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Great Metro Areas To Open An Office

Where in the world to open an officeThe famous dictum is that when you see an opportunity, you go for it. With the advanced technology taking over and the improved economy and living standards; the deep-seated idea of running their own business and where to open an office has taken a new turn among business people. When considering where to open an office, metro areas all over the world and the plus points they offer, can be considered since nearly every investor is ready to move to a high business potential area. This will not only help you get a great business start but also change your living style accordingly.

Even if you don’t have your business industry running in a metro area, having its headquarter in a city like Denver or Miami (not forgetting the pleasant and spot on sights of Miami of course) is like signing a very profitable deal. You’ll be able to hire qualified, talented and trained individuals in your firm, the labor cost would be affordable and the economy of the city itself will be quite supportive. Don’t you see a bright future for your office in a metro area?

Here are a few top picks of where to open an office:

  1. Miami, U.S:

With a strong tourist industry and its diverse population, the overall local economy of Miami is quite strong with the ability to uplift your business to a new level. The more crowded the area, the better are the chances for your startup to progress and prosper, and Miami offers it all. It is also considered as one of the best business incubators which provide assets to the interested investors as well. More Info.

  1. Denver:

Denver is chiefly known for the energy sources and mining potential which have attracted hundreds and thousands of investors so far. The metro population of the area is increasing day by day without an increase in the dependency ratio. This means, establishing an office here would not only bring success but also allow you to enroll the most competent individuals freshly graduated from the universities or those getting training somewhere. Many professionals are seeking interest in Denver. It’s surely a potential area that supports the line of business. More Info.

  1. Beijing, China:

It’s been a decade since China has sprung up on the world’s map as the richly dense country in terms of population, economy and competitive workforce. Nothing could stop them at the time of recession so what would put them down? Beijing is known for its highly affordable public transport, easy access to airports and number one in warmly welcoming the foreign investors. Setting up your office here would profit you in terms of having an easy to go lifestyle as well. More Info.

  1. Abu Dhabi, UAE:

Abu Dhabi is one of the largest seven emirates of UAE with the famous parks, gardens, sightseeing spots and UAE Islands. The metro area of this emirate is also known for having a good business potential. This area has the highest GDP per capita income owing to the largest hydrocarbon wealth. More Info.

  1. Atlanta, U.S:

The United States has a lot of different metropolitan areas but Atlanta is one of those states which mark its huge territory in the domain of business development. With headquarters of companies like Coca-Cola, UPS, and famous airline; Atlanta is the center of business attraction for many investors. More Info.

  1. Seattle, U.S:

When business industries start, they tend to go down or break as well. Seattle is known for giving birth to thousands of startup businesses and offices every year while the numbers of business shutdowns are low. As this metro area is responsible for the success of Microsoft, an amazing online network Amazon and the world’s best coffee named Starbucks; the investors who invest here look forward to having a similar fate. More Info.

  1. Provo, Utah:

Are you looking for the talented workforce? Everyone needs to hire workers to make their offices and business run. Hiring the qualified ones, of course, makes a difference. Provo is known for its private universities and the highly qualified graduates they produce. These graduates would soon look out for a job! Why not take advantage by investing here? More Info.

  1. Omaha, Neb:

This is another city of the United States known for its educational background, high economy and low unemployment rates. Although it is heavily dense with small business industries but it has the potential to support large industries as well. More Info.

Are you ready to start your business? Do consider the above mentioned metro areas list before you take any step. Starting and running your office are two different things. To run it, you need a skilled workforce, affordable labor cost, transport facilities and a healthy economic area. Make sure the location you have selected has it all!

Guest Post by: Rachel Stinson who has always had a knack for writing, food, fashion, and places. Blogging has combined all four for her with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences. She expertly analyzes real estates and restaurants with respect to pricing and people involved and can express her opinions in an unhesitating, engaging manner.

If you need assistance in finding a location to open an office, We can help with our worldwide network of local specialists. Contact us today to find out more.






Gensler Models its Design in Their Own Atlanta Office Space

999 Peachtree Atlanta Office space

Gensler Atlanta Office Space

Gensler is a global design firm that works in over 100 countries with almost 2,500 clients, and their Atlanta offices are a model of the good design that they seek to foster in an amazing range of client work. Here are some of the things that make the Gensler designs great Atlanta office space.

  • Outdoor space to work or relax. Despite being located midway up an Atlanta skyscraper, they have found a way to work outdoor space into their offices. Complete with Astroturf and stylish teak furniture, the “sky terraces” make a comfortable location to work in the midst of a busy Midtown location.
  • Sunny social space. Dubbed the Tea Room, this break space has colorful chairs and a fun designer lamp, along with a television built into the wall alongside the fridge and other storage amenities.
  • Few enclosed, and bright, offices. There are only four enclosed offices in the entire 22,000 square feet, and they are lined with glass to make it easy to see if someone is available.
  • Glass-enclosed team rooms. Meeting spaces are glass-lined, keeping noise in but allowing light to flow easily around the entire office space. Workstations with bright, upholstered visitors’ stools, are broken into smaller “neighborhoods” by these team spaces.
  • Well-lighted project rooms. These smaller spaces are lined with walls which can support idea boards and are firm enough for writing and drawing as projects develop.
  • Expandable conference room. This room can be separated into smaller meeting spaces with easily-movable glass (of course) walls, allowing light to flow through while muffling sound.
  • A sense of place. The elevator lobby is decorated with reclaimed pine boards, showcasing the LEED nature of much of Gensler’s building design work. The reception area is designed to resemble the lobby of a boutique hotel, providing an inviting place in which to relax.

So if you’re looking to build the perfectly designed office space, Gensler might be a good team member for your project. And if you’re looking for great office spaces in Atlanta, contact us today.

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Collaboration is Key in this Great Atlanta Office Space

Uzun & Case Atlanta Office Space

Uzun + Case Atlanta Office Space

Half way up the Promenade II building, in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, sits the office space of Uzun + Case, a successful structural engineering firm. This unique space consists of 13,500 square feet of sweeping views of the Atlanta skyline, and was noted in the Atlanta Business Chronicle as one of the coolest Atlanta office spaces.

Creativity and collaboration are encouraged at this forward-thinking company, and this is evident in every room and space in their office. The impression begins at the striking entrance, with its steel rebar columns and powerful orange feature wall.

The work space within is modern and open. Low walled cubicles and glass partitions make for easy communication among the staff. Conference spaces are varied in size to accommodate all forms of team collaboration. They are equipped with the latest in digital and video technology so that customers and staff working in remote locations can easily participate in discussions – an important feature in the modern office space.

This Atlanta office space uses natural daylight and views enhance it’s office atmosphere. At Uzon + Case, the main conference room outside wall is almost entirely windows. They took advantage of this by using sliding wall panels for the opposite wall. This way when the conference room is not in use, the wall is left open and the whole office can enjoy the abundant light and inspiring view.

“Even in an era when employees are spending more time working on their laptops than at their desks, the office remains an important tool for companies to recruit and retain talent.”

So writes Douglas Sams of the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Indeed, the innovative use of office space demonstrated by Uzun + Case says much about a company’s convictions and viewpoints. What does your business’s office space say about you?

At Officefinder, our goal is to help you find an office space that reflects your company’s goals and image. Whether you are leasing or buying, you shouldn’t settle for anything less. Contact us to discuss your office space needs today.

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By: James Osgood

Great Atlanta Office Space Focuses on Environment and Employees

Atlanta Peachtree tower

Atlanta Peachtree tower

When the architecture firm HKS, Inc., moved into the top floor of Atlanta’s Peachtree Tower, they were taking advantage of the recession to acquire top notch space and great views at less-than-stellar prices. When they set about their interior design work, they set their sights on a LEED Gold certification, which helped them save even more money while also creating a superb environment for their employees and designing one of the great Atlanta office space.

What is LEED Gold? LEED stands for “Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design,” a green building certification program, and the Gold level is the middle of three levels of further achievement, based on a points system. As architects, it makes sense that HKS would work to achieve these higher levels with their own office spaces—both to practice what they preach about green design and to provide a model for their current and prospective customers.

With their innovative Atlanta office space, HKS expanded on the existing sustainability which was already built into the Peachtree Tower. They installed low-flow water fixtures, decreasing water usage by 30%. They upgraded and changed the layout of the lighting fixtures, and amended the power supply, resulting in a 20% reduction in energy costs. They used eco-friendly materials in the construction, paying particular attention to recycled content and avoiding toxic chemicals—a boon for all who have to work in that space. Finally, they recycled almost 80% of their construction debris and all of their old furniture followed them into their new space.

So while employees have office furniture that they already know and are comfortable with, they also have sweeping views of the Atlanta cityscape outside their windows, and exterior balconies on which to take a break and enjoy that view. All the natural light available on that top floor creates a better work environment for everyone.

Peachtree Tower Street View by Google

Peachtree Tower Street View by Google

If you’re looking for Atlanta office space to transform your own business, contact us today.

Atlanta Office Space Market Information

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By: James Osgood

Atlanta Office Space Market Overview

The most populous city in the state of Georgia, Atlanta originated as a railroad town in 1837, and has had a rich history ever since.  The city became a distributor of military supplies during the Civil War because of its railroad network.  This is the same reason that the capital was moved there in 1868, and is one of the reasons for its vital role during World War II.

In the 1960s, Atlanta became the major organizational center for the Civil Rights Movement.  It has since become one of the most multicultural cities in the U.S. due, in part, to the influx of new immigrants over the past ten years.

Atlanta is home to more than thirty colleges and universities.  The most prominent university being the Georgia Institute of Technology, with programs in engineering, computing, the sciences, and liberal arts.  Young, college-educated professionals have contributed to much of this decade’s demographic change in the city of Atlanta.

The increase in Atlanta’s diverse population has led to a unique cultural combination which is no longer strictly Southern.  Encompassing opera, ballet, music, and theater, Atlanta has become a national center for the arts.  This culture has contributed to making the city a hub for tourism – the seventh most visited city in the U.S.

Atlanta Economy

Atlanta’s economy is largely driven by corporate operations headquartered within the metropolitan area, making it the eighth largest economy in the nation.  The highly educated workforce in the city has drawn many Fortune 500 companies to headquarter here, including The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T Mobility, UPS, and Delta Airlines.

Atlanta Office Space

The majority of the metro Atlanta office space is located in Downtown Atlanta, with the second-largest concentration being in Midtown Atlanta.  Buckhead is the city’s uptown district, located north of Downtown, and the third-largest business district.  The current market conditions for these market areas is below.  For more information regarding office space in Atlanta, see also Atlanta Office Space sister site.


Vacancy Rate

YTD Net Absorption

Avg. Rental Rate













Source: Atlanta Office Marketview, q3 2013; CBRE Global Research and Consulting