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Minimalist Office Space Design Embraces Open Floor Plans

office space to rentThe intentional sparsity of a minimalist office space design is the direct antithesis of the standard, cluttered work environment that features plenty of hardware, trick gadgets, and ubiquitous gear. Rather than outfitting this office setting with all the expected gadgetry, the business thinks through the actual benefits a furnishing or hardware item offers.

By omitting clutter and avoiding the danger of once again heading down the road to a paper-supported office setup, the preference for open floor plans is a given. How can this office space design benefit your company?

  • Reduce office machines. Some devices are simply redundant. Do you really need a printer if your clients sign papers electronically? What about the fax machine that still lurks in some offices? By eliminating devices that core hardware and software upgrades would render obsolete, you cut down on the space needed to house these gadgets.
  • Streamline inter-departmental collaboration. If one department uses iOS-based applications but another sticks to Android platforms, you foster the use of multiple processes that do not flow. This practice, of course, results in the need for more gadgets, which eats up usable space.
  • House all departments in the same space. Having a workforce that utilizes one open space for all aspects of the operation increases creativity and cuts down on communication misses.

However, remember that the Minimalist Office Space Design of open floor plan has a few challenges as well. Since noise can be a problem, it is crucial to have areas set aside for actual meetings. Moreover, keep a realistic eye on the square footage. Sure, after taking out a few walls and doing away with closed-door offices and cubicles, it looks as though you have plenty of space.

That said, if you choose a space that is too small to house your employees comfortably, you end up with crowded conditions that counteract your hopes of increased productivity. If you are unsure how much space you really need, contact us today for help with the ideal office selection.

When Leasing Office Space, Check Out The Restrooms

office bathroomSo, you’ve found the perfect office. The layout is artistic, yet professional, and it conveys to your customers that you’re here to do a job, but that you aren’t constrained by the judgments and traditions that could hold you back. The cost is squarely within your budget, and you’re itching to sign on that dotted line to start leasing office space.

Before you do, though, you should excuse yourself, and take a look at the restroom. Because if you’re going to find dark secrets about this space, that’s where they’ll be.

When Leasing Office Space, Check Out The Restrooms

When a landlord is  leasing office space they are presenting an office space in fine tuned condition. It’s a lot like sprucing up for a first date. The blinds are dusted, the lights are scrubbed clear, the carpet gets a deep cleaning, and every surface is wiped till it shines. But oftentimes it’s the bathroom that will be neglected. Not only that, but the way the bathroom is maintained will give you some insight into the building’s history, and what you may be getting into.

For example, does the bathroom show evidence of stains or water damage? Are the tiles coming up? How much effort does it look like the owner has put in when it comes to this very necessary part of the office facilities?

If the restrooms are neat, clean, and squared away, then you are probably tying on with an owner who takes the job seriously, and upkeeps all parts of the building. If not, though, then you may want to consider your other options before signing on that dotted line. If nothing else, ask yourself if those are the restrooms you want to use during your work day, and how uncomfortable you’re going to get holding it until you leave the office on your lunch break.

For more tips or help on how to lease the best office space for your needs, simply contact us today!

Benefits of Allowing Pets in the Office Workplace

pets in the office workplaceIt is becoming a growing workplace strategy to allow employees to allow pets in the office workplace.  In fact, a recent study shows that about 8 percent of workplaces are beginning to allow their employees to bring their pets with them during working hours. That is an increase of 3 percent from the previous couple of years.

Dogs are very special pets that quickly become members of the family from the time they enter the home.  Pet owners often feel some guilt and fear when leaving their dog at home for any length of time. The pet may suffer from separation anxiety while the owner is worried and nervous about the well-being of their furry canine companion. Trekking off to work can leave your dog unattended for many hours, which can be stressful for both you and your pet.

Benefits of pets in the workplace

A few of the benefits in bringing your pet to work include:

  • increased morale
  • less issues with absenteeism
  • more teamwork among the co-workers
  • less stress for the owner and the pet
  • more openness and communication among other animal lovers on the job

A study done by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University and published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management found employees who brought their dogs to work had reduced stress throughout the day compared to colleagues without pets. The opportunity also affords for some fresh air breaks when taking the dog for a walk during work hours.

Landlord issues

Employers who decide to become pet-friendly provide many perks for a relaxing work environment.  The concern, though is that not all landlords or property managers share the pet-friendly concept.  Those that are in agreement provide specific rules for pets on the premises such as having a license for the pet, the animal must be up-to-date on all vaccinations and it needs to be confined in a small gated area.  When leaving the office area, the dog must be leashed before walking through corridors and hallways. Make sure to check with your landlord before implementing a pet friendly office policy.

Amenities for the pet-friendly workplace needs to include designated “poop stations” and possible dog runs or play areas for the pets.

Dogs become ecstatic when getting ready “to go to work.” Owners are less stressed, as well when bringing their pets in the office workplace.  A pet policy within the office environment makes for a much happier, more content owner, knowing their dog is present, happy and safe.

OfficeFinder is in the business of helping you find office space throughout the United States and Canada. And that includes ones with a pet-friendly environment that allow pets in the office workplace.  If we can help, contact us at

4 Ideas to Transform Your Work-Space Into a Place of High Productivity

Here are 4 ideas to transform your work-space into a place of high productivity.Office space is an important part of most people’s work life, as well as some of their home lives. It’s where you get the majority of your work done, so it’s no wonder that office space design is an important part of productivity. When you are comfortable in a space, you tend to get more work done.

4 ideas to transform your work-space into a place of high productivity.

1. Keep a clean desk.

If your desk is messy, chances are you’re going to be more stressed out, and your productivity levels will decrease. Keeping your papers filed away in a drawer, or creating an inbox on your desk will let you know exactly what papers you need to work on without having to search through piles of messy paper.

2. Keep your desktop clear.

Just like having a messy desk, if you have a messy computer desk top, you’re more likely to get frustrated and lose motivation. Create a folder for different subject matter, and create folders within those folders, as a sort of filing system. Don’t let those annoying word documents clutter your desktop again!

3. Find a few desk accessories.

Desk accessories can be the one thing that is the exception to the clutter on your desk. Chose a small vase of flowers, a succulent, or a colorful mug. Anything that you are able to look at and smile. Personalize your work space. If you feel more at home, you’re likely to get far more done in a day than you would being in an impersonal cubicle.

4. Keep office furniture to a minimum.

Having a cluttered space or having too many different colors can really draw your attention in multiple directions. Combat this by sticking to neutral furniture, and only a few essential pieces such as your desk, chair, and a couple of chairs for guests.

Implementing these ideas can help you transform your work-space Into a place of high productivity, creating a better, and more productive work-space for yourself. If you need office space, we’d be happy to help at no cost to you. Please feel free to contact us.