Monthly Archives: May 2014

Office Space Design: Collaborative Workspace

Your office space is more than just the physical address where employees gather, the mail carrier delivers the bills and the copier hums along. In fact, inside your office there is a microcosm of connection opportunities that either hamper or encourage group efforts and collaboration. You want to create a Collaborative Workspace to enhance employee engagement… Read More »

Developing A Good Workplace Strategy

Businesses of all sizes should regularly take a look at the workplaces that they provide to their workers; determining what they are doing well and what they could improve. The primary focus for many businesses right now is on developing a good workplace strategy that focuses on improving the productivity and health of their employees.… Read More »

Bring Back The “Water Cooler” To Fuel Employee Productivity

In the corporate culture, sometimes things are accepted as truths simply because they have been told so often that it is believed that it has to be right. This leads to bad things in some cases as the supposed “truths” that people are giving voice to are not factually based. One such theory is that… Read More »

What to Consider Before You Lease Office Space

Making a bad decision when it comes to choosing office space can have negative repercussions for any business, including loss of customers and a big impact on your bottom line. As many landlords prefer three to five year leases, it’s essential to know what you’re looking for before you lease office space and sign on… Read More »

Workplace Strategy: 5 Ways to Make Office Hoteling A Success

Office hoteling is a workplace strategy of using office space as needed by using a reservation system rather than assigning desks, cubicles or individual offices that see only a part-time occupancy by workers. On average, most offices will have only a 50% to 75% occupancy at any given time. By fine tuning the amount of… Read More »