence-based, reliable fashion. As stated by JournyX, companies that use timesheets or who have employees who accrue expenses, can track and manage these aspects of an employee’s working life via dedicated software. The latter should meet customized needs, validate time and expense data so that managers don’t waste time looking for and correcting mistakes, offer integration with key business symptoms, and capture real-time insights and provide visual dashboards. Other tools commonly used by smart teams working in various locations include blockchain (to protect sensitive data), collaborative tools like Office 365, Podio and Asana, and MindMeister (an online mind mapping tool that captures and shares ideas via a visual framework).

Experience-Based Working

The final link in the chain is experience-based working, which seeks to provide workers with an ideal environment — one in which employees have a say regarding where, how, and when they work. The current health crisis has prompted many companies to make a permanent change, as their results showed that allowing employees to work from home has boosted rather than hampered performance. Deutsche Bank, for instance, which once only had a few thousands employees working remotely, adapted quickly and efficiently to a situation in which up to 70,000 were doing so. In the UK, around 95% of its staff are working from home and there is no reason why this cannot continue in the long-term.

Smart working involves questioning older systems and their efficiency, analyzing whether or not they are still useful today. It also involves relying on software and online networking to enable teams to work together smoothly. Finally, it involves greater flexibility and customization, so that employee feedback can be taken into account when deciding on matters such as place of work and schedules.

If you are looking for your smart office space, contact us. We can help with our network of over 450 local office space experts. All at no cost to you.