Monthly Archives: December 2016

Looking at Exciting New Office Buildings? Listen to Your Employees.

While many in the tech industry are trending toward exciting new office buildings that feature open plans and plenty of shared space, a recent article from TechRepublic warns that employee needs must be a factor in the design. In particular, the article notes, private spaces, quiet places, and smaller meeting areas need to be included.… Read More »

Can Successful Office Space Planning Be Achieved On A Budget?

Research has repeatedly shown that the workplace itself can have a significant impact upon workers’ happiness and performance, affecting everything from productivity and morale to absenteeism and turnover. Therefore, working with an office design company to address issues with your office space planning layout can be well worth the investment. With that being said, many… Read More »

Inspired by Ideas: A Real Example of Coworking Office Space

Are you wondering how a coworking office space would work for your business and your employees? A recent article from The Almanac provides an example of such a space and what it gives to those who work there. According to the article, “Spaces” — a 30,000 square-foot coworking facility opened in the Menlo Park area… Read More »