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How Did The Concept Of Coworking Office Space Begin?

If you have heard of coworking space, you might be somewhat skeptical about them. Where did it begin and how did it become so popular? We’ll explain the surprising success of this concept and why you should try it out for your startup company. Coworking Concept Briefly Explained Anyone who has never heard of coworking… Read More »

How a Virtual Office Tour Can Attract Great Employees

Are you having a hard time finding employees who are worth your time? Then consider investing in a virtual office tour. These tours provide you with a great recruitment tool that will attract a wide range of potential employees. Here are just a few ways they will impress your potential workers quickly and efficiently. Provides… Read More »

Coworking office spaces: Passing fancy or growing phenom?

Are coworking office spaces just a trend or are they here to stay? That was a question posed by editorialist Robert Trigaux in a recent piece published by The Tampa Bay Times. Tampa Bay is, like many places across the nation and the world, seeing a growing number of coworking offices, pushed by the last… Read More »

The Benefits a Coworking Office Space Has on Your Personal Life

As a freelancer or entrepreneur of some kind, you are by now acutely aware of the benefits of a creative work space that is neither your home nor a sterile, cubicle office environment. These types of spaces offer you the chance to work flexibly, network, and have a place to “go to work” without infringing… Read More »