Monthly Archives: June 2014

Great Seattle Office Space; Implementing Innovative Ideas

According to some experts, Seattle is an excellent place to experiment with innovative office space configurations and new priorities. With its relatively high cash flow and youthful work force, there is both the money to experiment with and employees who are more open to innovation. The culture in Seattle is also more informal and egalitarian… Read More »

Innovative Chicago Office Spaces in Historic Universal Building

In Chicago’s West Town area, a former stove manufacturing building has become a hot spot for experimentation with innovative office space. The Universal Building is now home to some innovative Chicago office spaces. The employees at Kaleidoscope, an integrated brand design and realization agency, must work in a collaborative fashion in order to achieve their… Read More »

Great Office Space: It’s Not About the Place, It’s About the People

It is a recognized fact that happy workers produce more effectively. The days of glass partitions gave way to the cubicle, because it was thought that privacy would beget efficiency and productivity. Popular opinion now is that open spaces, community and comfort induce workers to be more creative and engaged. Indeed, creativity is today’s business,… Read More »